Ethics complaint filed against Kevin White

Chris Ingram, president of 411 Communications, and publisher of has mailed an ethics complaint to the State of Florida Commission on Ethics against Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White.

Good government is a non-partisan issue; where is the Democrat’s outrage?

(Editor’s note: read our previous column on Kevin White by clicking here.)

Chris Ingram, president of 411 Communications, and publisher of has mailed an ethics complaint to the State of Florida Commission on Ethics against Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White.

Ingram’s complaint stems from the sexual harassment lawsuit against White and specifically his vote of dissent yesterday when the Hillsborough County Commission voted to sue White in order to recover some of the county’s legal fees which have exceeded $400,000. All other commissioners present voted to sue White.

“Kevin White’s behavior yesterday is another example of an out of control politician who has complete disregard for the voters and taxpayers he represents. Furthermore, I have to wonder where is the outrage from the feminists and the Democrats? Sexual harassment and unethical behavior is not a partisan issue. I call on the Hillsborough County Democratic Party leadership to publicly condemn White’s behavior and call for his voluntary resignation so this chapter in the county’s history can be put to bed – no pun intended,” Ingram said.

Ingram’s complaint to the Ethics Commission reads as follows:

Statement of Facts from Chris Ingram re: complaint against Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White

Background: Commissioner White was involved in a sexual harassment case in 2009. A civil court jury found Mr. White guilty of sexual harassment and awarded a large sum of money to the victim. Hillsborough County was a co-defendant with Mr. White.

On January 21, 2010, Mr. White’s peers on the County Commission voted to sue Mr. White to recover the extensive legal fees the county has expended in defending him for his shameful and reckless acts which he has failed to own up to.

When this matter was brought to a vote before the Hillsborough County Commission, Mr. White voted against the motion for the county to sue him to recover the aforementioned costs.  This is a clear violation of Florida Statutes prohibiting elected officials from voting on matters before them which would cost or benefit them financially.

Action requested: investigation and appropriate fines, penalties, and removal from office for Mr. White’s blatant disregard for Florida law and the voters and taxpayers of Hillsborough County.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at:

12 thoughts on “Ethics complaint filed against Kevin White”

  1. White needs to resign from office, unfortunately he won’t and what’s worse is that he very well might win re-election. Why aren’t the tax payers in his district up in arms? And let’s all be realistic, even if the County prevails in the lawsuit they will not recover a dime!


  2. Your ethics complaint is much needed.. Neither you nor I expect any positive result from it but it serves to keep his feet to the fire.

    His conduct has been and remains reprehensible and he needs to be reminded of that as often as possible.

    Thanks for shining a light on him.


  3. Mr ingram,
    thank you for pursuing this issue. kevin White is not fit to serve and we need to keep the pressure on him to do the right thing and resign!!!!


  4. As usual Chris, Great Job of reporting! I wonder if the County Attorney (Renee Lee) that sits with the BOCC during Board meetings told him that he should not vote on this issue? I’ve heard her say to a couple other Commissioners that they should not vote or should vote on various issues.


  5. Kevin White is an malgamtion of the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners. Why is that? Using this blog, I can put forth similar behavior by current and former Commissioners, the County Administrator and County Attorney and several senior members of their staff. Chris, give me a continuing “spot” and I can write you a short column every few days that will be just as distasteful as this one and will stand up under scrutiny. If you are interested, and I would expect your review before publishing, put up a column entitled “TIGHT” Truth In Government for Hillsborough Taxpayers, and I will accept this as your interest and start submitting. My first submission will probably be another “K-LIE” involving another sitting Commissioner.


  6. Reply to TIG:

    I would be happy to consider your offer. Please email me so we can exchange phone numbers and talk about your offer.

    Chris Ingram


  7. Just 15 days ago 5-20-10 in Mike Salinero’s Tampa Tribune Metro section article about internal performance auditor Jim Barnes firing story, Kevin White proudly cackled Salinero quoted “ I believe the whole debacle has been an embarrassment to the board and to this county government”

    This holier than thou critique from White condemning another county employees actions would be understandable were White actually a credible county commissioner rather than the parasitic cancer he really is who has single handedly sabotaged the function of Hillsborough County government through his own anarchistic actions.

    White’s refusal to be responsible for his chaotic actions, at the expense of every citizen in the county have destroyed the integrity of the function of our county government. It is Kevin White in reality and in fact, that continues to be a major debacle and embarrassment to every Hillsborough County citizen and absolutely so for the voters in district #13 that voted this complete farce of an elected government official into office. White should immediately be forced to resign from office by any means necessary.

    Peter Thibodeau


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