G.O.P. official: Republicans will bolt Party under Scott

Broward County blowhard Ed Kennedy who serves on the Republican Party of Florida’s State Executive Committee was recently videotaped questioning Rick Scott’s Republican credentials and went on to compare Scott to Obama with no further explanation. (You can see the video on Irreverent View’s homepage.)

Broward County State Committeeman compares Rick Scott to Obama

By Chris Ingram

Broward County blowhard Ed Kennedy who serves on the Republican Party of Florida’s State Executive Committee was recently videotaped questioning Rick Scott’s Republican credentials and went on to compare Scott to Obama with no further explanation.

Kennedy states, “I’ve been here over 50 years. I’ve never seen him, never heard of him, never worked with him or understood what he did. I’m sure he’s a competent individual but he’s never participated in the politics until this last election.”

Kennedy went on to say in an angry interview videotaped by the political website Shark-Tank, “I don’t know if he is a Republican. A lot of people have told me should he win, they’re going to leave the party.”

The Shark-Tank asked Kennedy if he compared Scott to Obama in a piece of literature he distributed at the Broward G.O.P. meeting and Kennedy responded, “In a way, yeah.”

And when asked if he would support Scott, Kennedy said, “I would have a hard time [supporting Scott].”

What Mr. Kennedy and his lobbyist pals and backroom powerbrokers in Tallahasse and at the RPOF don’t get is, much of Scott’s appeal is he is not part of the establishment’s broken system that gave us Jim Greer, a legislature that balanced the state budget on federal stimulus dollars, terrible public schools, a broken tax system, the worst economy the state has seen in decades, and a state party that looks like General Sherman just visited.

Kennedy and the rest of the party establishment and money-men are threatened by Rick Scott because they know they can’t control him because he doesn’t owe anyone any favors and he can’t be bought.

Mr. Kennedy obviously lives his life in a vacuum surrounded by cigar smoke at the Broward Country Club. He is not “real people” and probably never talks to “real people.” Bless his ancient little heart, he probably means well but has no idea what he is talking about.

But the fear in his eyes and voice are evident. Rick Scott is a huge threat to the establishment.

People like Ed Kennedy are quick to cite Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment when someone criticizes their candidate, but have no problem trashing a fellow Republican when said candidate isn’t in their pocket. Challenging Scott’s Republican credentials is ridiculous and tired, old, out of touch Ed should be ashamed of himself.

(You can see the video on Irreverent View’s homepage or click here to watch the performance.)

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of www.IrreverentView.com. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He currently serves as the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9 in Florida’s largest media market. E-mail him at: Chris@IrreverentView.com.

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26 thoughts on “G.O.P. official: Republicans will bolt Party under Scott”

  1. “but he’s never participated in the politics until this last election.”

    Does this not describe all of us who are outraged at what is going on in DC?
    Isn’t that the point? To have people in these seats of power who have no real desire to wield power but now must wrench it from the career abusers?

    If Republicans want to bolt the party for being spooked, then let them. We want conservatives in our party, not “republicans”.



  2. This is the problem with the RPOF. Mr. Kennedy should be removed of his post by clearly violating the RPOF loyalty oath.

    They want us sheeple to follow them blindly…..well we are not going to put up with it anymore.


  3. I agree that Mr. Kennedy seems to be out of touch. I have trouble feeling comfortable with members of the establishment who fail to qualify their remarks. We could all sit around and lob hand grenades but when you reach a particular point in your political career I believe you have a responsibility evidence such statements. A lot of people are going to leave the party? Would that be three people or thirteen?
    Thank you Mr. Ingram


  4. Can we just write off the Broward REC already. They are only RINOs anyway, with the exception of Sharon Day. I am so sick of the “RPOF Inner Circle” thinking they know what is best for the rest of us. All they want are sweet deals from being up close and personal with governmental officials and appointments. This is what is wrong with this party. Well, they may do things like this down in Broward, but the rest of us have had enough. Why don’t they just go ahead and join Team Crist and the Democrats and get it over with. We don’t need you! You do more harm than good for the party. Do you not remember that this entire rift in the party started with RPOF officials endorsing one candidate over another. I am sorry, but endorsements from ” the establishment” only sway me to vote the other way. This is not helping McCollum, it will only hurt him in the end. And if they don’t want to join our team after the primary – then GOOD RIDDANCE! You were never a real Republican anyway. Tell Greer and Johnson we said HI when you visit them in jail.


