What do Charlie Crist, Mike Tyson, and Heidi Fleiss have in common?

Still, it was a good move for Charlie. His “sell by” date just got extended until November. And if Florida gets hit by three or four late-season hurricanes (possible), the Justice Department indicts Marco Rubio (could happen), and enough Flori-duh voters buy into Chuckles’ populism (most likely), he will find his lifelong dream of being a United States Senator fulfilled.

It must be a Florida election

By Chris Ingram

This week’s big political news story was of course Florida Governor Charlie “the Tan Man” Crist ditching the G.O.P. in favor of an independent run for the U.S. Senate.  Sir Charles will be listed on the ballot with no party affiliation after two decades in office as a Republican – well, at least on paper. Political watchers in the know have long suspected Charlie Crist as being politically androgynous. He just proved it to all those who doubted it.

Still, it was a good move for Charlie. His “sell by” date just got extended until November. And if Florida gets hit by three or four late-season hurricanes (possible), the Justice Department indicts Marco Rubio (could happen), and enough Flori-duh voters buy into Chuckles’ populism (most likely), he will find his lifelong dream of being a United States Senator fulfilled.

My prediction for the Florida U.S. Senate race: Crist wins due to the latter. Most voters are pigeons. Throw ‘em some crackers and they’re all yours.

So why will Charlie win?

Because most people are not sophisticated, don’t follow the players, don’t understand the issues, and most don’t see what they don’t want to see. Rather, voters long for politicians who give them what they want as opposed to real leaders who will give them what they need.  Enter empty suits like Charlie Crist.

Empty yes. Completely stupid no.  Okay, despite the fact that it took Mr. “For the People” multiple attempts to pass the Florida Bar and I wouldn’t recommend his legal mind to get out of a parking ticket, he does know how to read the polls and give people what they want.

Furthermore, Charlie has coin. A successful statewide campaign in Florida requires bucks. Charlie’s got millions of them. That means he can go on TV – which is where this race will be won or lost – not on the St. Pete Times “Buzz Blog.” And Charlie is great on television. He’s handsome. He’s tanned. He’s charming and likeable. Add all of that to his “for the people” message and we’ve got ourselves a victor.

Marco Rubio on the other hand is about as warm and fuzzy as a winter in Kalamazoo.  Sure he’s a great communicator when feeding red meat to conservative audiences, but he lacks the gravitas that makes one think, “I’d like to sit down and have a beer with this guy.”  Add to that his troubles with knowing right from wrong (in the form of American Express card spending) and we’ve got a fella’ who has some growing up to do. Marco is not ready for prime time because actions speak louder than rhetoric.

As for the Democrat Kendrick Meek, he is, well, meek. He’s another one who is out of his league — not to mention far too liberal for most Floridians. Plus, with billionaire Jeff Greene now in the race, it’s a jump ball – assuming Greene spends at least $20 million of his own money to win the Democratic Primary. But voters may reject Greene who is pals with convicted rapist Mike Tyson and used to live with Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss.

Photo: Heidi Fleiss

Did I mention you can’t write fiction this well?

And is it any wonder with the lame bunch of narcissistic, double-talking, empty suits running to represent Floridians in the U.S. Senate this year why our country is headed to hell in a hand basket?

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of www.IrreverentView.com. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at: Chris@IrreverentView.com.

14 thoughts on “What do Charlie Crist, Mike Tyson, and Heidi Fleiss have in common?”

  1. Alas, the wealthy empty suits always seem to win. Let’s just hope that Greene leans more toward libertarianism (which I think he does). That way if he wins, and he might, we’ll not be subjected to the heavy-handed, welfare-based government growth that the Dumbocrats are so proud of.



  2. Chris,

    Your ruminating about the possibility of Marco being indicted does no-one any good. I have reviewed his errors, and believe me, they are so miniscule so as to fall well within the type of errors that any corporate cost accountant would have caught and adjusted had there been a proper reimbursement procedure in place, and no employee would have been accused of treachery. On the other hand the Greer/Crist looting simply goes beyond the pale and shows a systemic, deliberate, bold, and devastating plan to pocket millions. This latest revelation of Charlie’s good friend being on the dole for three years and $350,000 for doing nothing inextricably connects Crist into that plan and with the comment by Greer”s attorney that “when the Governor tells you to add someone to the payroll, you do it” The question is now how much did Charlie directly benefit from all that money which was siphoned off.


