The Water Cooler: Greer Arrested; Israeli pirates; Obama’s sludge problem; Crist’s victory

While the media only superficially pays attention to the problem facing the United States and its staggering federal debt, if you look deep enough, you will find this is the greatest threat to our soveriegnty. The Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the BBC, and yes once in a while the New York Times have stories on this subject that ought to cause all of us to be scared enough to go form a Tea Party.

What people are talking about in politics

By Chris Ingram

Jim Greer Arrested!

The Associated Press is reporting former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer has been arrested. According to the A.P. the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced six felony counts against Greer: one count of organized scheme to defraud; four counts of felony grand theft and one count of money laundering. Stay tuned…

Mugshot of Jim Greer

 Israeli Pirates

Objectively you’ve got to look at the Israeli attack on the Turkish cruise ship carrying relief supplies to Palestine and wonder “what the heck were they thinking?” I can’t say as though I initially felt sorry for the Israeli soldiers who were attacked after boarding this ship which was carrying civilians, transporting humanitarian aid, flying the flag of a sovereign nation (Turkey), and in international waters at the time of the unprovoked attack.

That said, the more you know about the situation the more you’ve got to reconsider the view that Israel was not doing something they had a good reason (if not a right) to do. The “aid” purported to be humanitarian was just that – purported to be – the Israeli’s wanted to check and make sure the items were not banned items to be used to cause harm to Israel.

The whole Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a giant mess. Quite frankly this problem is likely to never be solved until everyone gets their emotions in check and both sides quit teaching their children to hate for the sake of hating.

And American politicians need to stop shamelessly catering and cow-towing to Israel. This is of course done primarily because the Jewish lobby in the U.S. is so strong. Money talks in America. We better keep our eye on this practice though because with immigration and birth rates among Muslims growing at a record pace in America, one day the lobby among that demographic group may dwarf that of Jews in America and the next thing you know the U.S. Congress is sending money and military equipment to Hamas.

One thing is for sure about Israel, they know how to protect their borders. Now that’s something the geniuses we send to Washington could learn from. Maybe in exchange for all the aid we send to Israel the Israeli’s could protect our borders for us.

They know how to get the job done — public opinion aside.

Obama’s Sludge

I’m not one to defend George W. Bush whom I think was one of the most incompetent presidents of the last 100 years, but Barack Obama is on his way to challenge him in this department with his handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama and the politicos in his administration have to be secretly hoping that BP’s next attempt to cut off the oil flow (a method in which BP wanted to try first) is a failure. Under pressure from Obama Inc., BP tried the other failed efforts first because the one they wanted to try initially was the most risky – as if it fails, more oil will flow than it currently does.

So now if that more risky effort actually works, there will be lots of deserved blame on Obama for the resulting weeks of continued gushing of oil in the Gulf. 

Regardless of your politics, don’t you think BP has more to lose than anyone every day the leaks continue? I would have let BP make that call but apparently (surprise!) that “less government interference” attitude is not the Obama way.

How much oil did you consume today?

The Deep Horizon spill is an environmental disaster like no other for sure. The long term damages and the immediate suffering of wildlife, ecosystems, and coastal economies is heart wrenching. But our gut reaction to suggest “no drilling” is preposterous.

As a nation, we are addicted to oil. To suggest that we shouldn’t have to live with the consequences of that addiction is not only hypocritical, but it puts us at risk economically and militarily.

The “not in my backyard” attitude many Americans have about oil, nuclear power, and yes, even wind will contribute to our energy dependence on people who are not our friends. People like the Saudi’s, the Iranians, and Venezuela.  By saying “no” to drilling in our backyard, but “yes” elsewhere is the typical shameless American way.

How about this for a solution: all of you people who don’t want drilling off U.S. coasts, quit driving your cars, don’t fly in an airplane, don’t buy anything at the store that is an oil derivative, don’t use anything that had to be shipped by plane, ship, train, bus, truck, or car, and start living your lives without the hypocrisy that makes your opinion meritless.

Charlie Crist update

I still think Charlie Crist wins the Florida U.S. Senate race.

It’s the The National Debt Stupid!

