The Water Cooler: the Jim Greer wire-tap tapes and much more!

Just when you thought all things Jim Greer related had settled down, the wire-tapped recordings of Delmar Johnson (the former E.D. of the Republican Party of Florida) and Greer (the always a disgrace former Chairman) were released yesterday. There are lots of good tidbits of information (all according to Greer) such as Charlie Crist calling Greer post-resignation to seek his counsel about running for the U.S. Senate as an independent. On top of that Crist’s wife apparently invited Greer’s wife to come spend the weekend with her in the weeks after Greer was ousted — indicating Charlie’s undying loyalty or outright stupidity of all things Greer.

Disgraced PROF official calls Ingram “crazy”; Rick Scott on the debt; Marks on the mark; and Marco’s mortgage mess 

By Chris Ingram 

Chris Ingram is “crazy” 

Just when you thought all things Jim Greer related had settled down, the wire-tapped recordings of Delmar Johnson (the former E.D. of the Republican Party of Florida) and Greer (the always a disgrace former Chairman) were released yesterday. There are lots of good tidbits of information (all according to Greer) such as Charlie Crist calling Greer post-resignation to seek his counsel about running for the U.S. Senate as an independent. On top of that Crist’s wife apparently invited Greer’s wife to come spend the weekend with her in the weeks after Greer was ousted — indicating Charlie’s undying loyalty or outright stupidity of all things Greer.

The Michelin Man (Greer) and Pop'n Fresh (Johnson) think I'm crazy.

For me it gets even better. I apparently got under these two doo fusses skin so much that Johnson referred to me as “that crazy guy.” 

From the wire-tap: 

Delmar: Did you see that  one crazy guy, the one that used to always attack you, for the Irreverent View guy, that Chris Ingram guy?

Greer: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah he left Rubio. 

Delmar: That’s a sign that some of the folks, some of the crazy folks are having second thoughts about you know about Marco. 

You can hear the recording by clicking here: delmarj greer recording

I’ll take crazy over being one of these grotesquely overweight, incompetent, knuckleheaded, Charlie Crist stooges any day. In fact, I’ll wear the “crazy” moniker applied by either of these two clowns like a badge of honor. And say what you want about me, I was right about Charlie Crist a long time ago. 

As for Delmar, I think there might be a bowling alley in Waldo looking for a night time janitor. He is certainly fully qualified for the job and should send his resume. 

And as for Greer, he’ll look really sweet in an orange jump suit. Just don’t pick up the soap Jimbo! 

Love ya’ fellas! 

The Crazy Guy 

Rick Scott right for Florida but confused about debt 

The more people I speak with the more it seems obvious the polls are right: Rick Scott is on his way to trouncing Bill “Fred Rodgers” McCollum.  Politicos from across the state are sounding the similar message of “Scott may not be perfect, but he’s a fresh face with new ideas.” This is bad news for McCollum who hasn’t had a fresh idea since he started parting his hair to the right in 1977. 

I saw Scott in Tampa last week and he was impressive. He had a respectable command of the issues, and he handled a McCollum heckler in the crowd with the ease of a seasoned comic. 

I asked Scott a question about stimulus money spending and if he would accept it. He answered me by saying he would accept non-recurring dollars as a means to prevent the state from being saddled with debt. Here Scott got the answer wrong on two fronts. 1) By constitution, the state of Florida must balance its budget. And, 2) he completely misses the point that federal stimulus dollars are debt/deficit financed dollars our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay back. I pointed this out to Scott and he seemed a little stumped. 

Regardless, if the election were held tomorrow I’d vote for Scott over McCollum. McCollum is a tired, career politician whose loyalties and allegiances are defined by the campaign cash he receives from special interests groups, corporations, and lobbyists. After nearly thirty years in public office of one form or another Bill McCollum is part of the problem, not part of the solution. 

Marks is on the mark 

Tampa attorney and life-long Republican Todd Marks who is running for State House District 57 against two other candidates was recently called “the most conservative of the GOP candidates in the race” by the St. Petersburg Times – which many believe is the most liberal newspaper in the state. Marks should wear that label like a badge of honor – though not as proudly as being called “crazy” by Delmar Johnson or Jim Greer. 

