If your name is Samad and someone calls you Samad, they’re a racist/bigot.

There has been a mix of responses to my post about the Hillsborough County Commission race between Josh Burgin and Mark Sharpe. The views expressed have been either in agreement that Burgin is woefully unqualified or painting me as a racist or bigot.

The world according to Sam/Samad/Samad Sultan works in strange ways…

By Chris Ingram

There has been a mix of responses to my post about the Hillsborough County Commission race between Josh Burgin and Mark Sharpe. The views expressed have been either in agreement that Burgin is woefully unqualified or painting me as a racist or bigot.

The racist/bigot charge is apparently in reference to my referring to Sam Rashid by his LEGAL name which is Samad. In my column I referenced Mr. Rashid as “Sam” multiple times because that is how I address him when I see him and it is his preference. In total, I referred to him as “Sam” seven times in my column yesterday. ONE TIME I mentioned him as “Samad” because right after this reference I linked his “player profile” on a poker player’s website wherein he is listed as “Samad Rashid.” I did this in order to avoid any confusion among those who may have looked at the poker site and been uncertain as to whether or not “Sam” was “Samad” as he is listed on the poker site. Not only did I list him the way he is referenced on that site, but how he is listed on county property tax records, and more than likely how he is named on his driver’s license. Afterall, Samad is his legal name.

Had I had any intent of somehow painting him negatively due to his Arabic descent, I would have mentioned his FULL legal name which is Samad Sultan Rashid. I didn’t because it was not my intent to disparage Mr. Rashid based on his birth name or origin – Sam’s actions have given me enough fodder that such an action is not necessary.

Let me also add I don’t have a problem with Sam playing semi-professional poker. In fact I like to play a friendly game of poker myself from time to time (though I am not very good). I just find it hypocritical for Josh Burgin to portray himself as a “social conservative” while having strong ties to a guy like Sam who has gambled hundreds of thousands of dollars playing poker. We’ve got enough hypocrites in office. We don’t need any more.

As for Burgin’s education and experience (or lack thereof), I don’t have any problem with the fact that Burgin has his GED and never graduated from college. I have a problem that a guy with eleven jobs in twelve years who doesn’t have a college education and who hasn’t really accomplished much professionally thinks he has what it takes to represent a county as big as Hillsborough. It would be one thing if he were sans college degree but he ran a successful business. That isn’t the case here, and that is my point.

I don’t look down on anyone based on their level of education or work experience. I do however take issue with said education and experience when a candidate for public office makes it an issue and is misleading or not wholly honest about it – as Mr. Burgin’s reference to attending college at USF appears to be.

Finally, if you are one of the few people who have been offended by my column about Burgin, you apparently don’t understand the meaning of the words “irreverent view.” Please visit www.dictionary.com and type in the word “irreverent” before complaining next time.

Or just get over it. Or unsubscribe yourself. Or send me an e-mail and I’ll do it for you.

Christopher “Chris” Charles Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of www.IrreverentView.com. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at: Chris@IrreverentView.com.

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25 thoughts on “If your name is Samad and someone calls you Samad, they’re a racist/bigot.”

  1. Why this guy chose to get into a pissing match with you is beyond understanding.And about you calling him by his name no less!Unbelievable!


  2. People, you can also sign up for word of the day too. It never hurts to learn new words so when you read something you know what the person is saying. Chris, you aren’t a racist at all. It’s a bit too easy for someone to say that when they don’t take the time to understand what you’re saying and how you are saying it. This post made your intentions and meaning clear. Thank you.


  3. I may not agree with everything you write about….and to be honest only you would be the person that will actually agree 100% with what you write….Kindly remind them too that the behavior that they just exhibited of playing the ethnicity card on you is exactly what we as conservatives and tea party members are trying to FIGHT against from what the left is doing to us! HYPOCRITES!


  4. Chris, Why don’t you write same kind of articles on William “Hoe” Brown and Donald “Don” Phillips? They are also power brokers trying to influence the county politics. They are not as dark as Samad “Sam” and we never hear about them. By the way, Phillips is a developer and has endorsed Sharpe (what is behind that?).


  5. When you don’t have an argument….play the race card. It’s worked for a very long time. That card is getting very worn out.


  6. It’s funny that Chris was able to attract attention with controversy.
    It is the writer of this column not Sam trying to play the race card.
    Chris, I used to hear lots of negative things about you. Now I believe it
    Buy Buy Irreverent View


  7. Love the articles!!! We in the Tampa Bay area need some meaningful editorial insight and commentary on local politics and government.
    BTW: Isn’t “social conservative” just becoming a self-affixed label that is developing negative connotations, e.g. I supported or voted for a really good idea, but I will call myself a social conservative because others thought the idea was anti-conservative and I don’t have the fortitude or ability to tell others they are wrong?


