Obama’s Veep Pick

So Much for the “Change” Ticket

By William Pitt

Last week, Senator Barack Obama announced, to the surprise of no one, that the end of the “veepstakes”(as the idiotic mainstream media calls it) was over and the winner was, dah-dahdah-daahhh—Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. All this talk of change, change, change, and Obama picks the ultimate Washington insider who only spent 4 years in the private sector before running off to Washington to help it rot from the inside-out. Not to mention all the talk of Obama’s problems with women voters after the insane primary against the Clinton War Machine and his need to reach out to them by having a woman on the ticket. And what better way to reach out to women, than by getting an old white guy on the ticket with you. Wait, what?

For a while it seemed both candidates were trying to out-minority each other. There was talk of Bobby Jindal for McCain, a young son of Indian immigrants, or Sarah Palin, the woman Governor of Alaska, and even Condeleeza Rice, a black woman (who I, personally think he should have at least vetted) early on when he first clinched the nomination. Obama’s camp hasn’t been so rumored to picking a woman or another minority, his picks included Katherine Sebelius, and people hoped he’d pick Hillary Clinton. The rest of his prospects were old white guys who were serious Washington insiders, save Tim Kaine, the Virginia Governor with little to no experience.

So the big question is: how will Joe Biden conflict with Obama’s lofty “Change” ideals? Is Obama a real idealist? Or is he more of a pragmatist? People said he needed more experience on the ticket, and he definitely got it in Biden. Biden is the Dick Cheney to Obama’s George W. However, do I think he has a winning ticket? I have no idea. But a ticket he does have, is a very windy ticket. Biden and Obama both love to hear themselves talk to such an exhausting volume that no one knows what the hell the question was once either finishes their song and dance!

Obama, as we know, speaks in lofty platitudes to a mind-numbing degree. I assume that that’s how he’s able to work up such enthusiasm—no one knows what he says or means so they just fill in the blanks with what they want or hope him to mean. Joe Biden, like most “Dims”, has that same habit of beating a speech to the point that its only a skin, a vessel you can fill with any meat you like. Want a Biden Burger? Just cook up the patty while he’s speaking (you won’t miss much) and throw it on the bun once he hands it to you. Maybe you prefer Obama Veggie Burgers, or an Obama-Biden Chicken Sandwich. All are possible on a Blue ticket!

Admittedly, I wasn’t going to vote for Obama anyway so his pick of Joe Biden as VP doesn’t help or hurt him for me. I think Obama still has a dangerous economic policy, education policy, foreign policy, and domestic policy so there was no way he was going to get my vote from the beginning. Am I curious as to McCain’s VP pick? Slightly more, because I think it’d make more of a difference. Obama doesn’t listen to anyone about anything because he has a Messiah Complex. McCain is slightly more humble and is slightly more open to listening to others, in the past, it’s been his weakness, but if he makes the right VP pick, it can make a huge difference. It just depends on whose doubts he wants to ease. Whether he wants to ease the doubts of his conservative base, or the independents that are riding the fence.

With the Obama-Biden ticket, one thing is for sure—no matter what, the old guard will always put up a fight before passing the torch to the new. Biden is the ultimate insider and the total counter to the “Change” of which Obama speaks. Obama hasn’t quite learned that “experienced” does, in some cases, mean “corrupted”. And as the “change” candidate, he should have been wise enough to stay away from that thin line. But then, Obama doesn’t have the greatest record when it comes to decisions involving the company he keeps. Just ask Reverend Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, and John Edwards.


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