Pelosi Happens

The Speaker should go.

By Mark R. Smith

Yesterday, Congress took the position that Main Street, not Wall Street rules America through the votes of their elected officials. Led not by the Democrats but by the Republican minority and some conservative Democrats who listened to their constituents. Main Street rules. The problem for the “temporary” new majority in Congress is that Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi happens. Her rhetoric closed the door on the precipitous tally of yesterday’s economic bailout vote. What the American people understand and Congress does not is that kitchen table economics trumps special interests.

Pelosi was unable to deliver victory on the “most troubling matter of our time” even with a Democrat majority in Congress and the votes to pass this bill in her own caucus. With the president, senate majority leader, and Obama behind her, she failed miserably. Pelosi ignored the clear and open discussion with her Republican colleagues during White House discussions, and congressional meetings last week — even after Friday when it was clear she did not have the votes in her own caucus.

While she allowed Obama and company to insert special interest language for scandalous operations like ACORN, Pelosi ignored the pleas from the Blue Dogs (45 conservative democrats). She finally inserted the pay-as-you-go language for them but the American Public spoke against this boondoggle bailout and so it failed.

The American Public is more informed, more savvy, and understands their own realities better than Speaker Pelosi. Her failure to deliver her caucus illustrates her failure as a leader. Pelosi should be fired.

Pelosi’s impediment to strengthening the dollar, expanding this crisis to yet another week, and deepening the recession we are clearly in will only drive the American economy further into debt. The rudderless Congress led by the Democrats these past two years have produced no major piece of legislation, more greed, spending, corruption, and a historic low 12 percent approval rating. She is almost at the bottom of the barrel. Unfortunately, Pelosi and her political policies are taking the American economy with her. There are a trillion reasons after today to replace her and bring real leadership to the Congress and to the American people.

Mark R. Smith is the president and founder of The Da Vinci Group a Washington, D.C. based government and public affairs firm. Mark provides advice to members of congress, governors, and other state and local officials on an array of issues. Mark is a political analyst for SKY NEWS and a contributor to E-mail him at:

2 thoughts on “Pelosi Happens”

  1. Thank GOD that legislation failed! But the real issue is not Republican or Democrat. You nearly identify it, though. The real problem is that greed and corruption lives deep in both parties, and both parties work together to maintain the status quo.

    I, my wife, and hundreds of other Florida voters relentlessly called our Senators and Congressmen to give our two cents and plead and threaten them NOT to vote for another bill that rewards corruption and poor business practices – AND THEY LISTENED!

    Most elected officials don’t have the luxury of looking at a problem from afar and analyzing it without outside influence the way the average citizen does. The average person knows that CREDIT is what put us into this mess, and now we ALL have to suffer the market correction together. Bailing out the markets to “make more credit available” only prolongs the problem. Heck, we’re already so deep into this that it will take a decade to recover, and $700 Billion was not going to help at all.

    Now we need to get to basics and (as a country) start manufacturing enough to sustain ourselves and sell the extra to the world. We also need to ditch the credit cards (that scam has run its course) and live within our means. Currently the only thing we create is waste, and we have a $9 TRILLION bill to prove it. It took decades to get into this mess and it will take a decade to get out. Once we get our priorities straight we can rest easy for another 6 or 8 generations until we forget and repeat our mistakes again.,


  2. I could not agree more. Thank you for your comments. Like you I have a kitchen table. I know what I can and cannot afford. It’s just simple, plain commonsense. Unfortunately this problem is systemic and the seniority process in congress has not litmus test for competence. Hence, we have Chairman’s Dodd & Frank. Not to mention Pelosi (a.k.a. Doby the House Elf). The plain facts of politics is that we will have recovery over the next two – four years and whoever is elected in November will benefit from the economic recovery too. Good luck.


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