McCain gets the Gold!

In picking Sarah Palin, John McCain has shown he has faith in the future, the hope, and the opportunity for America and its future generations.

GOP nominee’s pick is the best since Kennedy picked LBJ – but for totally different reasons

By Chris Ingram
Slap me silly and call me stupid, but John McCain is on his way to being the 44th President of the United States of America.

Six months ago when Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham were trashing McCain and arguing he is unelectable and “not conservative enough,” it was hard for even the most diehard McCain supporters like me to believe he had a chance of getting elected.

Sure, at the time he was on a roll with key endorsements from people like Florida Governor Charlie Crist, but the “establishment” within the party was still not behind the maverick McCain. The support from the party bosses and the right-wing of the G.O.P. is critical to any Republican vying for the White House. Or so goes the conventional wisdom.

Today, the conventional wisdom is out the door, and the irreverent view takes over.

The Associated Press reported today, “Republican John McCain shook up the presidential race with his surprise choice of little-known Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate on Friday.”

No doubt, if you told any Republican worth a Pachyderm Club Card that McCain’s pick of an obscure Republican governor from the state of Alaska as his running mate would “shake up” the race for the White House, they would have told you, “yeah, right.”

Enter Sarah Palin.

What does the governor from America’s 49th state bring to the ticket?

That’s easy. Let’s start with the obvious.

It’s not that she is a female. It’s that she has more experience managing problems than the other party’s nominee for president. As governor of the state of Alaska, Mrs. Palin manages a state government of thousands of employees, deals with conflicting issues, and manages countless problems and interests on a daily basis. While she has only been the governor for a few years (elected in 2006), it will be awfully hard for Obama to suggest she’s inexperienced when his own tenure in office as a U.S. Senator is almost just as short (elected in 2004). Add to that, that Mrs. Palin’s experience is managerial, not legislative, and you have a stark difference Obama would prefer voters overlook.

In addition to her experience, Mrs. Palin brings a level of energy, youthfulness, and a wide-range of appealing characteristics Mr. Obama could only wish his boring pick of Joe Biden brought to his ticket.

Palin is the mother of five children (I have three of my own and can attest to the fact that dropping one or two off at a fire station has occurred to me from time-to-time – I can’t imagine five!). Anyone who has kids knows being a mom or dad is probably the toughest job you’ll ever have. Now imagine being the mother of five and the governor of a state!

She is also a hunter, a fisherwoman, a marathon runner, and a former beauty queen contestant – eat that Hillary Clinton!

And even better, Palin didn’t get to where she is because of her husband’s sucess, and never compromised her marriage for the sake of political success like Hillary Clinton. However, her husband’s resume as a “real person” ain’t bad either; and his CV accentuates her accomplishments. Mr. Palin is a commercial fisherman, union member, oil field worker, and world champion snowmobiler.

Add to her husband’s accomplishments the fact that her eldest son is an enlisted man in the U.S. Army, and one of Mrs. Palin’s children has Down’s syndrome and you suddenly realize this chick has her hands full — and she manages it well.

Now forget about all that, and focus on this question: does Sarah Palin possess the qualities, characteristics, and experience to be the President of the United States – the ultimate question for any V.P. nominee?

The obvious answer is: absolutely.

Mrs. Palin got to where she is because of who she is. Her first victory for elective office was for the P.T.O. – and being married to a former president (like HRC) or the child of a former president (like Bush) had nothing to do with her victory.

Sarah Palin is self-made. She’s real. She’s got guts. And she tells the truth (she admits to smoking pot – as opposed to saying, “I tried it, but I didn’t inhale.”)

Thank you Sarah. So did a lot of people – many of whom won’t admit such a transgression to their children, much less the whole country.

In picking Sarah Palin, John McCain has shown he has faith in the future, the hope, and the opportunity for America and its future generations.

For that, I am grateful. America needs real leadership, not just a slick politician with a quirky name who makes liberals feel good about themselves for being liberal because they support “someone of color.”

I’d rather feel good about someone because of what they’ve done, who the are, and what they will do – without engaging in the politics of class warfare the Democrats would prefer to engage in.

This is America. We’re the land of freedom, opportunity, individual responsibility, and capitalism. John McCain and Sarah Palin represent those important ideals. Barack Obama and Joe Biden represent the ideals of government needs to take care of everyone, people more successful than you are evil, and those evil people should pay for everything you want.

America will reject those ideals. And Sarah Palin, in her short life in public service has shown us why we should.