  5. To hell with the party—we’re conservatives. If Rick Scott will lead as a conservative, the Republican Party is just as good as any other to co-opt for that purpose.



  6. I don’t think Rick Scott was conservative or thinking about saving taxpayer dollars when he made millions in Medicare Fraud with HCA, or when his hospitals profited from abortions or when one of his companies profited from illegal aliens electronically sending paycheck money back to Mexico. Now he is spending 22 million for a $140,000 per year job and being packaged by the same consultant that packaged Charlie Crist. And people complain about elections being bought…well stop buying the B.S. that Scott is peddling. It doesn’t seem to me that Rick Scott has ever put principles over profit and I doubt seriously he is about to start now for the people of Florida. I will take the native Floridian with a real conservative background…better the polititian you know than the scam artist you don’t.


  7. I’ll go with the ‘other’ choice, Rick Scott. Been going with the repubs since Jimmy C. and all I see is too much compromise with liberals. We can’t afford to compromise or work with those who want to turn this country into a dictatorship!


  8. My son-in-law was courted by HCA just out of Vanderbilt. He can hardly believe Rick Scott is in Florida running for governor, he wouldn’t get near a company that man is a part of. He says HCA told him there are two HCA’s. The old one, run by Scott and today’s ethical HCA. I can hardly believe with Scott’s corrupt record anyone would consider him a worthy candidate for ANY party. So perhaps some of you, that means you Ingram, should consider character. And comments imply they know so much about FL politics…What goes on in the GOP here is why I won’t have anything to do with it but work for my candidate,and he isn’t Scott, separate from the party.


  9. Well, I agaree with “Truth Patrol.” And it is hard to find any truth these days, isn’t it? Rick Scott, who is not from Naples as he has implied, says he takes full responsibility for his company’s mistakes – and he’s learned a lot from them. So, how is it that fraud is deemed to be a “mistake.” Fraud takes a lot of cunning, devious plotting and planning. Moreover, saying you take responsiblity means nothing if there are no consequences for his involvment(or his neglect). Plus, he obsconded with a bundle. Now he continues to bore us with his position on all the issues. Just words. No record of any of it – unlike McCollum. Bill McCollum may be a career politician, but it is likely Scott is a career crook! Besides,
    some of my best friends are politicians.


  10. I will take Benedryl anyday compared to Arsnic. It blows my mind that people who have the intelligence to write responses
    in this column cannot see through Scott. How well I remember
    the HCA debacle. And Scott is now using money taxpayers lost
    to fund his campaign.


  11. Zzzzz: That’s benadyrl, not benedryl, not that it matters. Bill McCollum is a man of integrity, a work horse not a show horse. Someone who is methodical and has always been on the side of conservatism. McCollum was a Navy Jag and spent 23 years in the Navy Jag Corp retiring as a Commander. He founded the House task force on terrorism, sounding the alarm years before 9-11. You may call him “political benadyrl” but I think his service far surpasses Rick Scott and his website claim that his contributions have been his 5 year service to United Way and a few years to World Vision to create a health care system in Bunyala, a poor area of Kenya. Hopefully Scott didn’t scam Bunyala out of taxpayer dollars as well.


  12. Oh, another thing. Could someone with a better search engine than me look into the Naples Community Church that Scott’s website says he founded in 2006. All I find is a domain site for sale…figures. With all Scott’s taxpayers millions to spend, it seems he could start a church with a functional website…just saying.


