Publisher’s challenge

Calling all Charlie supporters!

As the editor and publisher of Irreverent View, I am constantly seeking new contributors from the left, the right, and anything in between. We have peaks and valleys of contributors offering alternative perspectives. Of course the name of the site is “Irreverent View” so all submissions need to be irreverent in nature. That means a little humor or sarcasim, and a perspective that is against the grain of “conventional wisdom.” To simplify, what this means is, what you read in Irreverent View is likely not what you’ll read in your local newspaper.

Okay, so here is the challenge: if you are a Charlie Crist supporter, we want to hear from you. Why do you support him? Why do you like him? What policies of his do you like? Can you name three significant accomplishments of Governor Crist’s? — a nice tan doesn’t count as an accomplishment. 

I’ve had a small handful of Crist supporters e-mail me (compared to hundreds of people who can’t stand his practices as our opportunist governor) with shallow statements about how wonderful he is. I always e-mail these folks back and ask them to name three significant accomplishments of “TooTan Charlie’s” — I haven’t received a reply back yet.

So here’s your chance Charlie supporters. Make your case as to why Charlie is fit to serve in the U.S. Senate and why he isn’t the shallow, do-nothing, political opportunist, Republican version of Bill Clinton I think he is. And please, don’t send me some garbage Jim Greer or one of the cronies at the Republican Party of Florida (aka: the Crist campaign) wrote for you. And keep it irreverent.

Finally, your submission should be well written, and free from libelous or malicious content and it must contain your name and e-mail address for public posting. If you’re interested in submitting a column, send me an e-mail to:  Non-Crist supporters are welcome to submit too, and if you want to write about something unrelated but has a national interest, feel free. But again, remember to keep it irreverent.

Chris Ingram


4 thoughts on “Publisher’s challenge”

  1. Chris, You of all people should know, Charlie’s support is a mile wide and an inch deep. His people can’t list three accomplishments because he doesn’t have any — as I think you already know and have said.

    Don’t hold your breath on a submission from his supporters. They’re all as shallow as he is.


  2. Ok, here are three accomplishments of Charlie’s:

    1. He hasn’t let a hurricane hit yet!
    2. Taxes have fallen because the housing market sucks.
    3. No one in Florida has gotten eaten by a shark while he’s been governor.


  3. 1. The “take your guns to work” law
    2. Amendment 1, property tax reductions
    3. The “Cover Florida” health care access program

    Crist Ranked Most Fiscally Conservative Governor:


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