Airport Security Measures are Window Dressing

Okay, let me get this straight. Some Nigerian terrorist attempted to take down a U.S. airliner on Christmas day using liquid explosives. That much I understand very easily. A lot of people still hate the United States — apparently all the liberals were wrong. It wasn’t Bush they hate. It’s America.

If government bureaucrats and politicians did their jobs, screening Grandma wouldn’t be necessary

By Chris Ingram

Okay, let me get this straight. Some Nigerian terrorist attempted to take down a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day using liquid explosives.  That much I understand very easily. A lot of people still hate the United States — apparently all the liberals were wrong. It wasn’t Bush they hate. It’s America.

As I start to look at the facts and consequences of this case I start to get confused.

This much we know: The alleged terrorist’s father warned U.S. officials that he thought his son had gone off the reservation and was up to no good.  U.S. bureaucrats at the State Department put him on some sort of “watch list” which we have now learned is pretty meaningless.

We know this because the terrorist has a U.S. visa that is not immediately revoked. Rather, the nice people looking out for you and me at the State Department put a note in his file indicating he should be examined with further scrutiny the next time he applies for a new visa.

Terrorist (he has a real name that wouldn’t surprise you is one of a terrorist, but we’ll just call him terrorist. Okay, his real name is Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and I’ll take the lashings for suggesting someone with an Arabic sounding name you can’t pronounce doesn’t make them a terrorist) proceeds to pay cash for a a one-way ticket to the U.S. and checks no bags.

Buying a ticket this way would of course be a huge Red Flag to the TSA thug at your local airport if your grandma bought a one-way ticket, paid cash and checked no bags to fly from Charlotte to Kalamazoo. But apparently when some guy with a name you can’t pronounce, flying from Nigeria, and wearing a turban on his head, hands over his one-way ticket paid for in cash with no checked bags, security just shrugs it off as another routine Arabic guy going to visit the family in Detroit. No threat. No worries. Now lets go full-body scan Grandma!

Back to the facts: don’t forget the terrorist’s dad told the U.S. Embassy in Lagos his boy was a potential threat to the U.S.

Dad being dad was right, and sonny-boy tries to make a Molotov cocktail out of an Airbus. Passengers and crew thwart the attempt and all ends well.

Well, at least until the government and Congress starts to get involved.

So now all the politicians, aviation security experts, and the Obama administration start using their smoke and mirrors to make you think they’re actually paying attention. They have to do this because they just proved they’re not.

They call for more screeners, screenings, better use of technology, longer lines, no pillows, no laptops, no use of the potty, nothing on your lap, and countless other inconvenient knee-jerk “window dressings” to make you think they’re doing something about airport security. I saw some guy on the news this morning who said if it had been proven the terrorist had sung “Mary had a Little Lamb” prior to lighting the match, the TSA/FAA would ban singing on aircraft tomorrow.

Meanwhile no one has the spine to just stand up and say “if we had done our job by merely revoking this guy’s visa” this threat would have never occurred. And as for the next guy who tries it? If someone who looks like a terrorist, smells like a terrorists, has a name like a terrorist, buys a ticket like a terrorist, and travels sans bags like a terrorist, assume he’s a terrorist.

As for the rest of us, when little old ladies carrying too much perfume in their bags and with poodles on their laps start taking down commercial airliners, I’ll stand for the inconvenience at the airport. But not until then.

For now, why don’t the bureaucrats and so-called “security experts” just start doing their jobs.

The next time somebody’s daddy tells you his boy is a scumbag, don’t let that guy get on the plane with a U.S. visa. 

Now go do your job and quit making airline travel so difficult because you can’t do your job right in the first place.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at:

18 thoughts on “Airport Security Measures are Window Dressing”

  1. This is right on the money. I am so tired of all the crap like having to take off your shoes at the airport. And the politicians who call for all this stuff exempt themselves from it all. All they do is show their congressional id at the airport and they don’t have to endure all the garbage they force on the rest of us.


  2. Yes, this is right on the money!! Earlier this am I wrote to President Obama and to Sen. Lemieux, earlier, asking for Secretary Napolitano to resign, and to have in place people who will give us a REAL system of security, not a FAKE one. We will always have some inconveniences, but this is ridiculous. Too much bureaucracy, endless compiling of lists, and no action. But I fear this is somewhat of a bi-partisan problem: much of this non-system, and the rank and file implementers, were in place with the Bush administration, and I haven’t seen our Republican Congressman on top of the issue, either. Obama needs to step up and change it, and we need to get behind him to do it.


