Chambliss is Pimping for Charlie

In short, back-slappin’ Charlie has been a terrible governor and would make an even worse U.S. Senator – although at least in the senate he would only be one of 100 and arguably would do far greater damage than as governor.

Chris Ingram lets Sen. Chambliss know what he thinks about Crist

An Open Letter to Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA):

Dear Senator:

We have known each other for many years, and I have always admired your conservative values and principles.

However, due to your recent endorsement of Charlie Crist in the open Florida U.S. Senate seat which is a contested race among more than one Republican (including Marco Rubio), I now doubt your sincerity for honest and fair elections, not to mention good leadership and responsible government.

While perhaps you may have been too pre-occupied finding ways to get yourself re-elected and weren’t paying attention when Charlie Crist fully embraced President Obama’s reckless and fiscally unsound “stimulus” plan, Floridians were watching.  And while Obama and the Democrats’ plan stinks, I must admit you and your fellow Republicans in Congress did a terrible job controlling spending during eight years of Bush Junior. I have previously referred to Congress’ spending ways as the PIMP (Plan for Incumbent Member Protection), as most congressional spending bills are basically nothing more than pork bills designed so members of Congress (and governors like Chuckles who embrace them) can get re-elected. In any event Chuckie went down to Ft. Myers, Florida earlier this year and PIMPed with Obama where they hugged and kissed and America’s children got screwed. For that reason alone, I question your judgment and commitment to conservative values for having recently endorsed such a fraud of a candidate in Charlie Crist.

Additionally, you may not be aware of the fact that Too-tan Charlie has nearly single-handedly wrecked free-market economics with what he has done with the state of homeowners insurance in this state. Florida you see is a peninsula surrounded by warm waters and is frequently hit with hurricanes (which are basically large masses of rapidly spinning air that destroy most things in their paths). Most experts (those are people who know more than you or say, Charlie Crist) say if Florida experiences a strong storm that hits a major metropolitan area, the economic damages will bankrupt the state because of Charlie’s policies and reliance on underfunded “Citizens Property Insurance.”

Furthermore, our state’s economy and local governments are in shambles due in part because of Charlie’s support of a constitutional amendment called Amendment 1. This change to our state’s constitution (that’s the governing document of the state — the U.S. has one too and you should read it) has long-term negative economic consequences which Charlie probably is too dumb (I’m told he failed the State Bar five times) to even be aware of. But his pal Jim Greer knows how to read a poll – and not just the kind of pole found in strip clubs – but that’s a different matter you wouldn’t be aware being from Georgia and all. So anyhow, I reckon ol’ Jimbo has been telling Charlie Boy he shouldn’t want to be governor much longer because he’s really screwed things up and probably doesn’t know how to deal with the consequences when they come to light.

In short, back-slappin’ Charlie has been a terrible governor and would make an even worse U.S. Senator – although at least in the senate he would only be one of 100 and arguably would do far greater damage than as governor. Trouble is, most of the rest of you in Congress don’t show much spine or leadership either, so collectively he would be a bad addition to an already pathetic body.

In closing senator, let me remind you that last year in your General Election run-off I made a donation of $250 to your campaign (I also raised several thousand dollars on your behalf from friends in the Tampa Bay area). I regret it now. In fact, I hereby request you return my contribution. I will then forward the money to the Marco Rubio campaign as I believe Mr. Rubio represents the type of leadership, backbone, and conviction our country and my state so desperately need in these challenging times.

My address is on file with your campaign. Send the check there.

Sincerely disappointed in you and 99 percent of the rest of the G.O.P. “leadership,”

Chris Ingram

p.s. If you’re having trouble reading between the lines, my message is this: Butt out!  You and your ilk have created the mess we’re in and we don’t need you telling us we need more like you to solve the problems you got us in.

Chris Ingram is president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. Post a comment by registering on Irreverent View or E-mail him at: Chris@411Communications.netE-mail comments may be posted on the site and your first name will be attributed unless you request that your comment remain anonymous.

8 thoughts on “Chambliss is Pimping for Charlie”

  1. By e-mail:

    Not that you care, but I find your article the root of the problem in politics today. Why not talk about why you feel Marco is a better candidate? You will not see Charlie Crist pushing the negative campaign but believe me …if you want to play that game………he can play with the best!

    I support Charlie…….and……I like Marco very much and believe he has a bright future but if he divides the party, I don’t believe it is good for anyone.

    I am a Republican because of less government, less taxes and MORE personal freedom. The faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr Right of the Republican is so far right they are left.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my message…..hopefully you care and are not just trying to make a name for yourself. Your Irreverent View may end up being known as the Irrelevant View!!

    N. Riley

    My reply:

    Ms. Riley,

    Thanks for your comment. I have talked about Marco being a better candidate in other columns.

    As far as why you are a Republican, those are the same reasons I am a Republican and why I loathe Charlie Crist. Personally, he’s a nice guy. But politically he has shown no leadership and doesn’t stand for anything but his own advancement at the expense of our children and their future. The Obama spending plan added nearly a trillion dollars to the debt our children must one day repay. He is a phony and needs to be exposed.

    I respect your opinion and thank you again for your comments.



  2. I can’t decide what is better in the morning….. a great cup of coffee or opening my email to find one of Chris’s column’s firing off the truth about Charlie Crist, the man who has singularly ruined the R.P.O.F.- previously, the envy of the nation,

    a man who has ruined the state insurance industry in FL and also Mitt Romney’s path to the White House, leaving our party and nation with the Bob Dole (take II) candidate

    I am on vacation in North Carolina. Each morning I have awakened to a beautiful view of Lake Glenville inside Trillium Golf community. I thought watching this breath taking scenery morning after morning was amazing; a kiss from God and a blessing from Him, but having the addition of your articles to read the last 2 mornings has made it even better. Bravo sir!, a job very well done. Thank you for you great work.

    I have already forwarded your well written articles on to a few friends.

    Have a wonderful day Chris,

    you have already made mine better with your truthful words and LOL! humor.

    Marco Rubio is hands down one of the brightest stars on the horizon in the Republican Party.

    Thank you for supporting and defending his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

    Anyway, the combination of having both a great cup of coffee and a good article to read articulating the truth about these lightweight Do Nothing establishment men
    makes for a wonderful morning!

    Go Marco, run hard.

    Have a great day.



  3. Chris this is absolutely fabulous. You put into writing the words and feelings I can only think of. I feel exactly the way you do…as I am sure many others do too. Keep it up, too often people will not say or in your case, write what they really feel. They will say and write what is politically correct. Thanks a million. And I doubt very seriously you will become irrelevant view as a previous person stated


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