  8. Keep up the good work, Chris.

    I don’t always agree with you, but a dialogue/discussion is always a good thing. Funny how the Rashid-ites are coming after you………


  9. Unsubscriber/5:09: I think you meant “bye, bye” not “buy buy” – where did you go to school?


  10. Yes, Sam was playing the race card. Kathy, can’t you see that?
    As far as Chris not having an answer….that’s almost laughable.


  11. Don’t sweat it. It’s what the left does. If you disagree with them you are a racist/bigot and a hater. It’s their only defense against being a**holes.



  12. Never fails…..add racism into the debate and all the responders go to it like a magnet and leave the real issue unsettled. How dumb is that?
    The truth is Chris….you told a grave untruth in order to discredit two individuals and their family businesses who didn’t deserve your slander for gain.
    Just shows your part of the problem, not part of the solution. It didn’t set Irreverent View apart from any other commentary.
    We need new leadership at every level of government. We need a no incumbent election in 2010 & 2012. Mark Sharp is an incumbent. He done a fine job! But his term is up. Thanks for your service now go get a job and live by the rules you made for the rest of us. That’s called REAL TERM LIMITS. It starts at the ballot box.


  13. Forget Samad or Sam or whatever his name is. Plain and simple it does not take a genius to govern. And, what Sharpe and the rest of the liberal republican (Rinos) are trying to do with light rail and other frivolous egotistical projects is downright shameful and irresponsible. Yeah, our incumbants are very bright and well heeled and they are bleeding this county dry. Candidate Burgin, damn the torpedoes and keep going full steam ahead. Thank you Chris, for keeping us in the loop.


  14. Much ado has been made lately about the word “transparency”, as it seems to be a recent political buzzword, made popular by the false promises (lies) of transparency by President Obama.

    However, I submit that the newest buzz word for politicans everywhere is “racism”. Once a term used to describe those who exhibit behavior that portrays one race as being superior over another, this word has become watered-down by those of liberal lefty beliefs that want to attack anyone who does not agree with them. Complain about Obama’s excessive vaction time? You’re racist. Complain about the government and organize and protest against it? You’re racist. Say anything bad about the liberal left’s beloved failing President, and they lable you racist.
    I’m not racist. I would vote for whomever will do the best job representing me, I don’t care if they are purple in color. So if it makes you feel any better liberal lefties, it’s the white half of Obama that I really think is an idiot of immeasurable proportions.
    However, if you really want to support someone of color…if you’re racist enough to support someone because of color and not give color-blind support…take your racist heart to the polls and vote for Allen West for Congress.

    If you just want to vote for the best person, then do so…but I’d still vote for Allen West, because he’s still the best man for the job.

    Get it, liberal? Ideas…ideology…not color. YOU, liberal lefty, ARE THE RACIST!


  15. Three words: “Barack Hussein Obama.” No one here has ever said that with a sneer, correct?

    As for Mr. Ingram, he is most certainly a Celt (pronounced Kelt) and thus worthy only of cleaning restrooms.

    And I feel an overwhelming urge to vote AGAINST any politician supported by developers, whose lapdogs have made Hillsborough County the paradise that it is today.


  16. Why is it that you of such strong opinion are always too damn chicken to leave your real name?

    I’d hate to go through life in such a spineless manner. How do you look yourself in the mirror?


  17. Since you are sending your detractors to their dictionaries, I assume you mean what you you write, like here:

    “…it was not my intent to disparage Mr. Rashid based on his birth name or origin – Sam’s actions have given me enough fodder that such an action is not necessary.”

    So if Rashid’s action didn’t give you enough fodder, then disparaging his birth name or origin WOULD be necessary. There’s no other way to read that sentence. Not what you meant? But I think it is what you meant; you just didn’t intend to be so revealing.

    Also, is Sam Rashid of “Arabic” origin as you write, or Pakistani? All the same to you?

    You probably don’t perceive yourself as racist and I have no idea what lies in your heart. I had no problem with your original post, but in your rebuttal to your critics you undermine your integrity and motives.

    As for your critique of Josh Burgin, your entire argument rests on biography: Burgin has had too many jobs, not enough education, etc. Fine, although you overlook Burgin’s role in running a democracy promotion staff abroad and his work leading the county Republican party. But what about policy positions? Doesn’t that matter most — how Burgin will vote? Seems to me, voters should select a county commissioner who will best vote their interests. Whether their county commissioner has had 9 jobs or 10 seems beside the point.


  18. The days of the Sultan of Swing or Ralph “Howard” Hughes running the county are over. Hear that Jimmy Norman and Ronda?


  19. Scott Factor uses his real name because the twerp has nothing to lose.

    Not all of us want to go through life with a bullseye on the back of our head Scotty.


  20. And not all of us wish to go through life with our tail tucked between our legs, worried that someone may come after us. That doesn’t mean I have nothing to lose. It simply means I’m not afraid to stand up and be counted.


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