McCain gets the Gold!

In picking Sarah Palin, John McCain has shown he has faith in the future, the hope, and the opportunity for America and its future generations.

GOP nominee’s pick is the best since Kennedy picked LBJ – but for totally different reasons

By Chris Ingram
Slap me silly and call me stupid, but John McCain is on his way to being the 44th President of the United States of America.

Six months ago when Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham were trashing McCain and arguing he is unelectable and “not conservative enough,” it was hard for even the most diehard McCain supporters like me to believe he had a chance of getting elected. Continue reading “McCain gets the Gold!”

Barrack Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan

Each time the cameras focused on her, the potential future first lady had a fierce look with pursed lips – the lone exception being when she was smiling when her children were introduced. While supporters could argue that it could’ve been pride, it appeared she was a power-hungry, elitist who was receiving her just rewards.

Did big speech in front of big crowd pay off? Or should we all be hitting the snooze button?

By Jamie Miller

In many ways, Barrack’s big gamble paid off but his speech fell flat.

Some of the issues that the Obama campaign had to overcome speaking in front of such a large crowd included the crowd appearing “cultish,” — which it didn’t; applause lines being too long, — which they weren’t; and whether speakers would feel the need to scream into the microphone, — which they did. Continue reading “Barrack Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan”

Breaking Up with the School System

I tell ya, the thigh-high hooker-boots that Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman are not long enough to handle the bullshit up in America’s public schools.

A humorous look at education in America today from a public school teacher

By Debra Cole

(Editors note: read this as though hearing it with an exaggerated Southern accent).

Well, I’m going through a break up. Yes with the county school system where I work as a teacher. It’s a no fault divorce although I’ve been emotionally cheating on them for quite some time. They get the kids, the laptop, and my salary. I get freedom from the Nazi style propaganda.

Teaching is an ok job. But when you’re in a job that doesn’t suit you, it’s like wearing shoes every day that don’t quite fit. Continue reading “Breaking Up with the School System”

Homestretch for Obama

As columnist and media strategist Cheri Jacobus noted yesterday, “In politics, when you want to bury bad news, you make sure it hits late Friday and Saturday. So why did Barack Obama hold off on his announcement of Joe Biden as his veep pick until the slowest possible news cycle?”

And Now, the End Is Near; Time to Face the Final Curtain

By Chuck Muth

With the selection of Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as the Democrats’ vice presidential nominee this weekend, the 2008 presidential campaign, which actually began way back on November 3, 2004, is coming down the stretch. The Democrats will hold their national pep rally this week. Republican presidential nominee John McCain will announce his running mate in a couple days. And then the Republicans will hold their national pep rally the following week. From there, it’ll be a two-month sprint to the finish line on November 4. Continue reading “Homestretch for Obama”

Snarky “Author” Bashes McCain and Annoys Publisher

“Thank you for your submission. It’s a little off style for the site, and I’m a little uncomfortable with the racial tones. I value and encourage diversity of opinion from Dems. and Repubs., but I think this crosses a line of being a little malicious, and certainly unfounded (I am not aware of any legitimate charges that McCain is a racist).

Claims McCain is a racist

By Chris Ingram

Irreverent View occasionally solicits new author/contributors from time to time. We generally get a good response. There are always a couple of nut cases, but for the most part good people, mostly decent writers, and people with strong opinions. Then there are those who are just plain losers – different from the nut cases – these people are mad at the world but they are hapless bullies hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Continue reading “Snarky “Author” Bashes McCain and Annoys Publisher”