Matt Damon and Whoopi Goldberg battle Palin for Obama

Obama’s Campaign has had a tough week. With less than eight weeks left in the campaign, it is very possible that Obama stops the hemorrhaging and wins the election, but another possibility is that he simply doesn’t understand that McCain is his own man separate from George Bush, and that Obama must come up with something more than one word, “change,” to be elected president.

Obama Attacks Demean his Presidential Campaign

By Jamie Miller

Many in the news media and certainly Whoopi Goldberg are trying to appeal to voters after the “Palin Bounce” by trying to revert to the campaign that won Barrack Obama the Democratic Nomination for President – racism.

Yes, there is but one racist in this year’s Presidential race and it is Sen. Obama.  Where are the cries to condemn Whoopi Goldberg’s comments when she asks about a McCain Presidency, “Should I worry about being a slave again?”  I hate to tell you Whoopi, but you’ve only been a slave to a horrible career as an actress.  Obama seems happy to have racism used on his behalf.

Barrack Obama should condemn these race-baiting comments.  But, he won’t.  At least Whoopi is trying to bring some negative attention to the Republican ticket.  Obama has no choice but directly attacking the Republican ticket himself because no one wants to take on Gov. Palin for fear of looking like someone who is anti-women (that’s one thing no Democrat can afford).

America is ready to elect an eloquent black man who wants to change how Washington works, but Americans will not vote for a thug who wields negative campaign ads like a criminal brandishes a weapon.

The more Obama personally attacks McCain and Palin, the more he appears to be the agent of “politics as usual” vs. the change that gained him the Democratic nomination. 

McCain had one thing that could save him going into the convention — he had to regain his GOP maverick status — which is the reason he won the nomination.  He successfully regained that status and completely separated himself from the Bush Administration with the pick of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

The Obama campaign planned on winning this election by tying McCain to the unpopular Bush and now has trouble finding its footing after those attacks no longer seem to work.  I’ve worked with many candidates and campaigns, and from what I can tell in the Obama Campaign, the decision and the attacks are coming from the top.

Just this week, Obama, not surrogates, called Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin “liars,”  and he mocked McCain for being “computer illiterate,” and referred to the Gov. of Alaska as “lipstick on a pig.”  These attacks are not very becoming of someone who wants to “unite” and bring “change” to Washington. Especially considering McCain’s lack of computer skills is due to his inability to type on a keyboard due to his Vietnam War injuries.

Obama isn’t finding any legitimate surrogates to take on Palin so he’s decided to do it himself with adverse effects to his campaign and his popularity. 

The Obama Campaign is likely delighted to see even illegitimate surrogates like the Hollywood Elite fill the void.  Including a “slave” remark made by Whoopi Goldberg; Pamela Anderson of home porno-movie fame suggested the Gov. of Alaska “suck it” when the animal lover was asked if she had seen a photo of Palin with a fur in the background.  Matt Damon has suggested that people take a long look at Palin since “McCain won’t survive a full, 4-year term,”  I doubt that anyone could make that remark about Obama without having these same Hollywood Elite demanding a visit by the Secret Service.

Obama’s Campaign has had a tough week.  With less than eight weeks left in the campaign, it is very possible that Obama stops the hemorrhaging and wins the election, but another possibility is that he simply doesn’t understand that McCain is his own man separate from George Bush, and that Obama must come up with something more than one word, “change,” to be elected president.  As I’ve written in previous columns, change is coming to the White House, regardless of which candidate wins.  Obama is foolish to think that one word will carry him all the way to a new residence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Jamie Miller is a political consultant specializing in political campaign management, strategic planning, public relations and crisis communications. He has been involved with running and managing political campaigns since 1994. E-mail him at:


3 thoughts on “Matt Damon and Whoopi Goldberg battle Palin for Obama”

  1. It’s RARELY a case of “racism” or “sexism” that separates people, but instead it is our CULTURAL differences that divide us. Race and/or sex are just general indicators of cultural differences – and they are not 100% accurate. For anyone to insinuate that a world traveled, bi-racial, Harvard educated person could discriminate on race alone is VERY far reaching, and it would be very difficult to convince the general population of such a claim. Those that discriminate based on race are usually very sheltered and limited in their life experiences.

    Charges like this are usually political messaging tactics targeted at the sheltered, life experience-limited general population who are just uneducated enough to believe it. You’ll know these people when they make statements like “I ain’t votin’ for no N!&&*R.”

    There are things all around us, all the time, that anyone can interpret as offensive (and there are people who complain all the time about them). As far as the lipstick comment: The Republicans are every bit as guilty as the Democrats of “interpreting” analogies made by their competition as offensive. It’s done by both parties to distract us from the real issues: Health care, government corruption, alternative energy, etc. Issuing press releases demanding apologies for misinterpreted analogies is just as bad as the general population discussing misinterpreted analogies on web logs.

    It reminds me of my youth, when bullies would walk up to me and say, “I hear you been talkin’ about my mama.” Regardless of what you say, you’re fighting – because someone is looking for a fight.

    This election has nothing to do with race or gender. We, the citizens of the USA, need to stop bullying each other and stay focused on the REAL issues of this election, and we need to make sure that the candidates do the same.

    P.S. I hope I didn’t offend anyone’s mama.


  2. If this election is about issues, experience and who can protect America, McCain wins hands down. That’s why Obama has attacked.

    The more he attacks, the more his poll numbers falter. He says he wants change but America is not warming up to the liberal change Obama promotes.


  3. I do not dispute McCain’s experience, and I’ve always loved his forthright demeanor and willingness to piss off the establishment, but I do wonder if he’s accepted so many political favors that he won’t be able to keep his very general promises of “reform”. Eliminating earmarks alone will not even come close to eliminating our national debt.

    The “reformer” and the “change agent” were my 2 top picks, based on their verbal messages during the primaries, but Palin and Biden are great examples of the compromises both Presidential candidates have already made to appease the party leaders.

    The real problem in our political system is the manipulation of the candidates and the party loyals by the Party Elites. There are too many “Republicans” and “Democrats” that blindly tow the party lines without even thinking about what is truly best for the country, or even themselves. This results in political hypocrisy across the board.

    I was a member of both the DEC and REC of 2 different Florida counties, and what bothered me the most about both of them was the blind support of their party’s platforms. If you really analyze both platforms, less than 1% of the population will agree to even 90% of all properties of either one of them. But it’s designed that way. Remember: the Republicans and Democrats were the same party ( not long ago. Both parties are of the same womb and the same egg. Each election has nothing to do with Red or Blue. It has to do with maintaining the status quo.

    The Dems and Reps win because they force the general public to take sides: “2 teams – pick 1.”. If you take a look inside, you’ll see that each of them has the same DNA – they both take money from the same lobbyists and they both push the agendas of a small group of people. Their actual “platforms” are as worthless as our unsecured American dollars.

    We need Less Government, we need a Health Care System that works for EVERYONE, and we need to make sure that our elected party officials represent the needs of their constituents. And all that needs to be done at the LOCAL party and constituent levels.

    GREED is ruining our country, and this may be the last election we have to fix it. McCain has a track record, so I’m voting for the “evil I don’t know”, Barack Obama, because the Dems deserve a chance as much as the Reps did.

    And they certainly can’t do any worse! A deaf and blind man can see that Obama is smarter than GWB.


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