Lagniappe: If you happened to be really bored and found yourself watching C-SPAN before Obama’s speech on Thursday night, you heard some “average American” speaking about how he had worked in a U.S. television-set manufacturing plant since the 1970s and suddenly found himself with a 90 day termination notice in 2004 when the company closed its doors because it couldn’t compete against Chinese labor. This poor loser cried and whined about how terrible this was, and how the government and the GOP were at fault. He was a perfect example of why Republicans believe in the self, and Democrats believe government should take care of everyone. How is that? Easy. Any self-respecting moron working in a TV manufacturing plant based in the U.S. in 2004 should have known his job is on the outs well before getting the pink slip in 2004. Pick up a paper buddy and realize what is going on around you. Then go find a new job.

Government is not the solution to your being a moron. It is the problem.


Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at:

14 thoughts on “McCain gets the Gold!”

  1. Great piece on Gov Palin as the Republican VP nominee. I am heading up to Minneapolis from FL tomorrow a.m. and look forward to seeing this extraordinary historic event unfold! Just an awesome choice on Sen. McCain’s part, awesome.


  2. I see the pick of Palin as the largest mistake of McCain’s campaign. The only people who think this is a good choice are the hardcore Republican line-towers who are desperate to take some light off Obama. Those are the same people that refused to even watch the DNC and don’t even bother studying the competition. That makes it easier for the Republican machine to push its hypocrisies, but limits true growth within the party. Politics is a game, and McCain seriously underestimated the naivety of centrist voters.

    The fence sitters are insulted that Palin thinks she can cruise right in on Hillary’s coattails and take credit for the decades of work she has put into this cause. In two speeches that I’ve seen, Palin was booed as she credited Hillary and she committed herself to continue the fight and the cause, and thereby accept all of the glory when she’s elected. She is alienating Hillary supporters faster than they can get to know her.

    Reasons why Palin is worse than Romney, Huckabee, or Ron Paul:

    1. As a representative of the party of family values, shouldn’t Palin be taking care of her newborn? When is she going to breastfeed – on the tour bus?

    2. Palin is cute and bubbly, and most people don’t desire cute and bubbly in a world leader. Compare and contrast Palin to, say, Nixon.

    3. Palin is running for back-up President, NOT vice President. McCain is old and unhealthy. If elected, Palin WILL be President. Refer to point #2.

    4. The choice of Palin appears rushed and transparent. He’s only met her ONCE. Hillary’s supporters have followed her for decades and will not switch in just 60 days.


  3. Chris,

    I just read half your article. I’ll finish later, but I had to stop when I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    As a former McCainiac myself, I can’t believe he’s done this to his campaign. I’ll admit I haven’t been a fan since he started going on prom dates with Bush, and giving up the goods at lover’s lane while sitting in the back of his black Surburban with the engine idling by the light of a tire fire while Karl Rove sang “Red, White and Beat Your Ass Blue” off to the side. If I had to guess, I’d say he even left a few of those vampire devices plugged in at home (what the crap was THAT all about, anyway?).

    Now he’s done the ultimate Bush sell-out and made a Bushesque decision. This lady is Harriet Myers in every sense except that if she did a spread in Playboy, I might buy it.

    If the Dems came out with a former beauty queen, I doubt I would be reading on your site that it was a qualification for this job.

    so far the most honest critique I’ve heard from anyone on the GOP side was Newt. Something like “she’s 44 and has five kids and looks like THAT? DAMN!!!” They went to commercial right after… I assume so he could change pants and clean himself up.

    Other than that, I hope you’re doing well, and I can TOTALLY relate to your comment about dropping off the kids at a fire station! Babies are GROSS, man! If I did half the shit our 2-yr-old does, the wife would throw me out on my ass!

    I’m going to have a beer to wash out that bile taste in my mouth from the first half of your article. Then I may be able to stomach the rest.

    Later on, dude!

    P.S. – I sincerely hope that your experience in politics might let you read this message with a smile on your face. Nothing personal, man. Your just way off!


  4. Jpet (Jason),

    I know you and all your fellow Dems are upset because McCain just out-Clintoned Obama.

    Palin is going to jumpstart the Fall McCain campaign and lead us to victory in November.

    Next time the Dems. want to elect a minority, he ought to have more going for him than just being a minority who speaks the King’s English properly!


    p.s. I’d buy that Playboy too!


  5. YES! Another fine example of family values and great decision making by the Republicans! I wondered how Palin was going to avoid neglecting her newborn baby on the campaign trail with McCain, but it turns out that she has a history of neglecting her family, as evidenced by her pregnant high school aged daughter. Even worse, McCain says he knew about the 5 months pregnant 17 year old when he offered the VP spot to her.
    Just another overly ambitious, family neglecting “hockey mom”. Did someone suggest that choosing Susan Palin was a good political strategy by McCain? I hope that McCain is his own strategist, because anyone else would be getting their @$$ handed to them on a platter.


