Verizon Responds

Six months later is better than never

By Chris Ingram

Earlier this week Irreverent View readers received a copy of a letter I sent to the head of Verizon Communications complaining about the filth forced on users when they try to select children’s programming using Verizon FIOS’ “on demand” service.

The public sharing of my letter followed six months having gone by since I first complained. I also sent my letter in June, and here it was September and still no reply.

After sharing my column, I received an overwhelming response from readers who shared my concern. Most of them indicated they too would let Verizon know how unhappy they are with the “R” rated movie trailers being forced on viewers using “on demand” services. Movies like slash-em up horror film “Saw” being advertised while searching for children’s programs like “Dora the Explorer.”

Well lo and behold, today I received an e-mail from someone at Verizon.  It was just a form letter but it did give instruction on how to block the garbage I was concerned with. And guess what? It works! No more blood and gore or sex when looking for Bert and Ernie. Thanks Verizon!

But more importantly, thank you readers! I firmly believe had it not been for a large response by I.V. readers to Mr. Seidenberg’s e-mail, my concerns would have still been ignored.

Verizon, take note of this: next time someone writes the president of your company a letter (twice), try responding to it in a timely manner. It would have saved you all the bad publicity.

Chris Ingram

p.s. Here are the instructions on how to block movie trailers from the on-demand service:  go to the Menu, choose Settings; Parental Controls; Promotional Video Lock and then choose “Off

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