Politically Androgynous

Charlie Crist has demonstrated himself to be politically androgynous. Is he a Republican or something else? For that matter, was he ever a Republican? I think he’s probably always been something else. And just what does Charlie Crist believe in (other than Charlie Crist)? And while Chuck the Tan-man’s signature isn’t on any RPOF credit card receipts, he’s certainly not innocent of wrong-doing, or at least failing to step up to the plate and right a wrong (Jim Greer).

Charlie Crist swings the other way

By Chris Ingram

I was off last week (and thus I.V. was on hiatus) for spring break with my kids. We rented an RV and went to Manatee Springs State Park near Chiefland. The park was beautiful and it was like taking a step back in time with peace and tranquility. We were fortunate enough to be there on the weekend of an annual Florida folk band’s concert at the park. It was delightful to hear the folk songs recounting Florida’s history.  After three nights we went to Little Talbot Island State Park on the beach in Jacksonville for three nights. It was also a nice park, but the wind was kicking up at the beach and the waves from the surf made dipping into the water too difficult for my three girls ages six and (twins) three. But the view from our campsite overlooking a river on the marsh made up for it.  We then spent two days at Disney’s Fort Wilderness.  The kids loved it as it was, well, Disney. Roasting ‘smores with characters “Chip” and “Dale” was a highlight and the “Hoop Dee-Doo Review” show was also a hit. Everything was nice and clean, but we might as well have been “camping” in the parking lot at International Mall as Disney’s idea of a campsite is not quite the same as the Florida Park systems’.

It was nice being with family and all but ignoring the goings-on in politics. And there certainly was a lot going on. Charlie “for whomever my pollster tells me to be for” Crist vetoed SB6 (which was good), and speculation ran rampant that he will abandon the G.O.P. and run with no party affiliation.

It stunk to be Marco Rubio last week because despite being an empty suit, Chuckles the Clown has broad appeal among the majority of morons who make up our electorate. They see his veto as standing up to the party bosses. They fail to see it is just Charlie being Charlie — wind testing the electorate. I’ll bet if you asked Charlie Crist “what are three things wrong with SB6?” he couldn’t do it. He’s a shallow guy who knows next to nothing — other than how to read what “the people” want.

Apparently what” the people” Charlie is always talking about want is big government, entitlements, handouts, bailouts, freebies, credits, vouchers, rebates and other largesse — so long as the next generation (not the current one) gets the bill. I think they must also want a bunch of double-talking, double-dipping, spineless, lying, no good, twelve-sandwich eating, credit card charging, shameless, unaccountable, irresponsible, stooges in elective office. You know, the type who think it’s completely fine to charge personal expenses to the Republican Party and only own up to it when their hand gets caught in the cookie jar (think Rubio, Atwater, Bense – the kind of guys who make Jeff Kottkamp look honest).

Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll take a dose of medicine from someone willing to stand up and give us what we need, not what we want.

Charlie Crist has demonstrated himself to be politically androgynous. Is he a Republican or something else? For that matter, was he ever a Republican? I think he’s probably always been something else.  And just what does Charlie Crist believe in (other than Charlie Crist)? And while Chuck the Tan-man’s signature isn’t on any RPOF credit card receipts, he’s certainly not innocent of wrong-doing, or at least failing to step up to the plate and right a wrong (Jim Greer). So don’t start looking at Charlie Crist like he’s some Boy Scout worthy of your sympathy because every Republican criminal in the Florida legislature (save the hopelessly gross Mike Fassano) is bashing him.

And it gets even better with all these lackeys like former Sen. Connie Mack who supported Chuckie with blinders for years, suddenly see the HMS Charlie Crist sinking, decide to jump off his ship for bogus reasons  — because Charlie vetoed SB6. Okay Connie, let me get this straight, so it’s okay for Chuckles to man-hug Obama and embrace his adding $787 billion to the federal debt, but you manage to have some principled outrage and draw the line at him vetoing SB6 – which was a bad bill written by some old goat who hasn’t set foot in a classroom since 1837? Give us all a break!  You Senator Mack are a bigger clown than Charlie – and that takes some effort.

The ultimate irony of the whole situation is Charlie, Greer, and the establishment of the Republican Party in Florida and Washington, helped to create the current mess Republicans in Florida find themselves in. And the whole situation could have easily been avoided if they had not tried to influence the election between Crist and Rubio with Greer’s heavy-handed Tony Soprano tactics. But alas, politicians are opportunists who live for the moment. They have tunnel vision and they’re stupid. That’s why our state and our country are in such a mess.