  3. Making new rules, laws, lists, etc is like passing more legislation on anything. With no enforcement and people in place who give a damn to do the job properly, it is most definitely more smoke screens. I have watched bored TSA X-ray scanners looking away from the screen instead of intently looking for contraband. The bored, blank look on their faces tells me everything I need to know about how “serious” the government is about REAL security. No one wants to be paranoid, but we should demand professionalism from these entrusted with our security and safety.


  4. You are absolutely right and how in this day and age with the sophisticated computer systems we have, why
    isn’t all of the intelligence from around the world (especially where they do it right like Israel and Great Britain)
    linked together? This guy’s visa from G.B. had been revoked and that info. should have immediately been sent
    to the US authorities and his visa here revoked as well.



  5. Where is the outrage? We are a bunch of gutless sheep and deserve to be shorn.

    It is far past time for pitchforks and torches – but we are numb and will be taken advantage of and slowly boiled to death like the proverbial frog, one degree at a time, until we have no strength left to leap or fight back.



  6. Let’s start the New Year, of a new decade, of a new millennium and drop the left/right Dem/Rep paradigms. Let’s drop the racism, too. None of these beliefs has improved any part of our lives and in fact has continued to bring harm to them.
    You all can figure this out. A guy ain’t going to get on an international flight without a passport unless the billionaires want him to.

    That is the first thing to understand in your search for “what the heck is going on?”


  7. Hello Chris,
    I believe some of these ‘distractions’ are real and some are concocted. First they bleed the economy dry and then take over the banks. Then they bankrupt the auto industry, bail them out with’fiat’ money and take majority control. Then they secretly attempt to ram a nightmare Healthcare Bill down our throats and take control of our heath issues. Now they’ll have another excuse to take over the Airlines under the pretext of we need government intervention to protect us…and finally gaining access to our finances….Is anyone paying attention to what is happening?..or is the Tiger Woods scandal a more interesting ‘distraction?


  8. Wait, didn’t Obama go to Egypt and make nice about Muslims, which he made clear he thinks are just the cutest things? Didn’t this wing nut get the message? Was he out of town that weekend and missed the news? (Perhaps he and that Army major were attending a seminar.) Always one joker doesn’t get the word. Perhaps Obama should put TWO “just be nice” bumper strips on Air Force One. And obviously now in order to deter young, Middle-Eastern males with unpronounceable names,no luggage, and “terrorist” tattooed on their foreheads from blowing up airliners we must proceed to full body-cavity searches for middle-aged, female Norwegian bankers. I can’t wait till this bunch takes over health care. — L


  9. As mentioned above, we are way past time on profiling passengers. Stop treating 80 year grandmas the same as a “suspect”. TSA or its equals needs to stop acting like the ACLU.


  10. This will go on only until the airlines start loosing money because the flying public have said “the hell with flying, I’m taking the train or driving myself.”


  11. Bottom Line. Do like “El Al” and “Lufthansa” do. If you look like, sound like, walk like, etc, a terrorist, then you don’t fly on our airplane! No exceptions! They have had zero problems since they have started these procedures. Can you say “PROFILE” ?


  12. PROFILE! If the moderate Muslims don’t like then it is time for them to police their own. Why inconvenience our entire country for a handfull of terrorists. It is well past time to call a spade a spade and put some restrictions on the ACLU like the rest of us already have!


  13. I put my son on a flight from Tampa to San Diego on 12/31, just days after the incident. I had a gate pass to take him to the gate and went through security. Just ahead of us was a black male, early twenties, with a backpack. He looked a little “scruffy”. They held his bag in the machine for a while and two phone calls were made, by the screener, presumably for some more “checking” on him. I felt, while the public is being told there is no “profiling”, that maybe, just maybe, in reality, the screeners are paying more attention to passengers who look “amiss”.Let’s hope so. Unfortunately, the border that gets NO attention is Canada. Very easy for terrorists to get into the US from across the lakes. I think ALL student visas need to be rescinded NOW and no more VISAS from any country related to terrorism. So sad, too bad. Close those borders NOW.


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