How Obama can fix Public Education

Sadly, many officials will pull the same stunts they do every time there is a real or imagined budget boogey man. Fine arts, physical education, world languages, along with teachers’ salaries and class sizes will all suffer.

President-Elect Obama, you want to improve the schools? Start with encouraging states to slash the technology budget.

By Debra Cole

I know what you’re thinking by the sub-title. Apparently this writer is in a nursing home, gumming applesauce while surfing between the DNA results of “Who my baby Daddy” on Maury Povich, and reruns of the Golden Girls. Or, the writer has pledged allegiance to a paranoid anti-computer commune in Idaho that has a 15:1 semi-automatic weapon ratio. Continue reading “How Obama can fix Public Education”

Legislators seek to intentionally confuse voters

In my college freshman English class the professor told me that the key to effective writing is that in addition to being grammatically correct it should be clear and concise. After reading this amendment I wonder if those who wrote it ever passed an English class in high school, let alone, college. We all know that this amendment had to do with gay people desiring to be able to legally get married so why didn’t they just write:

Legalese May Be Legal But It Sure Isn’t Easy

By Michael A. Matteo

One of Shakespeare’s most memorable lines comes from Henry VI when Dick The Butcher, says, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” This is Shakespeare’s idea of Utopia, a world without those who make up the majority of Congress and who have created their own language to give their occupation a sense of purpose and the right to charge $300 for a phone call. After reading the amendments that were placed on the most recent ballot I would have to agree with Dick the Butcher.

Let’s take a look at the language of some of the amendments that appeared on the ballot in Florida this year. The most controversial amendment was this one which read as follows: Continue reading “Legislators seek to intentionally confuse voters”

Challenging GOP orthodoxy

It’s troubling, particularly, because we are suddenly inundated with the same uneducated complaints. Communism as we know it has always been based off an imperfect manifestation of Marxism, which assumes that equality is absolute, we’re just being “kept down by the man” in true conflict theorist fashion. Sounds a lot like Democrats, no?

What’s wrong with paying more in taxes?

By Colin Brennan

I see this again and again and again, to the point that I’m exhausted with it. Every single Republican I know or read from is riding this one, consistent fear. They are terrified of losing their well earned cash, and the word behind it all is always the same: communism. Continue reading “Challenging GOP orthodoxy”

Explaining a monumental election loss in Florida

The GOP has to remember to save our ammunition for the big fights – appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. The more moderate we appear before the public now, the more Americans will recognize that we are making legitimate arguments when Obama tries to appoint extreme liberals to the U.S. Supreme Court. The more moderate we are on the “small stuff,” the more credibility we will have fighting the big battles.

Where does the GOP go from here?

By Jamie Miller

After much hand-wringing about the election results, Republicans turn toward the task of rebuilding the GOP as a brand voters will trust. Many pundits ask, “Where does the GOP go from here?” I think the better question is, “Who will lead the GOP and in which direction?”

Pundits have already started looking toward the 2012 election while apparently ignoring the importance of the off-year 2010 elections and the redistricting which follows. If we ignore the redistricting process that will be in place for 2012, the GOP will certainly find itself in the minority throughout the next decade. Continue reading “Explaining a monumental election loss in Florida”

The Water Cooler: Clinton for Secretary of State?

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, Hillary Clinton is a lot of things, but she isn’t a diplomat. And why would she want to be SoS? There isn’t much to hand out in the form of graft, and corruption to her elite political supporters. For that, she ought to head over to the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development or some other agency full of government grants and programs she can dish out. That’s the Clinton way afterall.

Pinch me, this has to be a nightmare

By Chris Ingram

The Water Cooler is an occasional feature of talking points about politics.

• Politics makes strange bedfellows. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton exchanged a lot of heated words during the Democratic Primary this year. Now it appears Obama is “considering” Ms. Clinton for Secretary of State. News reports say Clinton and Obama met in Chicago this week and that the Obama camp is doing nothing to deny speculation that she is being considered. CNN reports that Continue reading “The Water Cooler: Clinton for Secretary of State?”

Step right up for your bailout check

The problem is, we still have major industries that have been severely mismanaged and throwing money at them is not the solution. In fact, giving these managers – who have already shown themselves to be bad managers – more money to waste is just plain idiotic.

Washington just can’t say ‘No’

By Michael A. Matteo

Remember the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ricky were in Italy and away from little Ricky on his birthday? In that episode Lucy finds a little Italian boy who claims it is his birthday so Lucy gives him a candy bar to ease her guilty conscience because she can’t be with her son on his birthday. The little boy tells his friends and before long you have all of these little Italian children asking for candy saying innocently, “Itsa my birthday too.” Lucy goes out and buys all of the children presents and they have a big party even. That scenario reminds me a lot of what is happening with the bailout situation as it relates to corporate America, except this party is at the expense of the average American and it just doesn’t provide the same humor as I Love Lucy. Continue reading “Step right up for your bailout check”