Florida GOP: onward to the slaughterhouse

The so-called “leaders” of the Florida Republican Party have all but anointed former big-bucks lobbyist and State Senator John Thrasher as the party’s next chairman. This of course follows on the heels of soon to be former Chairman Jim Greer’s fiasco of a chairmanship which similarly started with party bosses selecting him.

Talk of Thrasher as next Chairman means more doom for Flori-duh GOP

By Chris Ingram

The so-called “leaders” of the Florida Republican Party have all but anointed former big-bucks lobbyist and State Senator John Thrasher as the party’s next chairman. This of course follows on the heels of soon-to-be former Chairman Jim Greer’s fiasco of a chairmanship which similarly started with party bosses selecting him.

Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong John Thrasher.

That is, so long as you like the status quo (you know supporting people who got us into the mess our country and state are in today). Thrasher is a long-time politico known for “making deals” in Tallahassee. Deals are great if you’re a politician looking for money from the “deal supporters” and they work well if you’re the special interest, corporation, or secretive 527-type group looking to line your own pocket. Thrasher has extensive experience in this arena.

Mortgaging your children and grand-children’s future is also a proficiency of Thrasher’s and his ilk. This is done every time a politico votes to spend money on a program but doesn’t have a clue how he’ll pay for it.  Charlie Crist, Barack Obama, Jeff Atwater, Nancy Pelosi, John Thrasher. Democrats. Republicans. There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference in any of them anymore. Well, except for the fact that the Democrats are more honest about how clueless they are when it comes to explaining how they’ll pay for things. 

If you’re not a “true-blue” Republican – one who thinks it would be blasphemous to support a Democrat by giving him or her money for their campaign – you won’t mind the fact that Thrasher gave money to Democrat Alex Sink in her campaign for Florida CFO. Personally that doesn’t bother me. I’m through supporting candidates just because they have an “R” after their name. In fact, I actually voted for Sink because the Republican nominee was just another good ol’ boy picked by people who don’t care about our children’s future. I want good government not some career politico. I guess Thrasher does too (wink-wink) which would explain why he gave Sink money. But on logical grounds, there ought to be a rule that the chairman of the Republican Party of Florida can never have given money or voted for a Democrat. Oh darn! I guess that rules me out from running.

What Thrasher is not about is looking out for the interests of your kids or mine. While Thrasher and his big-business corporate-money types who espouse Republican beliefs may talk a good game, they are real pros at fooling people. Their bottom line is, well, the bottom line. You’ve met the type. They’re the financial contributors who toss out the coin to the GOP and its candidates but who would sell their mommas to the Democrats if they thought doing so would get them their next special interest tax break, zoning variance, or other influence. This explains why Thrasher the chairman-to-be gave money to Democrat Alex Sink. And it explains why the GOP is in such disarray. Voters have had enough of the party being lead by big-business sell-outs.

The grassroots of the Republican Party doesn’t know a whole lot about John Thrasher. This however is good if you’re John Thrasher. In an attempt to make him look like the next crown-prince, the party elders and big money men have unified to rally support for Thrasher before the serfs learn too much about him. Unfortunately most of those who will vote in the special election for Florida’s next party chairman in February are sheep. They’re the sheep in the legislature (who make up a solid block of votes on the state committee thanks to Charlie Crist), and they are the sheep who are state committeemen and women and county party chairs who drink the Kool-aid and do what they’re told or are just too chicken-you-know-what to ask any questions lest they be seen as rocking the boat.

But don’t get me wrong. These people are not all bad. They’re also really smart. Geniuses in fact. They’re the ones who overwhelmingly elected Jim Greer. Not once, but twice. Simply because Charlie told them to do so.

Thanks but no thanks. I’ll find my own way to the slaughterhouse.

In the meantime would Sharon Day (or someone else) please stand up?

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of www.IrreverentView.com. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at: Chris@411Communications.com.

