McCain/Palin reach out and touch family

Republican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin and John McCain (not pictured) meet with family (father Nolan and daughter Chloe pictured). Chloe who has Down Syndrome, was warmly greeted by the McCain/Palin team in Pennsylvania earlier this month. This is the type of story the biased liberal media don’t want you to read. Click on the link below (You won’t see this on NBC, CNN, or in the New York Times) for the story.

One thought on “McCain/Palin reach out and touch family”

  1. The “biased liberal media” as you call them are busy trying to get Palin to do a real press conference where she answers real questions like every other candidate. I think the papers have enough pictures of Palin. It’s completely appropriate for the press to ask questions about her experiences, philosophies, and foreign policy knowledge. Painting her as some kind of victim is actually sexist, like she can’t handle it. If she’s ready to be VP then let her talk. Calling the media “biased” is a tactic that hinders the democratic process. Americans have a right to ask her tough questions the same way McCain, Clinton, and Obama have been asked over and over. It looks to me that the Republicans are afraid of her answers and responses. So calling the media the evil word “liberal” is a way of taking the pressure off of them. It’s a deceptive way to avoid straight talk with Americans.


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