The grassroots says “no” to Charlie Crist

Make no mistake. I don’t like Charlie Crist. My kids (and yours) can’t afford his “duck and dodge” attitude regarding the important issues facing our state.

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By Chris Ingram

Make no mistake. I don’t like Charlie Crist. My kids (and yours) can’t afford his “duck and dodge” attitude regarding the important issues facing our state.

That said, I report with complete objectivity that based on the unscientific responses I have received over the last few days by e-mail, TooTan Charlie has all of about three supporters who read Irreverent View. Of those three, when I responded back to them asking them to name just three accomplishments of Florida’s governor not one of them has gotten back to me with even one accomplishment.

Most replies have gone like this:


Just read Irreverent View on Rubio and you hit it on the head I was there. I voted for Charlie but I never felt he was a true conservative, kind of like McCain, and my hunch proved me right. He is not in the same category as the Ca. Gov. but close. I am a member of the HCREC and would like to meet you this Tues. at the meeting. I’m one of the White Hair guys but I’m so upset, make that pissed off with the Republican party and even more with the Irish guy in the white house O’Bama. I am looking for someone, ANYONE who will stand up and start SCREAMING about what’s going on in Washington. Thanks for letting me rant. Mike.

Hello again Chris,
The words ‘substance’ and ‘sincerity’ in your letter caught my attention. Also tackling the unfair tax and the enormous federal debt. I’ll keep an eye open for Marco Rubio when he is in town. Crist, although appearing ‘likable’ has the same chameleonic ability to change color as Obama. I do not trust either one (Crist or Obama). We need men & women with integrity, honesty, character and leadership abilities to begin the process of bringing our country back to where it needs to be. Yours very sincerely, Stan B.

You are the best for writing these articles. I made copies and brought them to the Republican Women’s Club luncheon meeting where Marco spoke today. I made 50 color copies and I went to pick them up when it was over (there were about 80 people there) and they were all gone LOL. Nancy

I agree with “a note to my Republican friends & concerned Floridians,” I am also supporting Marco Rubio. I cannot vote for Crist! Supporters of Marco Rubio are going to have to back him financially. Crist is going to get money from the RNC, RPOF & the NRSC. It is going to be difficult to compete against that type of financial backing. I am not articulate, have difficulty asking people for money, but this is just to damn important to keep quiet. We can do nothing, end up with Crist, or we can donate as much & as often as possible to Rubio’s campaign. The party leaders need to know that Floridians make their own decisions about who our US Senate candidate is, not them. It is time for action. B.H.

Loved your article, but I do feel you did an injustice to Mr. Clinton by comparing Charlie to him. I really believe that Charlie would be better compared to Arlen (“The Traitor) Specter. I know it is hard to conceive of anyone being lower than Clinton but leave it to Arlen to pick up that title. Rubio is our guy!!! Keep reminding people. Diane B.

And this one is of course my personal favorite (anytime someone says “I think my momma raised you” gains my favor because you just know that’s a real compliment):

I think my mother raised you. We are starting our Eagle Forum meeting today talking about this. My mom is the President of our local chapter and she could have written what you just stated below. How do we get Rubio in with the Party backing Christ – that continually seems to be the questions we Conservatives are faced with? Del C.

In any event, this isn’t a scientific sample, but in less than 24 hours I got over 100 emails expressing anti-Charlie sentiments. For the record, I also got a handful more unsubscribe requests in a given week — most likely from those who like Charlie but can’t explain why they do. That suggests Chuckles’ support is about a mile wide and an inch deep.

I hope you enjoyed the cartoon. We’ll get them printed up on T-shirts. Let me know if you want one.

Chris Ingram is CEO and partner of Strategic Solutions of Florida a political consulting company. He is also the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at:

2 thoughts on “The grassroots says “no” to Charlie Crist”

  1. I am member of my county REC and I am disgusted with what I see the Republican Party doing to free and fair elections — not to mention our country and our state. Here we are in the minority in Congress and likely to lose more elections next year and we try to railroad some snake oil salesman into the US Senate. Enough is enough!


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