Breaking news: Scott to pick Dockery?

Sources close to the Rick Scott campaign have suggested Scott is considering asking State Senator Paula Dockery to be his running mate for Lieutenant Governor. Dockery, who ended her own longshot race for governor several months ago was campaigning with Scott last week in the critical I-4 corridor.

Rumors are swirling that Rick Scott will ask State Senator Paula Dockery to be his running mate

By Chris Ingram

Sources close to the Rick Scott campaign have suggested Scott is considering asking State Senator Paula Dockery to be his running mate for Lieutenant Governor. Dockery, who ended her own longshot race for governor several months ago was campaigning with Scott last week in the critical I-4 corridor.

The two apparently have hit it off, and no doubt Dockery’s usual anti-establishment stance in Tallahassee would fit in with Scott’s. However, that stance may also add to Scott’s difficulties getting things done in Tallahassee as if elected, he won’t have lots of love, history, or paybacks to return to legislators and Tallahasse lobbyists — neither of which are keen on Dockery.

Scott could do worse, and given his campaign’s penchant for bucking the establishment of the G.O.P. a Scott/Dockery ticket would not be a surprise.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He currently serves as the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9 in Florida’s largest media market. E-mail him at:

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20 thoughts on “Breaking news: Scott to pick Dockery?”

  1. Choosing Dockery would change votes for those who like his positions vs. his opponent as Dockery is not that well thought of with Conservatives and Republicans. It would be a bad selection.


  2. I don’t want to see Dockery as Lt Governor. She could put together a coalition and become Senate President. Haridopolos is part of the Jim Greer Charlie Crist Dean Cannon problem.


  3. The more I read about Rick Scott, the more I’m inclined to vote for him. We don’t need anymore career politicians who promise the moon and deliver nothing. For example: “Property taxes are going to drop like a rock”. Well, they’ve dropped, although not like a rock, and it didn’t have anything thing to do with the governor who promised that to us!
    All branches of government are way too BIG, and it will take someone with some guts to scale them back! Another career politician won’t be the one to do it!


  4. Hurray! for Rick Scott. If you think the Tallahassee establishment of entrenched legislators and lobbyist wouldn’t like to see that pair elected to serve the people of professional politicians, Then the people of Florida should support this ticket to re-claim their Government back from the career politician Let’s VOTE THEM IN.


  5. Let me get this straight. We have the CEO of the company that ran the biggest medicare scam in history (that we know about) and he is going to get the corruption out of state government??? Rick Scott’s camaign is the best thing that ever happened to Alex Sink. I may disagree with Alex on a LOT of things, but I trust her more than Scott. I guess not having charisma takes one out of the running for public office. I will be voting for Bill McCollum in the primary.


  6. A Scott-Dockery ticket! Now, that’s a surefire winner! I was impressed with Sen. Dockery when she bucked Jim Greer’s decree that Bill (but, it’s my turn!) McCollum was the Party’s choice, and no others need apply.


  7. Paula Dockery and her husband Doc are the biggest supporters of the Obama High Speed Rail boondoggle. Obama gave $1.2 BILLION to the Dockery’s Tampa-Orlando high speed rail system, but the total cost for the Dockery system will be $3 BILLION. Guess where the remaining money will come from? Florida taxpayers! Especially if Dockery is LG.


  8. I am not a huge fan of the high speed rail project, I like rail travel but do not think that there is the traffic to support it in Florida. If Paula Dockery and Florida want the rail though every penny should come from the state to build it then paid back by ridership. We can not fix the problem with the size of government until we all decide that supporting state/local projects is not the role of the federal government. On a ticket that may not get much done in Tallahassee? I am not sure if it is a bad thing for the legislature to get as little done as possible. Sort of like giving Barney Fife only one bullet.


  9. Getting the Established RINO’s and Socialist Democrats out of Tallahassee is like a root canal; Messy,Painful, BUT Necessary.

    The RINO-DEMO Train is a boondoggle, the Miami Commuter Train is in DEBT, with commuters 5 days a week with a REASON to take the train!Why take a train from Tampa to Disney? Tampa to Orlando Airport? For WHAT? In what Numbers? If it was PROFITABLE private enterprise would do it.CSX runs FREIGHT Trains; AMTRAK runs Passenger Trains,AMTRAK is DEBT Ridden! Miami Commuter is DEBT Ridden! Only Government and YOUR Taxes keep the Frauds going.


  10. Paula Dockery would be an amazing choice. When Scott wins the Republican primary, she would add the experience of the Senate plus an outsider’s perspective since she’s never run from a fight — especially when it’s good for taxpayers.


  11. I heard Dockery started that rumor.

    I think the Scott campaign was surprised to hear it.

    She tried to get the Lt Gov spot with MCcollum first.

    She just got a little better known with her own constituents and that is only because she and her husband lost the high speed rail, thus her fighting the CSX issue.
    Before that she had a 20% name recognition. Scott takes her baggage if he picks her.

    She ran from many fights when she used to do what the Republican leaders told her to do before the High Speed Rail fight. Check her record. Go back a few years. She was right there with the status quo for most of her career. She voted as they told her (she was house whip). Check it and see for yourself. She and Adam Putnam voted identically on most issues and that was with Republican leadership. She should not play miss independent now. Her independence is out of revenge.
    If they allowed the high speed rail, she would still be voting the way they want her to. Its has been an amazing transformation. Revenge can be a strong motivator, but for the wrong reasons.
    Either way, Scott cannot afford her baggage.


  12. Paula would be a wonderful choice as long as she is not on the Scott ticket. I’m sorry Chris I can’t support a guy who is a crook. I don’t care how you spin it (he wasn’t even questioned, or charged). Oh well, he’s just another white collar theif that gets off “Scott” free! If he was a competent CEO he would have known, give me a break any of us who have ran a company knows he knew. Oh well, just saying I didn’t know doesn’t cut it and if he really didn’t know then he should have been fired for negligence! He will fit right in with all the other crooks in Tallahassee. I’ll vote for McCollum and if Scott wins I’m going for Alex.


  13. If Scott is that out of touch with reality as to pick Dockery, then he loses my vote.
    She has re-invented herself and by accident, Because of the high speed rail issues her husband was financially involved with,she is trying to become a consumer advocate. She is taking advantage of a constituency that is demanding anyone other then the regular bums we have had in the political process, even though she has been one of those same for many years.

    Scott cannot be that stupid. Where was Dockery on many many issues before her high speed rail was killed? She was on the side of whatever her leadership said she needed to be on. Do you Dockery supporters really know about her votes? I do not think so.

    She voted with the the very same people she opposes now, most of the times. She changed her stripes only for her own gain. She is no different then the others.

    Scott should not pick her as the dirt will come out. There are plenty of other people who have consistently been out there not just going along to get along. Pick one of them.\


  14. Dockery would give Scott the insite to deal with the legislature as Govenor.

    As far as her supporting high speed rail, she has proposed that the state come up with a comprehensive rail plan that addresses all aspects of rail (to include commuter and high speed rail) that also is incorporated with other transportation nodes. What she’s opposed to is letting special interest groups ramrod their agendas down the rest of the state’s throat while handing out welfare to corporations at the cost to the taxpayers.

    Dockery would be a good choice for Scott.


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