  6. Oh come on! Any mom’s daughter can get pregnant no matter how good of a parent you are (or aren’t). Hell, Bill Clinton was a bastard child and half the Kennedy family has either sired a child out of wedlock or is a bastard themself. Oh, and don’t forget about John Edwards!

    I don’t see how anyone can suggest Palin is neglecting her daughter simply by being on the campaign trail for two months. I guess a big liberal Democrat with a phoney heart for Palin’s daughter would have rather seen the child aborted. What about all the military moms (and dads) who go to Iraq or on other tours of duty? I guess they are neglecting their kids too ha?

    Get a life!


  7. “I know you and all your fellow Dems are upset because McCain just out-Clintoned Obama.”

    Who said I’m a democrat? If the 2000 John McCain model was in this race I’d be all over it. That still wouldn’t negate the fact that this is an idiotic decision! The dude is going to be fertilizer possibly in his first term. I seriously doubt that Palin would be your choice for Prez. Face it – that’s how you have to look at this decision, and that’s why it’s a poor one.

    On the pregnancy thing – I don’t understand why that’s a story. People make mistakes, and this poor girl has to hear about it on national news. No 17-year-old should have to deal with that.

    I am amazed that McC knew about it after only meeting this lady once or twice. Is that how she introduces herself?? “Hi, I’m Susan Palin and my 17-year-old daughter is preggers!” I seriously doubt he actually knew…


  8. Jason, You’re a Dem. Otherwise, how do you explain rationalizing why Palin is a bad choice due to lack of experience while glossing over the fact that your boy Obama has just as little experience? And your concern with her is IF something were to happen to McCain, while you ignore the fact that inexperienced Obama would be the president on day 1.


  9. Chris,
    I’m shocked you feel this way about Palin, regardless of your political affiliation. It’s so apparent that this was a knee jerk reaction by McCain. Clearly he hoped to peel off disaffected Hillary Clinton fans, especially women. McCain is insulting these voters, and all women, by assuming that they will flock to Palin because of her gender.
    Do you seriously believe Palin is the absolute best person to be Vice President, and even President, if something happens to McCain? Is this not a totally political move by McCain?


  10. McCain had to pick someone who allowed him to regain his GOP “Maverick” status. This pick, if nothing else, does that. I think Chris did a good job of explaining some of the other reasons why this is a good pick, but the one that many people forget is where this election is going to take place and the voters who are the true “swing” voters in this election.

    They are women; white, male, rural Democrats; white, male, blue-collar Democrats; and those who live in the west and Midwest (Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana).

    I think this pick is even more brilliant than Chris describes not because Palin appeals to women, but because she appeals to the men described above who are, interestingly enough, are the major demographic for television shows based in Alaska like “Ice Road Truckers” and “Deadliest Catch.” There are nearly a dozen of these shows now.

    The more Obama attacks, the farther he will fall in the polls.

    By the way, not only would I buy the Playboy, my 18-year-old son would as well. Or, I would just have it delivered in my regular monthly subscription. Where’s your commitment, Chris?



  11. Potter,

    I think it is kind of funny that Democrats get all bent out of shape when Republicans put the politics in politics. Sure he picked her because of her gender — but that’s not all she brings to the table (see column).

    What about Biden? Don’t you think he picked him because he is white and not black? Do you seriously think he would have picked him if he had been black? No. He picked him to balance the ticket on age, race, and experience (or lack thereof).


  12. The reason Obama chose Biden has nothing to do with race or gender. Biden was chosen for the same reason that Palin was chosen: Pressure from the party. Biden in NO WAY represents change.

    The reason McCain and Obama won their respective primaries was because the general American population are fed up with the shenanigans of the D & R political machines (and those that blindly follow them). Yet the influence of the machines are very evident in the the VP picks both candidates made.

    Had McCain followed his instincts and picked free thinking Lieberman, I would have voted for McCain. Had Obama picked someone more forward thinking than Biden, I would have voted for him.

    We’ll just have to wait until Palin steps down. Hopefully McCain can redeem himself and earn my vote.


  13. Chris,
    I’ve read your post again. I actually don’t have a problem with you being inspired by Sarah Palin. We know very little about what kind of President or Vice President a person will make because we’re fed mostly bland rhetoric. Both parties are steeped in jargon, make broken promises, and in the end, not much gets done.
    I disagree that she is qualified to be Vice President, and we can go around and around about both Palin’s and Obama’s qualifications. But if you are energized by Palin and see her as a shot in the arm for the GOP then I’m happy for you.


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