Last time I checked Marks was being outraised by one of his opponents something like 4:1. Still he continues to press the flesh, knock on doors, and speak out on conservative issues like immigration, taxpayer relief, and gun control. 

Voters in district 57 (which includes most of South Tampa, Westchase, and Town and Country) who are looking for a bona-fide conservative should give Marks their vote. 

Stuck with Rubio, missing Reagan 

About two weeks ago, a story came out about Marco Rubio having problems paying the mortgage on a piece of property he co-owns with David Rivera. Rivera is a state legislator from Miami who will be the State House of Representative’s budget chief next year (ever wonder why our state is in such a crisis? Look at how the people who spend your money spend their own money). 

The bank filed paperwork to foreclose on the property after the duo failed to make a payment for five months. Rubio and Rivera mustered up enough cash to stop the foreclosure proceedings at the last minute. For Rubio, this problem in addition to his difficulties handling an RPOF credit card is further indication that the man from Miami doesn’t know how to handle cash (or credit). Yet we’re supposed to believe he’ll balance the federal budget, get a handle on spending AND cut taxes if we send his spend-thrifty behind to Washington. 

A good friend of mine Ronnie D. who is a retired Washington, D.C. firefighter now living in Tampa sent me an e-mail after he read the story about Marco’s mortgage mess. It went like this: 

[For Rubio] to play stupid about it really pisses me off. These clowns want to be leaders and legislate our life, but yet, they refuse to play by the rules of human decency. 

God I miss Reagan. 

I couldn’t agree with you more Ronnie. 

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at:

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22 thoughts on “The Water Cooler: the Jim Greer wire-tap tapes and much more!”

  1. Chris, You’re not crazy. You called it and a lot of people who were defenders of Charlie Crist are eating their words and criticisms of you and others who spoke out about all these people. Keep up the good work!


  2. Scot, as the CEO of the healthcare organization, HAD to know of the vast fraudulent claims….CEOs are advised by auditors, reports, etc. Maybe he just wanted to be sure he got his share of it..and lots of it! NO, he cannot be trusted in Florida if that is the way he ran the healthcare organization!
    Spending his “rewards” to B-S Floridians…like Obama B-S citizens of the U.S.A. with his “fresh face with new ideas”.

    Crist is like a waffle…too much with the up & down crinkles.

    McCollum is not perfect but not a permissible enabler who wants to fraudulently ripe off $$$ so he can pocket some of it.

    So Chris, you and I agree NOT TO AGREE on this subject.


  3. Chris,

    I have to disagree with you about Rick Scott.

    After reading the St. Pete Times article on him over the weekend, all I can say is that he is a Criminal, with a capital “C”.

    There’s no way I can, in good conscience, vote for him.


  4. Hey Chris,

    What happened to writing in Mickey Mouse? If we continue to elect these clowns just because there isn’t a better canidate we are sending the wrong message. They will all continue their under handed deals and abuse of power and money, Scott included. My vote goes to one with the big ears (not McCollumn)! Keep up the good work…


  5. Reply to Minnie: As for the Primary, I will absolutely vote for Scott. He wasn’t investigated or convicted of anything. AND, he hasn’t been in office for 30 years screwing everything up. I reserve the right to write in Mickey Mouse in the General (or vote for a third party candidate), though I haven’t ruled out Scott if he’s on the November ballot. I will not vote for McCollum. He’s part of the problem, not part of the solution.


  6. Actually, inmate uniforms are blue. 🙂

    Homeboy wouldn’t know what to do in a prison where his every move is regulated, no a/c, and would actually be expected to do something.

    PS: I work at dept of corrections – not sure where we’d send low-risk white collar criminal.


  7. The problem with District 57 is that it ain’t really a conservative district. Todd may be too far to the right to win and, like you and me Chris, he’s from “north of Kennedy”.


