R.P.O.F. Saga Engulfs G.O.P. “Leaders”

Much to Charlie Crist’s chagrin, Jim Greer reared his ugly head again this week with revelations (surprise!) that secret deals covering up the secret deals existed within the Republican Party of Florida.

Greer makes Charlie Crist squirm

By Chris Ingram

Much to Charlie Crist’s chagrin, Jim Greer reared his ugly head again this week with revelations (surprise!) that secret deals covering up the secret deals existed within the Republican Party of Florida.

This is bad news for Governor U.V. Rays as he just began his attacks on Marco “Amexo” Rubio in an attempt to reverse the slide the Tan Man has suffered in the polls the last few months. It’s kind of hard to legitimately paint Rubio as ethically challenged when your own self-selected stooge is now the subject of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation.

For the record, Charlie’s support helped move Greer from whatever used car lot or bowling alley he had been employed at to RPOF Chair, but the fact is, Chuckles did not appoint him to the position – the knuckleheads who make up the state committee of the RPOF did that (not once, but twice). This same bunch of dimwits then turned around and elected John Thrasher to sweep the mess under the rug – a task he has done splendidly.

The Greer/PROF/contracts/Amex matter gets even better in as much as it now consumes virtually every “leader” within the Republican Party – a term I use looser than a rope of sand. Thrasher the new party chairman, Crist and Rubio the U.S. Senate candidates, Senate President-designate Mike Haridopolos, Speaker-designate Dean Cannon, and even Bill “Howdy Doody” McCollum are now more involved in this matter than any of them would like to be.

And the list doesn’t stop there. Every other legislative “leader” in the state is also involved at least for as much as they have been absent in publicly calling for doing what’s right. But that’s the politically expedient way of doing things – avoid doing anything that shows you have a spine and hope someone else makes the mess go away. Is it any wonder our country is in the toilet with people like these representing us?

Seriously, when the voters of this state (and the American people across the country for that matter) stop accepting mediocrity in their elected officials, stop expecting them to be corrupt, no longer stand for making a choice between the lesser of two-evils in elections, and start demanding politicians to show real leadership by giving people what they need not what they want, our country will stop circling the drain of the toilet that is the current American political system. 

The choice is ours. We can make something happen by voting all these clowns out of office and start looking for fresh voices, people of integrity, and demanding honesty from those who represent us.  It will never happen otherwise. The politicians certainly aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and start doing the right thing. If they were to do so, they’d all have to resign.

What I can’t understand is how woeful the Democrats in Florida are proving to be. Here are the Republicans with an empty-suited governor running against a choir boy candidate who doesn’t know right from wrong for the U.S. Senate, and Howdy Doody Bill McCollum as the likely gubernatorial nominee (and who is the most uninspiring candidate since California’s Gray Davis) and all the Democrats can come up with is Kendrick Meek and Alex Sink to challenge them? If the Republicans win anything next year in Florida it won’t be because they fielded great candidates but rather the Democrats proved theirs to be even worse — as if that were possible.

On a sort-of related matter, I am pleased to report that despite my concerns over Marco Rubio’s inability to discern right from wrong as it relates to his RPOF American Express card, he did what I asked him and returned my campaign contribution earlier this week. The only other campaign contribution I’ve ever asked to be returned was the $250 I gave U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) for his General Election run-off in 2008. I never got it back. The irony of it all is I asked for my contribution to Saxby Chambliss to be returned only after he endorsed Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in the Florida U.S. Senate race.

Rubio called me last week after my “un-endorsement” and he explained his one word response (“OK”) to my un-endorsement e-mail. I then told Marco I wish him well and that if the election were held tomorrow I’d pinch my nose and still vote for him, but that given his lack of good judgment on the Amex and related spending issues, I could no longer wholeheartedly support him.