While the media only superficially pays attention to the problem facing the United States and its staggering federal debt, if you look deep enough, you will find this is the greatest threat to our soveriegnty. The Wall Street Journal, the Economist, the BBC, and yes once in a while the New York Times have stories on this subject that ought to cause all of us to be scared enough to go form a Tea Party. But mainstream media (national news broadcasts, your local mullet wrapper, etc) bury these stories. Shame on them. And shame on us for electing the people who refuse to address the debt and merely pass the buck on to the next generation. Our children’s lives will suffer because of our selfishness…

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at:

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10 thoughts on “The Water Cooler: Greer Arrested; Israeli pirates; Obama’s sludge problem; Crist’s victory”

  1. I enjoy your thoughtful comments. Who the heck are we, the productive Americans going to run against Obama? I see no Shining Stars.


  2. The “Turkish Civilians” before embarking shouted,”Death to the Jews—Death to Israel; Alla Akbar,etc.!” Peaceful? Where have you dunces been?


  3. Israel has the right to protect their land and inspect any ship going into Gaza to verify what is on board. Inspect & verify!
    Rodney A


  4. Reply to Dave:

    Name one Republican in Florida who stood up and condemned Greer before it was politically obvious that it was the safe thing to do so. There is a void of leadership and a farm team of people who are in politics for the right reasons. Most politicos today are like McCollum, Atwater, Kottkamp, Meek, and Crist — they just want (and need) a job because they couldn’t survive in the real world. I’m through supporting people just because they have “Republican” after their name on the ballot but otherwise believe in nothing. If having an “R” after their name is the best/only reason to vote for them, they need to find some other sucker to pander votes from because it ain’t gonna be me Dave. Take a hard look at the candidates/”leaders” in our party and name one worth voting for and give me three reasons why. I’ll bet you a steak dinner you can’t do it.

    Chris Ingram


  5. Chris, keep up the good work – I enjoy your hard hitting style: believe me, Florida needs it.
    On another note, you had mentioned an RV vacation you took w/your family recently. Can you tell me the campground you went to? And where did you rent your RV? I live in Tampa and want to take my family on an RV vacation as well – your description sounded enticing.


  6. Mark Sharp As A Reagan Republican Is A Good Laugh
    When I read the blog headline that Mark Sharpe is a Reagan Republican, I almost burst into laughter because I knew Ronald Reagan. When he was running for president he came to our office in Herrin, IL and spoke in the street to the whole community. After we listened to his speech, we shook his hand.
    I also know Mark Scharpe. I went to his debate; I listened to him; I shook his hand and asked him some questions. But Mark Sharpe, unlike Ronald Reagan, wanted me to believe he was a Reagan Republican when he wanted to raise my taxes.
    I have sat and talked with Josh Burgin and his wife and discovered that he is actually a true Reagan Republican. For not only does he NOT want to raise my taxes, Josh wants to find ways to save money and LOWER my taxes. When talking with Josh, I know that he not only wants to stop the tax increases but also wants to keep the taxes low for the people in Hillsborough county. And that is what he will do when he is elected. I also have discovered that Josh and his wife (who both speak multiple languages) are people who keep their word. And character is the most important thing we can look for in any candidate.
    As a matter of fact if the interviewer had a little more character, he/she might have found out that the reason Josh’s wife was confused by his questions about Josh was because she did not understand the question. You see, Mrs. Burgin was the vice president of a Mining company in a part of the old Soviet Union and English is her third or fourth language and the question might have been confusing to her. Any reporter with character would have picked up on that and tried to help her understand not mock her for not answering the way the reporter thought she should have.
    I find it laughable when the candidate Mark Sharpe tries to identify as a tax cutter like Ronald Reagan when in reality his purpose and mission is to raise taxes through increasing the sales tax to subsidize $25.00 for every rider of every light rail train in Hillsborough County.
    That’s what’s wrong with the word “incumbent”– they have forgotten they’re here to serve the people not to serve the bureaucracy and the government. Mark Sharpe seems to have lost touch with the Republican Party and Josh Burgin is clearly within the Ronald Reagan mainstream of Hillsborough County.


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