Unions and the Education Crisis

Center for Union Facts blames unions for protecting incompetent teachers and damaging the U.S. educational system

By Jon Berry

In March, the Center for Union Facts launched a contest to identify the ten worst union-protected teachers in America and offer them $100,000 to quit – all to illustrate just how hard it is to actually fire a public schoolteacher enjoying union protection.

It turns out teachers agree. A May 6 national poll indicates more than half of teachers think it’s very difficult and time-consuming to get rid of ineffective colleagues who enjoy the union-defended perk known as “tenure.” Continue reading “Unions and the Education Crisis”

Send in the Campaign Whisperer

Choices and consequences when considering Florida’s delegate count

By M. Dylan Mathieu

Being just north of 40 years old, I’m of a generation that grew up in their parents’ world. My children are of a generation having parents living in their offspring’s world. I attended my parent’s casual dinner parties and spoke only after I was spoken to. (Blessed as a pint-sized version of Cheers Cliff Clavin, trying to shut me up was another matter.) My four siblings and I were fortunate enough have the opportunity to travel to Europe every summer. We were well-behaved, orderly and often involuntarily spread out across the plane taking us over the North Atlantic. I’m not bragging. You see, being bad or disruptive was just never an option in the adult’s world where we lived and thrived. Continue reading “Send in the Campaign Whisperer”

Are Things Really That Bad?

Tampa man’s experience over the holiday weekend might make your week seem easy

By M. Dylan Mathieu

Think you’re having an awful week are you? Did gas prices make you border on being agoraphobic, a certified home-body over the holiday weekend? Are higher prices for your favorite summer backyard beverage making you swallow your mouthwash? Maybe then you missed this item in the news today: A 50-year-old Tampa man hired a nude maid to clean his 2,281-square foot home Friday. Shortly after, the man’s wife came home from vacation to discover $40,000 in jewelry missing from their bedroom. Continue reading “Are Things Really That Bad?”

It’s High Time We Paused and Remembered the Fallen Among Us

A reminder of what Memorial Day means from an anonymous veteran

While you are reading this column some soldier, sailor, airman or marine, probably thousand of miles from where you are sitting, probably sweating and probably lacking access to the creature comforts we as Americans enjoy, will perform a heroic act. Consider these Americans sought to serve our military willingly, without any compulsion or coercion. At this minute, these heroes of ours are delivering relief in the form of fresh water, mosquito nets and blankets to the devastated and needy in Myanmar. They are ensuring safe passage for oil-laden ships in the Straits of Hormuz, despite menacing Iranians. They are engaging with villagers in the vast and desolate Horn of Africa eradicating the pestilence of terrorist camps and, furthermore, making sure they never take root. Continue reading “It’s High Time We Paused and Remembered the Fallen Among Us”

Two Tales of an Ambush

By Chuck Muth

“Two Marine officers in a unit that was accused of killing as many as 19 Afghan civilians in 2007 will not face criminal charges,” the Associated Press reports this morning. “Lt. Gen. Samuel Helland…made the decision not to bring charges after reviewing the findings of a special tribunal that heard more than three weeks of testimony in January at Camp Lajuene.” Continue reading “Two Tales of an Ambush”

Post-Implosion Politics

As far as “allowing the Republican Party to implode,” wake up and smell the coffee – it imploded years ago. The GOP imploded when Tom DeLay and his henchmen took over the House of Representatives.

McCain may not be perfect, but a maverick is exactly what the GOP needs now

By Chris Ingram

Shortly after it became obvious Senator John McCain was going to get the Republican nomination for President of the United States, self-proclaimed “conservatives” and blow-hards like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter, and Laura Ingraham began to trash McCain, pronounce he wasn’t conservative, and say they wouldn’t vote for him. I guess I forgot these people own the term “conservative.” Continue reading “Post-Implosion Politics”