I’m still looking for a better candidate, though not likely to find one this late in the game. I still have the option of writing in Mickey Mouse who at this point seems a lot more qualified — and would certainly do far less damage than anyone else.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of www.IrreverentView.com. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at: Chris@IrreverentView.com

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12 thoughts on “R.P.O.F. Saga Engulfs G.O.P. “Leaders””

  1. I can’t believe all of this was going on in the RPOF and only Greer and Johnson were aware and involved. If I were John Thrasher, I would notify ALL of the top people in the RPOF that they are being given notice of termination UNLESS they can provide very solid evidence that they were not involved, either directly or by passive inattention.

    There are thousands of honorable people who volunteer at their own expense to promote the party. How many thousands of volunteered man-hours will be needed to reverse this negative publicity?

    We have a tremendous opportunity to make gains for our party this November. Nationally, the GOP lost its way and became almost indiscernible from the Democrats. It cost us the White House in 2008 and weakened us dramatically in Congress. We have precious little time before November, and we need to clean house immediately so we can refocus, reorganize and restore our GOP leaders to positions of power. In order to do this, Chairman Thrasher needs to send a strong, clear signal that business as usual will not be tolerated.

    Mr. Ingram, you have been at the forefront of calls for responsible leadership for our party. I urge you to work with those in the organization to build something we can all be proud of and support wholeheartedly.


  2. Hello Chris,
    Is Christ really worth all the attention you are giving him? His body language alone should tell you he is as phony as Obama. Have to tell you Chris we enjoyed Newt Gingrich at the VINOY last night…even the “oil protestors” were entertaining….. but they do need to get a life!

    All the best,

    Stan B


  3. John Thrasher is a joke! Bigger than Greer. at least Greer had the excuse of being stupid for all the BS he gave us. Thrasher just spins and talks and uses smoke and mirrors. This is called leadership in the Fla, GOP.


  4. Remember when you said “Nothing more about Jim Greer”? I knew you wouldn’t be able to keep that promise. The rumors about the shenanigans were too strong that I knew we’d be hearing more about ol’ Jimbo.


  5. This is a sad but funny column, I really like this remark.
    “it won’t be because they fielded great candidates but rather the Democrats proved theirs to be even worse — as if that were possible.”
    And, on to Jim Greer. Maybe he and Buddy Johnson can share a cell.


  6. Megan – Jim Greer was disgaceful as an RPOF chairman. But there have been some great chairmen before Greer such as Carole Jean Jordan, Al Cardenas and Tom Slade. And the Tampa Bay area has had some great county chairs as well as elected officials, candidates, state committee people and grass roots volunteers. One bozo does not ruin the whole party.


  7. Carol Jean Jordan was no great party chair. She aligned herslef with the likes of the disgraced Joan Kelly from Pasco. Joan many times publicly criticized the party and brought shame to Pasco County, all the while Carol Jean Jordan stood behind her. Most importantly, Jordan didn’t believe in supporting Second Amendment rights. We are all better now that she is gone.



  8. Just a little reminder WE(elected county leaaders)didn’t elect Greer the first time – he only won by 7 votes and he had every major elected official there to force the margin by that little away from Carole Jean. Greer wasn’t a used car dealer (that gives those boys & girls a bad name) he made his money off every poor food handler in the state when Florida “privatized” the food safety away from DBPR & the health dept. a sweet deal for him so he used that money to buy his way into the party. Happily some of us will return to the party now that he is gone and Thrasher’s PARTY LEADERSHIP remains to be seen.


  9. The Gang of Five plus One were right all along. Those guys and one gal are heroes… and we fell for Thrashers million dollar “BUY OFF” of the us…the dumb butt State Executive Committee. Next time I will STICK with members from WITHIN the party and no longer listen to the corrupt Florida Legislature Republicans. Time for some tossing out of the pius bums we placed in and put in some tea party patriots who will do good for us all. We elected good folks when we took over but the leaders over the past 4 to 6 years have been dirty. This include our tanned Governor who picked a real bum loser for Party Chairman. The Theif and Chief.


  10. Carole Jean Jordan pushed for acceptance of the new coalition headed by the liar himself, John Thrasher. Oust Jordan when she shows up next time to your REC meetings. Booo her! Confront her for selling out the old timers for the newby boy J. Thrasher.


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