  8. To those who won’t give Scott a second look, I say this…WHO will you look at?
    McCollum is washed up and part of the problem. Meeks and Greene? No wayyyyy……

    Scott is all that’s left to look at….


  9. As a Democrat I would prefer to have my gal Sink run against Scott. Boy can I coin up some good mailers and some even greater videos for TV commercials. Crow bar hotel deviant is Scott.


  10. I disagree with everyone one of your assertions. McCollum is an honorable man, Scott is a crook with millions essentially pilfiled from the taxpayer. Todd Marks is an ambitious idiot who could not even properly run Westchase Republican Club, if he is conservative I sure didn’t see it, disorganized I saw.


  11. A party has the obligation to present the best candidate available. Are these two the best that could be found by the party? They both are a disgrace!


  12. The problem with Sink is that she support’s Obama’s vision for America and wants to bring it too Florida! No way, no how!
    The winner of the race between McCollum and Scott WILL be the next Governor of Florida.

    As to whom I will vote for, I’m still undecided! Both have their positives and negatives but no matter how you stack them up – either one is better than Sink!

    Charlie is a complete and utter joke. The scary thing is that the people who now support him because he is an independent are buying his “new branding.” For those who personally know Charlie, he is all about himself. He has no core political convictions. People like him are the problem with Washington! As for the Democrats in this race, no credible candidate to consider!

    Rubio gets my vote!


  13. Chris:
    Making fun of Delmar Johnson’s large size does not advance your argument against him, rather it makes YOU look small. Besides,it is indeed wicked of you as it is the one thing that is not his fault.

    As for Mr. Scott, I’m intrigued by his assertion that he takes responsibility for his Company’s mistakes. His company’s fraudulent business praactices were NOT mistakes. Mistakes are things you don’t intend to to. Regardless,it’s hard to understand how he’s taken “full responsiblity” for them when there were no consequences – unless, of course, it was that he was forced out of the organization.


  14. In response to the above regarding Delmar Johnson’s size. The fact they he is large is not his fault? Who’s fault is it….McDonalds? There are many employers who would not hire him for that very reason. Besides, it’s called “The Irrevelent View” for a reason.
    “CRAZY CHRIS”…..I like it! Sounds like a T- shirt to me.


  15. Jan,

    Actually, if he were ugly he couldn’t control it or change it. But being of such large girth he could go on a diet. Greer too for that matter.

    It’s funny how you criticize me but not Greer or Johnson for their actions or for the fact that neither of them know me but called me “crazy” for no other reason than I called Greer and Charlie out on all of their BS the last two years.

    As for Scott, he’s not part of the problem, McCollum is. 30 yrs in office and nothing to show for it but the big mess our country is in.



  16. I agree McCollum is part of the problem, but Scott is not the soulution. In todays political environment not only are the incumbents not popular, but crooked big corporate CEO’s are not at the top of the list for most main street folks. I’m sorry Chris, but I am the CEO at my company and I know what is going on especially if I have an account with millions in reserves (which by the way was put their to pay out any fines if they were caught on their medicare/medicade fraud). I agree with Bruce if these are the only two candidates we can come up with for the Republican party we are in big trouble and it just goes to show if you have enough money you can win with a massive media campaign and most voters are stupid enough to vote by ads paid for by the candidate…go figure!


  17. Vote against Republicans AND Democrats if you have a chance. Vote against Far-Liberals and Far-Conservatives if you have a chance. If you have no such chance, then write in a human being. The more the GOP right fulminates about Crist, the better I like Crist. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Hard to pick up a bar of soap if you’ve got a couple of spare tires. Could redefine “shower scene.”

    To give me the chance to show my even-handed moderation, set me up to knock down the Demo left. Screw ideology, which tends to discourage thought. Do something smart for a change, politicians!


  18. Many people are unaware that Marco’s dad is very sick and he might die. This has taken his attention recently but he will bounce back. As to the house foreclosure incident Marco and David believed the house was sold and the alledged buyer depositing the money in an escrow. The realtor let the ball drop on that one. As for me and my house we will vote for JESUS first, then Scott & Rubio & West!


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