18 thoughts on “Florida GOP: onward to the slaughterhouse”

  1. Sharon Day is absolutely one of my favorite Republicans in Florida. I met her about 10 years ago when she was Broward State Committeewoman and she is hard working, honest,and committed. They don’t get no better than Sharon Day!


  2. While the “rank and file” might be supporting Sharon, it’s not, by far, the majority of the rank and file that supports her. It’s only her cabal of friends and allies.

    John Thrasher, on the other hand, is as solid as they come.

    He’s a no nonsense, business-oriented leader who will focus on economic issues, growing jobs, protecting citizens, and improving our infrastructure.

    If you’re a republican because social issues are your forte, then he just might not deliver on what you consider important.

    While, normally, I’d be very skeptical of a sitting senator, up for reelection this year himself, running the party, John Thrasher is one of the very few people I’d think can pull off both challenges.


  3. Thank you for the information that is SOoo helpful to those of us that are concerned about the fleecing of Florida funds, and deceiving the citizens. There is something new forming right now that will help those
    candidates (worthy) of being seated, and gather much support from members.

    God Bless you and yours. God Bless America.


  4. To: Cynical Idealist: My issues are not social in the traditional sense. My issue/problem is with the “establishment” — people like Thrasher and Charlie Crist who are ruining our country by failing to have a vision and a plan to get the country and our state out of the mess we’re in. More spending and catering to the special interests while talking out of the other side of your mouth about tax cuts and conservative values is not going to cut it anymore. Charlie for example talks about supporting Obamalism so he didn’t have to lay off teachers or raise taxes (as if those were the only solutions). The problem is, that $787 billion will have to be repaid. And guess what, our children will have to repay it. Charlie gets to avoid raising taxes by dumping the bill on the next generation. What a joke. Voters are sick and tired of the BS rolling out of Washington and Tallahassee (and other places). Thrasher is status quo. They’ve ruined our country and our party and don’t deserve another chance.



  5. Hello Chris,
    That was the long version of saying that John Thrasher is just another typical politician. Devious, disappointing dishonest and greedy. Why did you not say so in the first place?



  6. Chris, Remember the CHEX commercial: “Lets’ get Mikey. He hates everything”

    Really, try to find something you like every now and then. I disagree about Thrasher and do not appreciate this article, sorry but you are wrong and are becoming so steadily negative that it is kind of a bummer to read. I had no idea you were such pals with Thrasher that you knew his motivations and how he thinks about the future of my kids – WOW! I love NCW Sharon Day too – and both of these leaders can work well together.

    I know. I know. You will reply I am not conservative enough either? Not working in the best interests of the Party? Have a good day my grouchy pal.


  7. Jan. 6, 2010

    Dear Fellow RPOF Committee members:

    For those of you who were not around in the early 2000’s, I’d like to recap the election of a Chairman.

    When Carol Jean Jordan was first elected Jeb Bush was Governor. Four long-time RPOF members were running for the office. There was an election, then a run-off. Jeb Bush stayed out of it, much to his credit in my opinion.

    What are we chopped liver, that someone has to tell us who we should support for Chairman of our beloved Party?

    I don’t know John Thrasher, but I have some concerns and questions concerning his pursuit of the Chairmanship of our Party:

    1. We need a full-time Chairman, especially in an election year. Is Senator Thrasher going to resign from the Senate or decide not to run again for his seat in November?

    2. If not, do we want to pay someone approximately $130,00 per year for a part-time job?

    3. I know that Florida legislators can’t raise money for their campaigns during sessions, so could Senator Thrasher raise money for the Party during session?

    4. Just like three years ago, it seems that a state committeeman is going to resign so that Sen. Thrasher can run for Chairman. Aren’t there some of you who would like a Chairman who comes from our ranks who understands us and who will work with us and for us to elect Republicans?

    Since the rank and file members of our Party have no say in how it is run or how the money is spent, the only thing left to us is our right to vote by secret ballot for officers.

    Please keep an open mind before you commit your vote when you don’t know who all the candidates are, and who would be best as a leader of our Party.

