McCain Unites the G.O.P.

America needs a little tough-love and discipline. John McCain will provide it with a steady hand.

But not before a mild scolding

By Lenny Curry

Last night John McCain gave his acceptance speech at the Republican convention.

Today the pundits are commenting on his speaking style and questioning whether or not Governor Sarah Palin’s speech the night before has eclipsed him. The prognostocators have also speculated as to whether or not Palin is more of a maverick than the original maverick.

I doubt John McCain really cares.

Someone who spent five years in a Vietnamese prison camp probably doesn’t worry about such trivial matters. I think John McCain is a big enough man to not only not be threatened by Sarah, but is more than likely pleased with her performance and the energy she has brought to the country. As far as her being more of a maverick I wonder of these blowhards have been smoking something or if they’re just not that smart. That’s the reason he picked her!

As far as McCain’s speech goes, the delivery was average (typical for McCain who is not a great orator of prepared materials). But the substance was right on the money. John McCain showed us once again why he should be the next President of the United States.

There are three simple reasons:

1) He knows who he is, where he comes from, and how he got there. Hero. Middle-America. And hard work. Those would be the answers if we were playing Jeopardy!

2) He has a record of accomplishment. Sure we don’t all agree on everything he has done. I don’t agree with everything my wife does (or she of me), or my business partner, or any number of people. But he has accomplishments that are based on deeply held beliefs. And that is in stark contrast to his opponent.

3) He is his own man. To me, this is probably McCain’s most important attribute. During his tenure in Congress, McCain has taken on the party bosses of his own party. He has demonstrated independent thought preferring to focus on the interests of the country as opposed to the interest of his party (which he reminded the party faithful of last night). Sarah Palin for that matter has done the same thing having taken on corrupt politicians from her own party in her home-state of Alaska.

For voters who are looking for a candidate who has experienced and full life, gotten things done, and is not willing to waiver on important issues for political expediency, John McCain is that candidate.

Voters looking for someone who will promise them whatever they want to hear from a candidate who has never provided anything of substance as a legislator, I can only say, “Beware. You get what you pay for.”

Barack Obama is the candidate who tells us what we want. John McCain is the candidate who tells us what we need.

America needs a little tough-love and discipline. John McCain will provide it with a steady hand.

Lenny Curry is the CEO and Managing Director of ICX Group, a professional services firm. He lives in Jacksonville, Fla. with his wife and children and is the Treasurer of the Duval County Republican Executive Committee. And is Email him at:

One thought on “McCain Unites the G.O.P.”

  1. I think Sarah Palin is going to be great for America — especially with JOhn McCain. We need a reformer not some phoney like Obama who has done nothing.


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