Charlie Crist made his bed. But instead of lying in it, he’s hopping into another bed. It’s really more like a pull-out couch – a little less comfortable, but a bed no less. Chuckles figures if he can endure sleeping on this guest bed with its uncomfortable bar down the middle for a few months, he’ll get a lofty King sized bed with a down comforter in Washington, D.C.

Marco Rubio meanwhile would like to think that King sized bed is for him. And if you don’t believe him, just ask to see his RPOF Amex statement. He likes livin’ large too. So long as it’s other people’s money.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of www.IrreverentView.com. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at: Chris@IrreverentView.com

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13 thoughts on “Politically Androgynous”

  1. Charlie Crist is doing the people’s business. The rest of the GOP is doing the business of the special intrests. GO CHARLIE! WERE STILL 4U!


  2. Glade to know you passion doesn’t get in the way of your priorities. Sounds like your two P’s are one in the same. Glad it was fun!


  3. Thanks to Charllie, Marco will be cooked in the final election. Thank God. We may get a Democrat for a state senator or maybe we will get Charlie and he will please most of Florida voters, not Marco and the Do Nothing GOP. We like Charlie Crist on both sides of the aisle and you boomerrangs are going to see defeat in November. We are tired of your trying to kill the Obama Administration and the fact that you won’t work with the Presdient. Be gone with all you stinking Republicans. Charlie vetoed the bill because he knew it was a stupid piece of legislation. End of Story, bimbo.


  4. Florida will put Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate. We will not support Marco whatever his name is. We don’t like him. He is the pretty lap boy of the party of no. Like the previous poster, we are tired of Republicans who have caused this country a lot of problems, all inherited by President Obama. And I also live in Florida.


  5. Kyle and James,

    You are both smoking the Charlie whacky weed apparently. That guy doesn’t believe in s**t! While Rubio isn’t perfect, and I probably would not let him have keys to my house, he atleast believes in something. Charlie has turned Fla. and the GOP in Fla. upside down. He and Greer are the ones that are crooks who will probably end up in jail.


  6. In China a politician who abuses public trust is executed. Here in Florida we apparently call them “Senator”.

    I do not relish having to choose in the primary between someone who placed blind trust in Greer, shoving his handpicked boy down the throats of the County parties as State Chairman, or another who apparently also behaved like a 16 year old with dad’s platinum Amex running amuk at the mall.

    Will a principled leader please stand up? Chris – can you run in ’12?


  7. Your column today is disappointingly on target. The sad reality is today’s politicians (GOP’s & Dem’s) are not representative of their constituents beliefs & desires. Today’s politicians are money & power grubbing slick operators (think Wall Street Banker) who care only about themselves and those who enable and worship them. American politics (& elections) today is a depressing lesson in economics and mass marketing to the lowest common denominator. I’m 51 and I cannot remember a politician who didn’t represent the lesser of two evils. I don’t understand how we extradite ourselves from this downward spiral under the current set of partisan circumstances.


  8. Your understanding of Charlie Crist is so flawed that I wonder if you are capable of getting out of bed in the morning without falling on your face. To pepper your outrageous comments with the insults that you have spewed only serves to make me try to keep you from sending me any more emails. Perhaps you should peel away the venomous garbage that you are trying to pass off as an article and do some real political analysis instead of trying to become a credible pundit by purely criticizing what is going on around you.


  9. Excellent family time Chris, thanks for sharing that These years are so important to you and your children. I’m glad you can take the time to enjoy them.

    I like these personal snippets as part of your emails. We all have families that we are concerned about more than politics, but are probably in politics for our children. So hard to separate the priorities.



  10. Response to Chris Kasten:

    Okay smarty pants, you have an open invitation to explain Charlie Crist. I’ve challenged Crist supporters to do so in the past with the only caveat being they have to leave their real name and email address (as all of my columnists do). So far, apparently no one who supports Charlie has any facts on him they feel like trying to defend and explain.

    You obviously are a credible pundit and will be the first.

    Anxiously awaiting your defense of Crist.

    Also, please note a posting from earlier this morning an analysis of the Fla. political environment titled “The mess that is the Fla. G.O.P.”

    Chris Ingram


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