    Thank you.

    Peggy Simone
    Manatee County State Committeewoman


  8. To Chris and the ostrich’s and sheep, who blindly go through life never questioning (which by the way is why America in the mess we’re in today), why is everyone who does question, considered a “grouchy pal”?

    For 37 years people have been trying to tell us that this time was coming with the economy, with our sovereignty, with our moral decadence, etc., etc. EVen though these people showed proof, they were called “nuts”, “negative”, etc. Now everything they told us would happen, has happened, and we still have the oestrich’s and sheep of the nation, walking around ridiculing others, because they can’t see beyond their own noses!

    I’m not saying to accept every conspiracy as fact, and I’m also not saying to deny every conspiracy theory! What I am saying is that we MUST research everything ourselves, and do not take the word of anyone else (especially the media).

    Let’s not forget that even though Mikey “hated everything”, he also knew what he liked and when he came upon it he recognized it!


  9. Reply to Cindy: This is not about being conservative (or not). It is about priniples, fairness, and getting rid of the old guard that has gotten us into this mess.



  10. Thrasher doesn’t need two jobs– one job per Republican-
    How about one of those state committeemen or women or a district leader- let’s get some new blood-


  11. Chris -I’m 80 years old and I get why the state is pushing Thrasher-Republicans don’t get it- or maybe they do and don’t want to change the powers- but we will never win in Nov. because the party will still be fighting among ourselves. Thrasher needs only one job- how can we get new blood in at the state-and national level–
    oh- our country needs help!


  12. Subject: John Thrasher


    I just want to comment on your Florida: GOP onward to the slaughterhouse.

    It is very obvious you have trouble with people that are successful. John is an extremely successful, elected official, business man, and family man.

    John Thrasher has risen from being an elected School Board Member, To State House Member to Speaker of the House

    . He is now an elected State Senator. He has done this by being true to conservative values, and being accessible to his constituents. He is what you call a deal maker, this can also be interpretive as being able to compromise in order to accomplish his goals. The art of politics is the art of compromise.
    John is very good at bringing together both the moderate and conservative wings of the party. All that know him and have worked with him understand this learned talent is very much needed for him to succeed in his newest challenge.
    Because of his beginning at the School Board level he is very well aware of the importance of grassroots efforts, Political organization, and fundraising.

    What you will see when he is elected to this position is a man who will reach out to the REC’S in the State, who is not interested in any political gain for himself. Who will only hold this position until Nov. of this year. Whose purpose is to get Republicans elected to every office possible. There will not be any discussion of things of the past just a forward look with nothing but positive attitudes allowed.

    John Thrasher is just what the Republican party of Florida needs at this time.

    Chris, after he is successful will you also write about what a great job he did.

    I would also like to add that I do understand why the liberal thinkers of the State are trying to discredit him—- they know he will be successful

    Roy Lyons –Clay County


  13. Hi Chris,

    Great letter! My sentiments exactly. Shouldn’t the next Chairman be decided via an election, rather an edict? Since when do we have “fat cat party [Tweed] bosses” tell us who to “vote” for. This is just history repeating its self in an egregious way.

    The political amnesia is baffling. We just did this 3 years ago with and look at the result. In the accounting world we have the expression “Garbage in garbage out”. Politics could learn a lot from that cliché.

    Finally I find the egregious intent from the St. Pete Times harassing Marco Rubio for his opinion on the “race” deplorable. I guess they missed 4th grade civics class whereas someone’s vote is a private and personal decision and it’s illegal to demand or expose what that vote is. But I forgot they and the Dems support Card Check and rape us from the very fabric of our Democratic-Republic system.


  14. Don’t run for office, Chris, as I don’t vote for Republicans who donate money to Democrats, no matter how clever the excuse.


  15. being new to the Party, but only in Florida, I cannot believe but what there is not a true blue conservative within the party that can step up and take control..My vote is for the third option….someone new and not affiliated with the old boys network..


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