Obama Should Inspire Me?

I also got ripped from a few lefties who said I should be “inspired” by Obama’s election. Inspired by what? The fact that he wants to take more of my money in the form of taxes to pay for a bunch of social programs I don’t believe in? Thanks but no thanks. Of course I think what they really meant was I should be inspired because a black man (half black actually), is president. OK. That’s great if you’re someone who thinks we should judge and measure people based on the groups they belong to of which they had no control. I don’t.

Are you kidding?

By Chris Ingram

I’ve taken a lot of heat for my column earlier this week titled “Get Ready for Obamalism.” The criticism has come from the left and right and the media in e-mails, postings, phone calls, and interviews.

I taped a local politics show here in Tampa yesterday (“Flashpoint” airing on Sundays on ABC following “This Week”). The host took me to task for questioning the intelligence of Obama supporters (which I did in a reply to a post after the above mentioned article). Hey, the site is called “Irreverent View.” I’m not writing for a scholarly journal, the church bulletin, or even some mullet wrapper of a newspaper. This is an opinion site folks! I write what I think (that’s my opinion) with a touch of sarcasm and snarkyness to keep it interesting. Anyhow, I looked it up online, and if someone had an 80 IQ, they would be considered borderline retarded. Obviously I don’t really think Obama voters are borderline retarded – that was the sarcasm I told you about. But I stand by the point that a lot of people voted for this guy based on his call for “change” and they know nothing else about him. And I think that is retarded.

Earlier this summer my Godson’s mother (who is Cuban) forwarded me an e-mail about a politician who gave rousing public speeches, was personable, ran against an ineffectual government, and promised everyday people a better life in the form of a government that would take care of them. Today we know this man as Fidel Castro. Dictator. Head of a communist regime. I’m not saying Obama is a dictator or a communist, but he’s definitely got some serious socialist tendencies. If you ask an Obama supporter why they voted for him, all they can do is say “because he’s for change.” Ask them to name three policies he will change (and what the change is, not just what the policies he’s going to change are) and they get that “dear in the headlights” look Dan Quayle used to be so well-known for.

Voting for someone we know nothing about is no way to elect a president.

Some of my Republican friends took issue with my comments and accused me of misrepresenting Bush’s presidency. One Republican reader gave me a bunch of excuses as to why the deficit is so large; why our international standing sucks; and why our economy is in the tank. None of it had to do with putting the blame on George W. Bush. It apparently had something to do with the folks over at cable news station MSNBC because he kept accusing me of being just like some of the hosts of their shows. I told this reader he’d drunk the Bush Kool-aid. He didn’t like that. But what do you expect from a guy who works for the administration?

I also got ripped from a few lefties who said I should be “inspired” by Obama’s election. Inspired by what? The fact that he wants to take more of my money in the form of taxes to pay for a bunch of social programs I don’t believe in? Thanks but no thanks. Of course I think what they really meant was I should be inspired because a black man (half black actually), is president. OK. That’s great if you’re someone who thinks we should judge and measure people based on the groups they belong to of which they had no control. I don’t.

Personally, I’d rather forget about skin color. I think we should look at our country not as a nation of groups, but as a nation of individuals. But the “group” thing is a lot easier to sell, scare, and spook people with. Politicians love it. Bureaucrats love it. The media loves it. Groups that think that because at some point or another they were disaffected by someone else love it too. Again, I don’t.

I am not inspired by Barack Obama just because of the color of his skin. I’ll be inspired by Barack Obama if he cuts government spending; doesn’t cater to the teacher’s unions and their ridiculous self-serving demands; sends some Wall Street CEOs to prison; does something about the looming Social Security crisis; and pays down the national debt. In fact, if he did all that, I’d be happy to pay more in taxes. Just don’t increase mine and cut someone else’s. That’s class warfare and it stinks. We’re all to blame for the mess we’re in and we should all make some sacrifices to fix it.

That will inspire me.

I’m not going to hold my breath.

On an unrelated note, ignore all the stories you are hearing about “anonymous sources” from within the McCain campaign saying Sarah Palin “didn’t know Africa was a continent.” That’s a bunch of bull shit. The people who are saying this are the same self-serving fools who drove McCain’s campaign into the ground. They also happen to be former George W. Bush campaign operatives whom McCain foolishly hired. These Bush people are also now loyal to, and in support of Mitt “I’ll say anything” Romney. They want to discredit Palin because ol’ “Mr. Two Positions on Every Issue” Romney has his sites on 2012.

Just four years away.


Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of http://www.IrreverentView.com. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at: Chris@411Communications.net.

5 thoughts on “Obama Should Inspire Me?”


    Chris, I understand your “opinion” stance but “the times they are a changin'”. The country is in a miserable situation, even if not entirely created by Bush, at least greatly exacerbated by his leadership, or lack of. We don’t want to hear the snarky comments anymore. They’re so Nov 3rd. Loyal opposition is necessary and welcome, but let’s be constructive. People have said to be, concerning my radio show, what am I going to do when I don’t have the Bushies to kik around any more? They think that because I backed the Democratic ticket that I will be a lay down for whatever they do. Not so! I admit I will be willing to defend him and his policies, as they see the light of day, but only insofar as they pass the smell test. Believe me, like you, I have my opinions and am more than willing to express them and I will. He is my President, he is not my god.
    Regarding your thoughts on taxation and”spreading the wealth”,
    as the righties like to term it. You are exhibiting signs of the neo-con indoctrination of the past 28yrs, actually. The middle class has been raped, over these years, as invariably can be proven by any economic measure you would like to use, while at the same time a disproportionate amount of wealth has been accrued by those at the top rungs. It’s just a matter of equity, plain simple. You won’t be forced to buy a BMW when it’s a Mercedes you desire. The level of loss you might feel by just paying your fair share is no match for the loss having been felt since the ascendancy of Papa Reagan.
    Relax, for a while Chris, and let the guy make a mistake or two before you bring him to task for what you think he will do. And pray for his safety. That, unfortunately is a reality.


