Barrack Obama – School teacher in Chief

…or something like that

By Jamie Miller

Barrack Obama – School teacher in Chief

A recent Twitter update I posted received quite a few comments about Pres. Obama and his plan to address socializing medicine with today’s schoolchildren.

Here is my recent post – “Barrack Obama-Teacher in Chief If you can’t convince the parents, try brainwashing the kids.”

The link will take you to an interesting document released by the U.S. Department of Education suggesting activities for teachers in classrooms from PreK-6th grade.

Some of the pre-speech suggestions are to build background about presidents and President Barrack Obama by reading books to them about the President and to ask questions like, “Why is it important that we listen to the President and other elected officials…?  Why is what they say important?”

While I think that it is important to hear what our elected officials have to say, that does not mean that we should indoctrinate our children that what they say is important or that we should follow politicians blindly.  In fact, Obama would be teaching the first generation of Americans to follow their leaders blindly.  This is Obama’s Change!

During the speech, it is recommended that children write down their thoughts about key words that they heard and how parts of the speech are important to them on sticky notes, or a “note–taking graphic organizer.”  Are you kidding me?  Kids in pre-k through 6th grade having a “note-taking graphic organizer?”  I’m sorry Mr. President, but twelve percent of these kids have parents who don’t have jobs, their teachers are allowed limited amounts of paper, not to mention the cost to taxpayers in each district to orchestrate this public relations event.  The President who seemed to have his finger on the pulse of America just ten short months ago has quickly lost touch with reality.

Children should ask themselves during the speech the following questions: 
1. What is the President trying to tell me?
2. What is the President asking me to do?
3.  What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?

It seems to me, and I know some people will say this is a stretch, that the President is undermining parents in the health care debate.  He clearly has not sold adults about the benefits of socialized medicine so now he is going to children to try to “challenge” them to challenge the thoughts and beliefs of their parents!

Following the speech, students are encouraged to “extend their learning” by writing letters to themselves, that are then collected by teachers to be redistributed at a later date to “remind” them of their responsibilities; share their goals with one another to create a “supportive” community, and to graph student progress toward their goals.  This is little more than orchestrated, organized union bullying coming straight to your child’s classroom.  If your child disagrees, expect him/her to be ostracized, ridiculed and likely get punished through tougher grading by the teacher for lack of participation.

Keep union tactics out of your child’s classroom by demanding that you be able to attend this political speech and then make sure you follow up by attending future “indoctrinations.”

This exercise reminds me of when my children were younger and they would come home excited after being duped by a smooth-talking magazine salesman about how they would help their school by selling magazines AND they could “earn” a brand new X-Box.  No kid ever seemed to win the X-Box and the school constantly begs for more money from politicians, parents and taxpayers.

Some parents have encouraged their kids to stay home from class the day of the President’s speech (Sept. 8).


Any taxpayer should be able to sit in a classroom to hear the President’s speech to students!

This gained quite a response with one Obama supporter suggesting that I was imposing on innocent children and we should “just leave the children out of it.”  Well, I couldn’t agree more.  Of course, this poster thinks the President should be unencumbered in indoctrinating our children and I am the bad one because I want to take some responsibility for what my children are taught.

Here was my response:  I have a responsibility as a parent to ensure that my children are taught the things in which I believe. I agree with you that Obama should not be making this speech to school children, but if he does, I have the RIGHT to know what is being taught to my kids and you have the RIGHT to know how your tax dollars are being spent. Obama has chosen children as his political tool. I am defending the innocent children while he is using them.

It is clear that the change Obama is bringing to our country is not uniting us but dividing us further, hopefully Americans will choose in three years to Change OBama!

Jamie Miller is a political analyst and consultant in the state of Florida.

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