  13. I am as conservative as anyone. I was a Goldwater person( thought too young to vote), Reagan voter, so the person that wrote that article does not understand what Republicans are. We are not part of the PARTY people. We are for the country. We are tea party people. And no, never for Rick Scott, a liar and who stole from our government, which is the U.S,. Taxpayers…we the people….
    I don’t like a liar and thief in my party and wish he would leave. he will steal from the state of Florida if he gets elected. Everything he says is a lie.
    Ex…..I saw with my own 2 yes in Tallahassee, Charlie Crist railroad in Jim Greer, not McCollum who was not even in the room when it happened. Why isn’t Charlie held accountable??? he is the one, not Bill.
    Bill was not even with the law firm when they did lobbying for Planned Parenthood. I know for a fact that he is a pro-life 100%, as my pastor was at his family’s church for over 14 yrs.
    So that is just 2 times he lied, but I could name more. Scott is a liar and has no place in the Republican party. I would rather us go down than to deal with him making this state like Obama has made this nation. Scott is scum…….
    Bill and his entire family are people you would be proud to know. They are honest and sincere.
    Bill had a better idea than the first draft of Arizona law, now he supports the final…but Scott quotes and tells a lie.
    Bill led the fight against Clinton on impeachment when he served so honorably as U.S. Congressman with a pro life record. Bill was never for embryo stem cell research. How can Scott just lie and get away with it? How dumb are some of my fellow Republicans? if they vote him in, I would laugh except Florida will be in ruins and the Republican party would be in ruins….. No, we need a former NAVY JAG commander..We need Bill McCollum


  14. Sorry, I saw with my own 2 EYES…that Charlie put Jim Greer in as Party Chairman.

    Also I want to add that it is Bill MCCollum is leading the fight against Obama Care. he wants to protect people in this state and as Attorney General has filed a lawsuit that WILL be heard with the Supreme Court. Already 19 other states have signed on. Bill is speak softly and carry a big stick. He gets the job done and that is why Florida needs him.
    Not only did Charlie play games, but was in with the legislature on certain votes which undid good things JEB worked so hard for.
    You people that think you are conservative better think. JEB is for Bill. Why? because he wants Florida to have an honest leader. Scott should be in prison. If you or I did what Scott did, we would be in prison.


  15. The party is screwed up in about fifty of the U.S. states — yet Florida never ceases to shock me . . . the audacity of these people . . . the narcissism. It’s unbelievable.
    Another beautifully written article from he Mark Steyn of the South.


  16. Sounds like this Kennedy fellow is inviting a grievance for violating his Party Loyalty Oath in supporting (by innuendo if not overtly) one Republican candidate over another in a contested Primary election. Hmmmm, Edw. Kennedy? Wasn’t that the name of a certain liberal Democrat from Massachusetts?
    And Adelle, if you are happy with the direction our nation and state is headed, then by all means vote for “but it’s my turn” McCollum and all the other career politicians who are responsible for getting us where we are today. For those of us who aren’t as happy as you, we are going to vote them out! Those currently in office either deliberately intended the mess we’re in, or are incompetent, impotent and incapable of preventing it from happening. Either way, they got to go, and that includes your pal Bill.


  17. very good, truth patrol and adelle. from listening to his ads alone i can see through Scott. Unfortunately the gullible people who are suddenly awake are being slickly targeted by this guy to vote for a clone of what has been passing for “change” since 2006. scott’s ads talk about national issues that he can do NOTHING about as a state official and is one of the reasons that prove he is pandering to the frustration of people who will be duped if they don’t stop and think rationally about their choice. some people think voting angry is smart. IT’S STUPID!!! the smart thing is to be involved. work the phones for a candidate you respect. support a party and voice objections rationally. i don’t think anti-incumbent fever is good for America. remember what change for change’s sake just got us!


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