  3. Reply to Al:

    I agree with you re: Charlie. He may end up in jail.

    As for Marco, I disagree. I think he has shown a pattern of entitlement built on arrogance. If Marco’s indiscretions were just one or two versus multiple incidents, I could excuse it. However there is in fact a pattern. I think if we the voters (Republican voters in this case) demanded better, we would get better. Merely accepting or excusing one as the lesser of multiple evils is what has put our country in the mess it is currently in.

    Chris Ingram


  4. We may not have any choices in this year’s Senate race. As for me, it boils down to this simple question: Who will vote for Harry Reid (D-NV) (should he win his own re-elect; and if not, Richard Durbin) for Majority Leader or Mitch McConnell (R-KY)or a challenger from the right within the party)

    To me, that eliminates Greene and Meek as they most certainly will do for Reid or Durbin. That leaves Rubio or Crist to vote for. We know by example that Crist is in it for himself and not the people of Florida.

    So if it comes down to the next U.S. Senator from Florida, if it is Crist or Rubio deciding who the next Majority Leader will be. What will Charlie Crist or Marco Rubio do?.

    Rubio can be trusted to vote against the Obamaa-Reid-Pelosi Agenda and vote for cut spending, to limit government, and vote for less taxes. Crist we know is a person of very little political principle. Will he vote for the McConnell, a person who publically criticized him for abandoning the party to run as an NPA to be the next Majority Leader? Or will Crist vote for Reid or Durbin to be the next Majority Leader because we all know Charlie is in this thing for himself and would he be tempted to take a “bribe” from the Democrats in the form of being named to a major committee that benefits the State of Florida. We already know that Charlie hugged Obama after the Stimulus because it was “good” for Charlie, even though the people of Florida were against it.

    The choice is very easy in this upcoming election. A vote for Greene and Meek is a vote to continue the Obama wreck and spend agenda; a vote for Rubio is a vote for real change; a vote for Crist is unpredictable!

    In these troubled economic times where possibly the future of the whole country rest with one simple vote – we need a voice (and vote) who will do the right thing.

    Marco Rubio is the only real choice who will vote to stop this fiscal maddness that has been imposed upon us by Barack Obama!


  5. Doesn’t Charlie have to give back the money he raised (for the Senate race)as a Republican?

    And can we re-call him since he got elected as an R but is now a, um, well whichever way the wind is blowing today candidate?


  6. Crist isn’t required to return his contributions, but that doesn’t mean his donors can’t ask that they be returned.


  7. Crist wins because we have a Left-Wing-Nut and a Right-Wing-Nut as the two mainstream (?)party candidates. I’m voting AGAINST Meek and Mario, so who does that leave???? As I have written here before, the braying from the extremes drowns out the efforts in the center to be practical as opposed to ideologically pure. You can’t accuse Charlie of ideologically purity. Thank God.

    I wish I were ideologically pure: don’t think, pull the lever, be happy. Except people I know on the far left and right are always p—ed off about everything. So I guess I’m the happy one. No voice in governing, so it can’t be my fault.


  8. For someone with so much to say about so many people – most of it bad – you are surprisingly uninformed. Rubio is not under investigation.

    Perhaps if he ate tomatoes with peanut butter like Sen. Mike Bennet,(who referred sarcasticly to a female talkshow host as”honey” when nailed by her on the air,) Rubio might be more to your liking. Bennet is a jerk.



  9. Jan,

    I’ll skip getting into a tinkling match with you about whether or not Marco is under investigation. My opinion is he should be. The IRS/FBI/Justice Dept. don’t always make it a point of announcing those who are under investigation. Let’s talk in 6 months and see who is right.

    I liked Marco for a long time. Until he showed himself to be not worthy of my support because he does not know right from wrong.

    Honey, shmoney, Bennett served multiple tours in ‘Nam defending your right to be pissed off at him. What have you done for our country?

    Chris Ingram


  10. Big day coming up. Florida needs to get out and be heard in the primaries. Don’t believe polls. Get out there and vote. Doesn’t matter if it is Rubio, Crist, party… just be heard. This process is what makes us great. See you all at the polls.


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