Obama offers little change that can actually happen

It’s more than just believing

By Mark R. Smith

What do National Parks, Highways, and the Civil Rights movement have in common? According to Barack Obama late last week on the stage at Columbia University, the answer is: government. Obama continues to chant his campaigns mantra. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Thanks. But no thanks.

He just doesn’t get it. In terms of the Civil Rights movement – the one he did not participate in – while trying to sound Kennedyesque he forgets that it was his own Democratic Party that ran Congress in the sixties and diminished the civil rights of minorities to ZERO. He forgets that LBJ was forced to accept the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act because of the private citizens (black, white, latino, etc…) who forced this issue on the government. Along with his unpopularity for the war in Vietnam, LBJ had no choice. Senator, it was the people. It was not government.

The National Highway system was developed by private sector business and proposed to government as a means to promote jobs, interstate commerce, and grow the country connect. It began in 1937 and started again after WWII and finally peaked in the 1950’s. Again Mr. Obama, it was the people. It was not government.

The National Park system was developed by a private citizen, George Catlin 1796 -1872. In the mid 19th century Congress made its first major donation in the form of land which became Yosemite National Park. The junion senator from Illinois is wrong again. Sir, it was the people. It was not government.

Obama continues to extemporize and invent history to make his case for himself. The polls illustrate that his glamour has worn off. America has moved past its interest in Barack Obama the eloquent speech maker. Americans want more than well-delivered rhetoric. They are looking for change that can actually happen. Not just change they can believe in.

Mark R. Smith is the president and founder of The Da Vinci Group a Washington, D.C. based government and public affairs firm. Mark provides advice to members of congress, governors, and other state and local officials on an array of issues. Mark is a political analyst for SKY NEWS and a contributor to IrreverentView.com. E-mail him at: capitoldump@gmail.com.

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