Cox calls out Greer

While some county party chairs tend to operate on the fringe, Deborah is very much a common-sense, practical, and dare I say “mainstream” (in the non-whacko sense) chair. She’s done a fantastic job building the county party following similar strong efforts by the two previous chairmen.

Taking a stand and showing leadership, this woman could teach Charlie Crist a thing or two…

By Chris Ingram

I received the following blast e-mail (see below) from Deborah Cox-Roush who is the Chair of the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee. Hillsborough also happens to be the largest REC in the state of Florida.

While some county party chairs tend to operate on the fringe, Deborah is very much a common-sense, practical, and dare I say “mainstream” (in the non-whacko sense) chair. She’s done a fantastic job building the county party following similar strong efforts by the two previous chairmen.

In the year or so I have known Deborah I have not found her to be radical or reactionary, or to be someone who has an axe to grind. I believe she is calling for Jim Greer’s resignation/removal as chairman of the Republican Party of Florida because she believes (as I do) that Greer is a liability to the party and its candidates. A party chairman’s duty is to expand the base, raise funds, and unify the party. Jim Greer has done none of these things. Under his watch we lost Florida to the Democrats in the presidential race, party fundraising is down significantly, and Greer has torn the party apart through his heavy-handed tactics.

The bottom line on Greer is this: Charlie Crist could get rid of him. The problem is Charlie believes his own press releases, lacks any leadership skills, and is out of touch with the rank-and-file of the party.

With regard to the effort to remove Greer from office, the biggest obstacle is this: due to rule changes Greer and Crist pushed for (and Kool-aid drinking state Executive Committee members did not challenge prior to the changes going to the ballot), the governor now controls through appointment, nearly 40 percent of the state Executive Committee members. Any effort to remove Greer will require a sizeable portion of these appointees to vote against the wishes of the tan-man.

So who are these people? Some of them are patronage appointees. They are people like Hillsborough’s Greg Truax (you know, the guy who did such a great job ruinning — oops. Freudian slip. I meant running — John McCain’s campaign in Hillsborough County. He now runs Charlie’s campaign in Hillsborough and that is GOOD news for Marco Rubio). There are many other like him who will never defy Charlie. The balance are members of the state House and Senate. People who are loyal to Charlie, but only to the point that it is good for their re-election.

Generally, you could have expected these guys (they’re mostly boys afterall), to vote to oust Greer. But it doesn’t take a woman’s intuition to see Greer is out of his league — way out of his league. But there’s a catch. Many members of the House and Senate don’t want to oust Greer not because they’re afraid of defying Chuckie. Rahter they’re afraid if they oust Greer, the next chairman may release the American Express card charges. Many of said House and Senate members once possessed these cards and used them on things they’d rather not have to explain to rank-and-file party members, voters, or their wives.

That my friends is why we’re seeing all this stone walling and why despite being the most incompetent man of the moment, Jim Greer remains on the job.

So if you want to see Greer removed, put some heat on your Republican state House and Senate members. And while you’re at it, take a moment to thank Deborah Cox-Roush and the fifty or so others who had the courage to sign the letter to force a vote on Greer’s removal.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at:


Dear Chris,

For a number of months, there have been on-going discussions between members of the State Executive Committee and State Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer about his leadership and financial stewardship – much of this happening appropriately behind closed doors. 
As you will recall, the Hillsborough County Republican Party led the call for Jim Greer to stand down in his call for the use of RNC Rule 11 to endorse one Florida Primary Republican Candidate over another in the U.S. Senate Race when we passed our resolution on that issue in March.
Since then, myself and numerous other members of the state executive committee have called on Greer to address serious management issues involving the staff, spending and party apparatus under his control.  For a long time, I believed that it would not be good for the Republican Party to see a change in leadership in the lead-up to the 2010 elections.
Recently, however, I have come to the same conclusion as numerous other members of the State Executive Committee – that Jim Greer has become a distraction to the Republican Party and that his ability to effectively lead has been irreparably damaged.
Therefore, I, along with over 50 other members of the state executive committee including our State Committeewoman Tina Pike and State Committeeman A.J. Matthews, am a co-signatory to a rite of grievances calling for the recall of his January 2009 election as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.
Over the past few days, a growing number of state executive committee members, major-party donors, former and current elected officials are calling for Jim Greer to resign as Chairman of the State Republican Party.  All who know me, know my passion, dedication and commitment to our values and our cause. 
This matter has caused many sleepless nights and I find no satisfaction in this struggle or the distraction that Jim Greer has become to our party.  I was elected by our Hillsborough Republicans and serve you as your chairman, not the “at the pleasure of the chair of the Republican Party as he has stated.”

We have been threatened to be removed, members have been encouraged to file grievances against us and even threatened that lawsuits could be forthcoming for taking this stand and have been told that we are trying to “Take down the Republican Party.”  This could be no more further from the truth.  Our belief in the party, its principles, values and the desire for Victory statewide in 2010 has caused me and these state executive committee members to take this action.
 As your chairman, I will not back down, nor will I be threatened – I will continue to stand for our common values and our vision for Florida and America.  You have elected me as the Chairman of the Hillsborough County Republican Party and I hope I can count on your support in this matter.

Remember “there is no past in politics” and now is the time for you to engage and make a difference here in Hillsborough County.


Deborah Cox Roush

5 thoughts on “Cox calls out Greer”

  1. I’m a member of the REC in Hillsborough. I think Deb is great! She’s been a fantastic leader and is NOT a bomb thrower. I have listened and believe Greer should go, and any effort to remove Deb will be met with a huge backlash against Charlie and Greer!Enough is enough. Get rid of Greer.


