Worst green-washed politician: Gov. Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist received award of dubious distinction.

Irreverent View is not the only on-line publication tired of Charlie Crist. This dubious award comes from Creative Loafing’s “Best of the Bay” awards which came out this week. Congratulations Chuckles!

The governor came out of the post-election box looking like a green Republican. His first year promised a true bridging of the gap between business interests and environmentalists. He called for and got a climate summit right here in the Sunshine State. Then the PSC stalled, focusing on nuclear and that most elusive of mythical creatures: clean coal. Long before rumors of the John McCain VP shortlist began to circulate, we suspect a meeting was called. And it went something like this: “Charlie, Charlie, ya coulda been a contenda. Stop with the citizen governor crap and think about our, uh, your future.” Whereupon our kindly green guv began to turn the ship of Florida back toward the rocks. The nadir came when he blissfully began to tout the benefits of oil drilling off our shores. Oh Florida, think of the revenue! Ditching his term-limited governor job in Florida for a lifetime income with retirement plan in the Senate was an anticlimax. Charlie Crist deserted us long ago.

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