The photo Barack Obama doesn’t want you to see

Obama's friend William Ayers

Meet William Ayers. He is Barack Obama’s friend and the terrorist who bombed U.S. landmarks in NYC and Washington, D.C. when Obama was eight years old.  But in September of 2001 (when Obama was an adult and buddy of Mr. Ayers’) he was stepping on an American flag.  You are the company you keep Mr. Obama.

Click photo to enlarge. Print. Place in urinal. 

4 thoughts on “The photo Barack Obama doesn’t want you to see”

  1. You guys are clawing at the inside of the casket. You’re done. Besides, what Is John McCain’s connections to G Gordon Liddy. Talk about a connection! Talk About a terrorist.


  2. johnie2xs’s point about G. Gordon Liddy is a great one. Using this “Obama is strange, Obama hangs out with terrorists, Obama is un-American” argument is ridiculous. You could dredge up as many or more suspect connections with John McCain. The point is that politicians will connect with questionable characters their whole career because it is the nature of the job. Talk about Obama’s and McCain’s policies, not these tenuous connections. And ask yourself why, deep down, you are resorting to this argument.


  3. So when exactly did Liddy bomb any US property? How many terrorist from foregin countrys did Liddy “buddy-buddy” with that were leaders or potential leaders to be? Maby you should move to France. It sounds like you’re their kind of guy. Liddy did more for this country (that you live in and enjoy it freadoms that are offered here) in an afternoon then you could ever imagine.


  4. Maybe* (By the way, that’s how it’s spelled*) Gordon, you should research some the things your Mr G man has said and decide for yourself his patriotism. Anyone who promotes violence and discord in the manner proffered by your Mr Liddy are far more dangerous than inept ideologues like Ayers. The only people who died amongst the Weathermen were their own people trying to build a bomb. On the other hand, your Mr. Liddy, talked of ways to kill ATF agents, admitted his willingness to kill in the performance of his deluded definition of patriotism, and does so to this day, unrepentantly.
    Now, relative to our freedoms* (see how I spelled that, too*) and any planned trips to France; What! And leave MY country in your hands? I think not!


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