  2. Greer has clearly become a distraction and needs to go sooner rather than later. Republicans should thank Chris Ingram, Deborah Cox, and Gubernatorial Candidate Senator Paula Dockery for having the courage to take a stand on this in the face of possibly being disparaged as “disloyal” to their Party. I think they will be proven the true patriots of the party when all is said & done! It is those mushy souls like Charlie Crist, Bill McCollum, Mike Haridopolis, and Larry Cretul who don’t want to take a stand that ought to be tossed out with Greer. Let’s see those charge cards boys. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I’m loyal to my party, but we’ve got a cancer that needs treating.


  3. What follows are excerpts from my letter a year ago to RPOF members. I resigned as SCW from St. Johns County after my REC board did not support me in standing up to Greer and the changes in Party Loyalty Oath/Election Law Sec. 103.161


  4. I resigned last year as SCW of St. Johns County after my REC Board failed to support my effort to stand up to Greer on the changes in Party Loyalty Oath/Election Law of 2007.

    Part of my letter to RPOF members a year ago:

    Choosing the RPOF Chairman is an enormously important decision all of you will have to make in January 2009. I believe the actual survival of our Party as a viable political competitor depends on your choice. The situation is really that serious. I will pray for God to guide you, and I hope you will accept that my comments reflect genuine concerns that many of our Republican friends and your constituents have about the future of the GOP.

    We just experienced a devastating election, except for the courage and vision of our Georgia citizens who wisely rose to stop the election of a filibuster-proof Senate. Today we are facing corruption and decadence not only in government but in too many organizations in our beloved country. We also face an incoming administration that has been elected by wealthy anti-American narcissists like George Soros, a power hungry Democratic leadership, and radical leftist groups. The Republican Party was not up to the task in this last election because many of our elected officials and party leaders squandered the political capital we, the hard-working grassroots workers, had given them. Sadly, they thought of their own self-interests first, abandoning the Republican Principles that Ronald Reagan never forgot. If we are to save the GOP and our country from a complete socialist takeover, we must first begin by cleaning our own house.

    We need a fresh start in 2009; therefore, I ask you to not fall into the trap of voting for the same Chairman, Jim Greer, just because you like him, or you don’t want to blame anyone, or you feel you owe him. This is not about whether you like Jim Greer as a person or whether he is a friend. This election is not about any political obligations or friendships. This is about having the vision to wisely choose a strong, principled, dedicated leader who will bring unity to the Party, lead us to victory and preserve the future of our Party and our beloved country!

    The most important job of the Chairman of the Party is to make sure we win elections. Jim Greer must take responsibility for the loss to Obama in Florida. As Republicans, we must demand accountability from our elected officials. RPOF carried out a poor campaign. As an American of Hispanic origin, I can testify that the Hispanic outreach was poor to non-existent. The grassroots efforts were not there. It is not about how many telephone calls we make; it is about the effectiveness of our campaign. In contrast, the Democrats worked hard in their own precincts, becoming visible and active in their respective communities. Building an effective campaign cannot be accomplished in just a few months before a major election, and it cannot be done by calling people from a headquarters and talking to a complete stranger. Each precinct captain has the responsibility to know and understand his/her precinct. That was the grassroots campaign orchestrated by RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman in 2004 and the results showed this strategy works!

    Jim Greer chose to spend too much money in ineffective campaigning, in parties, events, and travel for him and his entourage of several people. We do not win by giving out extravagant parties to our Republican friends. We win by focusing on our precincts and working hard in each block of our neighborhoods! We win by being fiscally responsible.

    As chairman, Jim Greer did not stand for the conservative principles of the Republican Party, although he campaigned as a conservative when seeking the chairmanship. For example, he, along with Governor Crist, has been willing to support the global warming hysterics of Al Gore and his radical friends and has also supported voting rights for felons.

    In the summer of 2007, Chairman Greer supported the changes in the Election Law (see Florida Statute 103.161 attached) that gave him, the party chairman, “sole discretion” to remove any leader for violating the “oath of office.” As you know, the new loyalty oath of office is now an oath to the chairman rather than to the Party. Under this law, the chairman has the power to remove SCM and SCW i.e. to overthrow a county-wide election. No American should be forced to give loyalty to one person in order to exercise his/her right to be a political activist. Our country is about freedom of speech and assembly; it is about “We The People”, not “they the government”, who serve at our pleasure, not we at theirs. If we cannot even institute the principles of our Constitution in our own state Party, then where can we? Do we have the moral authority as a Party to lead?

    Chairman Greer was ineffective in designing a comprehensive winning strategy and implementing it. The Party can only become efficient by gathering valuable insight information and knowledge from the respective county leaders, allowing them to work their precincts in the way it works well for each county, instead of receiving orders from Tallahassee that can be detrimental to the campaign. In other words, no one knows each county better than those who live and serve there; that knowledge cannot be replaced by mandatory paperwork and assignments from the Chairman and brought to each county by naïve staff members who do not know the county.

    I have been informed that Chairman Greer has shown favoritism and partisanship during his tenure. If true, this bias is detrimental to Party survival. If you received RPOF funds to run your campaigns, please do not feel obligated to vote for Jim Greer. RPOF money is to be spent helping elect Republicans. Our rules require our chairman treat all candidates equally and not unilaterally give funds to some and not others. We must not imitate the Chicago Democratic Machine that, as David Axelrod defends, demands “pay for play.”

    Each of you has a responsibility to your county Republican constituents, to the Party principles, and to your country. No one should feel that he/she owes anything to the government or a Party official. It is time to uphold the highest degree of ethics in the GOP. If we just go along to be liked then we are part of the problem: the corruption in government, the failure to win elections, and the failure to save our country from a Marxist takeover. Please stand up for our rights as representatives of our respective counties, for our freedom, and for our Christian values.


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