RIP: Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin, and Mark Sanford

More significantly, Rubio and Too-tan Charlie Crist (our unimpressive Florida Governor), are nearly neck-and-neck in the polls among Florida Republicans who know both candidates. These are the types of voters who actually show up to vote on Primary Election days and the numbers should have Chuckie shaking in his tanning bed.

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By Chris Ingram

Okay, so Michael Jackson died. He could dance. He could sing. But seriously folks, some of the people mourning his death are taking it to an extreme with all the tears and memorials. All I have to say is, if some generic man who had been accused multiple times of being a child molester (never convicted, but he paid millions to keep one of his accusers quiet), and who dangled one of his own children from the fourth floor balcony of a hotel for all the world to see, most people would probably fight tooth and nail to keep him from moving into their neighborhood. Yet many of the same people who wouldn’t want an accused child molester from living near them treat Michael Jackson as some sort of Saint. Give me a break! There are a lot more important things to be concerned with than the death of Michael Jackson…

Like Mark Sanford.

A month ago Sanford was the golden boy of the G.O.P. Then the relatively young, attractive, fiscally responsible, family man and Governor of South Carolina got caught with his pants down with a woman not his wife. Ouch! In a matter of a few short days Sanford ruined his political career. Having been a Sanford supporter myself, I was very disappointed to see him fall from grace. But alas, the cleansing of the G.O.P. continues and it will ultimately be good for the party as true leaders who live by the words they speak will (hopefully) ultimately emerge.

In addition to the recent death of Michael Jackson, and the political career of Mark Sanford, we also saw the self-inflicted political death of Governor Sarah Palin. All I know is Palin would never have been on the national stage if she wasn’t such an attractive gal. You put her in Jane Reno’s body and John McCain would have never picked her. She was light on ideas, experience, and gravitas. Kind of reminds me of a youthful Katherine Harris sans the blue eye shadow. The G.O.P. is lucky for the fact that she has self-destructed. While Rush Limbaugh continues to support her, ditto heads need to understand why: He’d love to see her be the G.O.P. nominee in 2012 because she would lose and his ratings and ad revenue for his radio show always do a lot better when Democrats control Washington.

My favorite Florida candidate for the open-seat for the U.S. Senate, Marco Rubio, reported raising over $340,000 this last quarter. That’s a respectable showing assuming Rubio continues to impress more skeptical donors who have been holding out to see what kind of fund raising he can do. More significantly, Rubio and “Too-tan” Charlie Crist (our unimpressive Florida Governor), are nearly neck-and-neck in the polls among Florida Republicans who know both candidates. These are the types of voters who actually show up to vote on Primary Election days and the numbers should have Chuckie shaking in his tanning bed.

On another Crist-related note, in my previous column I challenged Crist supporters to email me or post on Irreverent View just three significant accomplishments of our leaderless governor. Guess what? You got it. Still not a one. Hey, and I know from my traffic reports lots of people in Tallahassee read the Irreverent View.

Finally, Al Franken is the newest Democrat U.S. Senator giving the party the filibuster-proof majority it has yearned for in the senate. I know Al. He’s a nice guy, and a smart guy, but he’s a big-time liberal who will readily embrace Obamanomics and the further indebtedness and ultimately skyrocketing tax rates our children and grandchildren will have to pay.

Chris Ingram is president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. Post a comment by registering on Irreverent View or E-mail him at: E-mail comments may be posted on the site.

8 thoughts on “RIP: Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin, and Mark Sanford”

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  3. Via e-mail:

    Since you said today that no one else has provided you with any achievement of our current Governor, I will give you one top accomplishment of the “peoples” Governor Charlie Crist.

    Destruction of Florida’s agricultural future by signing Senator’s Mike Bennett’s non-concurrency bill. All seven, which must be a first, commissioners from Hillsborough County told him to veto this measure. They never agree on anything. Thousands of phone calls to do the same and what does the “Peoples Governor” do? That’s right with one sweep of his feather pen he wipes out one of ex-Governor Jeb Bush’s super accomplishments.

    While, I am not a supporter of Rubio I am not a big fan of Charlie either. What disturbs me is that too many races are being decided in back rooms with one candidate of choice and no one else runs because they can not raise money. Races in Florida can not be run without special interests which control our state. And, our legislature is worthless. Every opposed candidate in 2008 said they would work to fix property tax injustice and home insurance woes. Very little was done. The only thing done, that I see, is raising fees on everything in site so that they could come back and say they did not raise taxes. I’m all for usage fees but there are some things that affect most people…aka vehicle registration fees, drivers licenses, etc. You get the picture.

    Oh, while I am on my rant. Senator Carey Baker shows up at a meeting and when asked how the Agricultural Commissioner voted on the concurrency bill indicates he was in favor so it could jump start the economy. Asked in a one-on-one if he did not see the irony that more ag land would be eaten up by developers he said the economy has to be improved. Okay. No vote for you.

    Keep up the insightful columns. They are enjoyable.



  4. By e-mail:

    Gee, I’m really not sure who you are but I know one thing, the only conservative on the McCain ticket last year was Sarah Palin. We need more conservatives in this party not less. Especially the way the moderates like McCain and his ilk are hijacking this party towards the center. I’m certain of one thing, if the moderates take control, millions of conservatives like me are gonna take our ideas and bolt to the right to create our own party. Governor Palin is a smart conservative. I also listen daily to Rush. Go ahead, offend me and everybody who listens to EIB. You can stay with the RINO’s where you belong.
    Why don’t you remove me from you email list. I really dont’t care to get your centrist views.

    Brian Walsh

    And my reply:

    Hey Brian,

    Take a breath for a minute.

    First, if you read my stuff, you know I’m no RINO.

    Second, Palin may be a conservative but she’s not fit for the national stage. I’m not challenging her conservative credentials. I’m challenging her ability to put two sentences together that are meaningful and coherent.

    You should learn to express yourself in a more constructive manner.

    I will gladly remove you from the mailing list.



  5. By e-mail:

    Whew. I was starting to think I might be the only conservative who recognized that Palin, while an energizing personality on McCain’s ticket, was a mile wide and an inch thick in the substance department.

    Chuck M.


  6. By e-mail:


    I agree with your assessment thus far on Marco Rubio and I intend to vote for him. I agree with your assessment of Charlie Crist.


    I totally disagree with your assessment of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

    Sarah Palin is a conservative and has lived according to what she says she believes and yet you dismiss her.

    Rush Limbaugh speaks his truth as he sees it…many times against the powers that be and rallies conservatives everywhere.

    If we are to elect conservatives in 2010, then why would you say such things. We need every conservative we can get. Sarah Palin will be a wonderful addition to speak out for other candidates….probably even for Marco Rubio.

    You have just lost your credibility with me.

    I will unsubscribe.

    Sharon B.

    My reply:


    OK, so let me get this straight, you and I probably agree on most things, but because I express my opinion (different from yours) about Palin and Limbaugh you now no longer want to read my views.

    Fair enough. I will unsubscribe you.

    But not before saying that type of mono-focused juvenile disregard of any opinion that is not yours is exactly what leads to the type of tyranny we as conservatives so loathe. Had differences of opinion been allowed in 1930s Germany, Adolf Hitler would never have become the monster he became. If differences were allowed in China or Cuba, there totalitarian/communist regimes would not exist.

    Now you, my fellow conservative tell me you don’t want to hear anyone else’s opinion unless it is the same as yours.

    That is narrow-minded and dangerous. I pity people who are as shallow as you are.

    Consider yourself unsubscribed.




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