Donors Smack Crist and Greer

The jabs keep coming at embattled Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer. Yesterday, over a half-dozen major donors to the party and GOP candidates signed-off on a letter calling for Greer to go. We’re not talking $1,000 contributors here folks. These are big time bundlers who raise hundreds of thousands each. Most of them are very close to the Tan Man.

Bundlers call for Greer to go

By Chris Ingram

The jabs keep coming at embattled Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer. Yesterday, over a half-dozen major donors to the party and GOP candidates signed-off on a letter calling for Greer to go. We’re not talking $1,000 contributors here folks.  These are big time bundlers who raise hundreds of thousands each. Most of them are very close to the Tan Man.

What remains to be seen is:

1)  Does Charlie Crist have any political sense about him, or has he fried his brain with one too many trips to the tanning bed? Over his carreer Charlie has shown great political smarts, but looking at his performance in 2009 makes you think he’s got the political instincts of Rod Blagojevich.

2)  Does Jim Greer have enough sense to realize his future is bleak, but will certainly be over if he remains defiant in office? No one expects Greer to find a lot of logic, reason, and sense over night. What Greer has done so far is what happens when your ego is five times greater than your level of competence.

3)  Do the party establishment and the grassroots have enough power of persuasion to get Charlie’s or Bill McCollum’s attention? Greer has endured a punch just about every other day for the last ten days, but none have been a knock-out blow and Chuckles the Clown keeps saying he has full faith in his chairman. That Charlie apparently believes his own press releases is an indication of his own weaknesses and shows why he’s now tied in the polls with Marco Rubio.

4)  Do the state House and Senate leaders even care about what happens? No. These guys have absolutely no understanding of leadership. Neither does Attorney General Bill McCollum for that matter — as he’s shown by sitting on the sidelines for months.

5)  Does the state executive committee have the legal authority to force Greer out at the meeting in Orlando next month? Anti-Greer forces say yes. Greer and his cronies at the RPOF say no. Who has the best legal talent will answer this question (if it gets that far).

Stay tuned…

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Here’s the letter:


We, the undersigned, constitute a geographically diverse group of professional, civic, and business leaders from all regions of Florida.  Nonetheless, we have been over the years, and more so now, singularly united in our firm conviction and support for the principles and values of the Republican Party here in our Great State of Florida.Each one of us has spent many years and many election cycles helping candidates at the local, county and state levels in elections, raising money and doing whatever was needed for the election of Republican candidates in Florida as well as across our country. Our success to date is of course testament to the hard work and dedication of the thousands of workers and generous donors who made possible  the incredible successes over the past twelve (12) years.

But, more importantly, our success could not have been possible without the highest ethical principles of not only our candidates for whom we have all supported and worked — but also our Party Leadership— holding to the values that make our Florida Republican Party relevant.

If any part of this essential triad relationship—–the Candidate, the Party Leadership and equally, if not most important, the volunteer army of donors at all levels along with campaign workers who give of their time, energy and largesse to willingly support a cause/candidate they believe in for the good of our state and country—does not meet these standards in an integrated and harmonious way so as to provide strong and trusting support of each other—-then we have an unstable alignment, and the chances of success are greatly diminished.

Based on the current state of affairs of the Republican Party of Florida today—first, the continued inability to raise the necessary resources to fund its budget; second, its inability to adjust its budget to eliminate unnecessary expenses; and third, its inability to motivate and unite all Republicans in a common effort for our collective benefit–it is evident that one of the elements of that essential triad relationship has fallen short.

This has resulted in a crisis of confidence in our Party with widespread uneasiness, lack of trust, lack of motivation, and raises questions about the leadership of Jim Greer, Chairman of the Party, among the grass roots active members of the Party, elected Leadership and those of us who have historically rallied financial support around the state of Florida.

Thus we can only come to the conclusion that there must be an immediate change of chairmanship of the Republican Party of Florida.

There must be a change in order to restore total confidence in our Party’s ability to conserve its assets, save and protect them for the specific purpose of electing Republicans in their campaigns; not only in 2010 election cycle but also  to not carry forward debt if possible for the next 2012 election cycle.
There must be a change in leadership to successfully execute the strategic plan for victory in 2010 election cycle for Republicans on the ballot in both federal and non-federal races.

There must be a change to reinvigorate, restore confidence and restart all elements of our Republican base so the Party can successfully raise the necessary financial resources to achieve these objectives.
We do not take this Call for Action lightly.  It is even more agonizing to publically call for this plan of action but it would not have come to this had Jim Greer  heeded warning calls and implemented a strategic plan of action for our Republican candidates as a competent State Chairman should and would.

Many months have passed with no response from Mr.  Greer to private appeals for a change in course of action, and now with less than a year until the primary elections, we must set our internal house in order straight away to achieve victory in November.

The best interests of the Party would be for Mr. Greer to resign now.  Failing this, he should be removed as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your attention to this very serious situation.  
Mr. Richard Beard, Tampa   Mr. William Becker, Vero Beach

Mr. Seth Bernstein, Orlando     Ambassador Charles E. Cobb, Miami    

Mr. J.C. Demetree, Jacksonville   Mr. Earl Durden, Panama City     

Mr. Ed Easton, Miami   Mr. Mark Guzetta, Boca Raton    

Mr. Charles Hilton, Panama City   

Ambassador Al Hoffman, Ft. Myers, 

Ambassador Mel Sembler, St. Petersburg

Ambassador Ned Siegel,  Boca Raton,  Palm Beach

2 thoughts on “Donors Smack Crist and Greer”

  1. Why are we spending precious time trying to get Greer out when we should have state and local leaders stepping up and organizing the plans for the GOP to march our party toward winning many seats in Nov. 2010? Get Greer voted out at the Jan.Orlando meeting and let’s move forward!! Enough! In house bickering must stop because it is time to start implementing our victory plans.


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