  2. Wow! McCain had a position on the issues???? Couldn’t tell. Talk to a McCain voter, and I’ve never heard a single policy argument for voting for him. It was always “he’s a war hero, Obama’s a socialist (or worse – “the White House is white for a reason), Palin is being treated unfairly by the liberal mainstream media”.

    Face it dude – the republicans lost it. Run Palin in 2012? Lose. Romney? Lose. Get a grip on the issues and come up with some sound stances? Have a good debate and maybe win. They ran the same playbook they’ve run since Nixon, and it didn’t pass the smell test.

    The problem with the Reps is that they deny everything that’s real. Global warming is made up, the economy is strong, Iraq is goin well. Anyone that points out that these things aren’t necessarily true must be a liberal elitist schooled at one of those big liberal brainwashing colleges!

    Why did I vote for Obama? He has some clear ideas on what the issues facing this country are, and at least seems to be in touch with the fact that your average citizen is in big trouble. So he didn’t spell it out – who can in a campaign? Remember Bush 1?? “READ MY LIPS…” He got specific and then had to eat it when he couldn’t follow through. In a campaign, there is no way to know what we’ll be facing. Don’t believe that? Just ask all those conservatives who say that McCain was doing GREAT until the economy collapsed. Coudn’t have seen that coming.


  3. You make some good points, but McCain was more than just a war hero. He has a record of fiscal conservatism, reforming govt bureaucracy, and cutting pork. Additionally, he had an effective plan for the war in Iraq long before the moron in the White House embraced it. With McCain our military and foreign policy would have been in great hands.

    McCain lost because of Bush and because he tried to be something other than the reformer that made him so popular in 2000. I was upset with him when he went along with the bailout and then proposed further helping people who should have never bought a home, keep from losing their home. This type of reward the incompetent mentality is the basis of the Democratic party, not the GOP. At least it was…

    But still McCain was in my mind, the lesser of two evils. Obama has never been a leader. He’s been a politician who makes fancy speeches. I’d rather not have his first term in office be his training ground for leadership experience. The world is too risky of a place for that.

    And now he’s surrounding himself with all these Clinton retreads. You’ll see in a short amount of time that Obama gives a nice speech, but he’s just another politician.


  4. Chris; I want two things explained to me, First- How does having been a prisoner for 5 1/2 yrs equate to “War Hero”? I truly respect the man for what he had to endure, but to equate it with heroism is a stretch. Guts, fortitude, resolve, mental strength, yes to all. Hero? Not so much. Secondly- Most true heros display humility about their heroism and tend not to beat it like a drum. Not cool. How does this translate into any greater ability to lead. Seems to me his actions, regarding his imprisonment, was used as an entitlement factor.
    In the case of the Bailout, it wasn’t the fact that he backed it that hurt him, it was his scatological response and irrelevance that did him in.
    In reference to the mortgage crisis. I understand that you
    Rethuglicans cannot accept the reality of any kind of financial or social justice such that it is always the mass unwashed that cause their own problems, for lack of personal responsibility. Understand this. It was not the mear wanting of having a home with a mortgage that caused the problem. It was what was done with those financial instruments; how they were promoted and sold; sliced and diced; derivitized and bundled, re-sold and dispersed, infecting the world markets. And you think it’s all because a minority wanted a home.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, just a month ago, 65% of sub-prime mortgages were foisted upon unsuspecting people when in fact these same people had credit ratings good enough to have been given fixed rate mortgages. It was nothing but a con job. To the discredit of the people who pushed these loans, they took advantage of these people inherent trust that these “professionals” had their best interest at heart. So much for trust, don’t you think?
    Now for retreads. What about all the re-treads in the Bush Administration? Do you really think a McCain administration would have been any different had he won? You know not!
    So why don’t you just quit your bitchn’ and let him make his case before you play this blame game. The man is a walking bullseye. Wish him well and pray the worst doesn’t happen. Stoking the fires of divisiveness and hate will only bring the shit down on us all. When he screws up, believe me, I’ll be on his ass also.


  5. This is more of the same, Chris. You’re rewriting your complaints, with a feigned air of apology.

    Please. Your constant declarations, comparisons, sensationalist tripe… is singularly unimpressive, to put it mildly. As I stated in the article that inspired this one, I’ve lost a lot of faith in your integrity.

    Call it what you’d like. An opinion columnist may just as easily be called to answer for the havoc he wreaks, or the malignant intentions he harbors.

    Particularly one with your credentials.

    If people are so easily swayed as you believe, if people are so politically uninformed, then try this.

    Inform them.

    Don’t feed them bullshit. Don’t feed them “I’m going to vomit.” And DEFINITELY don’t feed them “he has the same credentials as Fidel Castro.

    Because, if I recall correctly.

    So did Lincoln.

    The facts, minus the pejorative language, will speak for themselves. Even then, they’re easily presented in ways that paint either candidate in a good light. I’m sure you’re capable of painting McCain as the saint you believed him to be.

    But you know what? This stuff makes me sicker than you could ever be over Obama. Carry yourself as a respectable man, if you would present yourself as one.


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