Bill McCollum picks up his marbles and heads home

Losing stinks. But being a sore loser shows a lack of class.

By Chris Ingram

In his loss last night Bill McCollum showed why he is a three-time loser in statewide elections. He doesn’t know Florida, he’s out of touch, and as he showed last night, he is a sore loser.

Don’t get me wrong, losing stinks, but McCollum who is generally regarded as a good man, and a likeable guy demonstrated a lack of class in refusing to acknowledge opponent Rick Scott won the race fair and square. While McCollum may disdain Scott’s millions, Scott played by the rules.

McCollum refused to concede his defeat until well after midnight long after the Associated Press had called the race for Scott, and did so in the form of a press release filled with negativity and anger.

This of course was preceded by McCollum’s speech in which he refused to concede, but didn’t fail to mention every establishment career politician in the state who supported him.

Memo to Bill: establishment career politicians are the reason you lost. And because you’re one of them.

Rick Scott has his work cut out for him in healing the divisions within the GOP. Be a big man Rick and offer these babies an olive branch. They’ve already picked up their marbles and are ready to go home. Bring ‘em back to the game or your chances in November are not good.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, Front Page Florida, and National Review online. E-mail him at:

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27 thoughts on “Bill McCollum picks up his marbles and heads home”

  1. I’m just now reading that Rick Scott “beat the s*** out of McCollum. Well, good! Us Floridian’s need someone with the guts to stand up to the entrenched beauracracy. For a start, we should layoff at least 20% of the State of FLA govt. employees. There are whole agencies that should be disbanded.
    Also, they should start by cancelling the deal to buy all that useless wetland from US Sugar and saving the state hundreds of millions of $$$’s. Then cancel that high-speed train.
    Someone wrote to St Pete Times that it costs $1Billion for a train to move the same # of people that $125Million in freeway extra lane costs. Besides, who is going to use the train to go shopping? At best, people will use it for work or Disney World.


  2. It gives me hives, but I am a lifelong republican and I am going out to get my Alex Sink bumper sticker tomorrow. The only difference between Scoot and Jessie Ventura is that Ventura isn’t worth 300 million nor did he committ fraud and steal medicare funds. God help Florida if Scott is elected.


  3. Any “republican” who has to vote for Sink hasn’t studied her record or plans to “remake” Florida. Remaking is a code word for spending millions to secure power.

    The “lifelong republican” can think what he likes, but charges of fraud by th largest fraud of government abuse is not significant. If he committed fraud they should charge him, but they didn’t, and they wont clear his name. Medicare billing is so terrible that people have made whole careers out of misusing the system.

    McCollum decided to pursue an option that helps Sink and based on his behavior should be on the scrap heap with Crist.


  4. Rick Scott burst on the scene with a simple message. I’m Rick Scott and I’m not a career politician. These ads ignited many of us to look his way, and many to cast a vote his way. Rick needs to get back to that simple message and not go on the attack. Stay on message and focus on jobs. That’s why so many of us voted for Rick. We held our nose with the negative ads and voted for a proven business person who can create jobs.
    Please Bill McCollum just take the loss like a good career politician and sit back and live on your retirement from the Navy Reserve, Florida government and your stint in the House of Representatives. Find a good charity and go to work for them for “FREE” and help people for real. Don’t go to the Salvation Army looking for a Jim Norman type of job…start giving back to those who have paid you well for so long.


  5. Chris, you need to show a lttle class yourself and stop berating a good and decent man who’s been replaced by a guy with nothing much to recommend him but money. And speaking of class, he couldn’t even win graciously. I guess you didn’t notice he gave McCollum a zinger about being a candidate supported by the Party only because it was “his turn.” I see no reason to have gotten rid of Jim Greer if we send up Scott to oversee the Republican Party.


  6. Reply to Jan,

    I actually did notice the “his turn” comment and actually pointed it out in a Tweet on Bay News 9 last night. I thought it was inappropriate no matter how true it was.

    Scott has some learning to do about being gracious, but he’s better than the alternative in November.

    You’ll come around…

    Chris Ingram


  7. These results prove one thing…..people are just plain tired of the stench of worn out promises.

    Jan,you’re right in that we don’t know much about Scott. But,
    it seems that people are willing to give him a shot. So, what does that really tell you??

    People are just tired.


  8. What we do know about Scott (tho much suppressed by media) is that his company was investigated and shown to have cheated the government out of 1.3 BILLION dollars and Rick Scott claimed he didn’t know what was going on. He then went further and declared the Fifth Amendment 75 times so as not to incriminate himself. People, where the hell are your brains. McCollum may not be flashy but he is honest.


  9. Once again you had a pol from the old school of “tell you what you wanna hear, til the election is over”….& The new kid with a clean slate. We of the majority today are all for ANY new, and disconnected candidate as opposed to ANY of the old pols.

    The signs are everywhere…..Everywhere. WE are tired of the old line and want a new one…..A-N-Y new one will do as it gets the entrenched out of DC & my pocketbook!


  10. Chris: First, allow me to commend you on your appearance and work with BayNews9. You present to the viewers an unbiased assessment of the questions and events at hand, which is what I believe to be fair to all viewers, regardless of political affiliation. Good job!

    As to Rick Scott…I am not a fan of his. However, I believe in the system of government in our great country and our voters have spoken. It is Rick Scott that has been chosen to represent the Republican party in the governor race and it is Rick Scott that I shall support 100%.

    If those who remain sour would take the time to research Alex Sink, it will become clear that she will “sink” Florida if elected. While many point the finger at Scott for accusations of fraud, those same people need to look at the large bonuses earned by Sink while at Bank of America. She earned those bonuses by cutting the workforce to increase short-term profitability. Plain english: She laid off thousands to increase the size of her bonus. She didn’t care about those people she put out of work. Se didn’t care about the effects of the service levels on the consumers. She didn’t care about anything but her bonus.

    She’s bad for Florida. If she’s elected, you’ll see just how bad.


  11. I have never voted for a Democrat. Now, for the first time in my life I will. I can’t believe the fools who call themselves Republicans who voted for a fraud like Rick Scott. You saw what happened when the country voted for an unknown like Obama. If Scott is elected the state will go down the tubes. Hell, I’ll even send Sink some money. Scott can NEVER be governor of my state. Mopossum


  12. However you feel about Rick Scott winning the primary do NOT let it sway you to vote for Ms. Sink. She would be terrible as Governor and would continue to cripple an already ailing state economy. Rick Scott has his baggage, but he has not tried to hide it, we know what we are getting with him. Look at the issues and vote on them, not because you’re mad that McCollum lost and was beaten by a novice. We need more political novices in office, not career politicians like Ms. Sink.
    Go Rick Scott!


  13. How do you think Scott made his businesses profitable? By paying people a living wage? Ha! By cutting the cost of salaries of the little guy, stealing from old people (largest Medicare Fraud in U.S. History) and making sure there was a huge Golden Parachute for himself when he was fired after “learning all those lessons” about “accountability.” Now, add in the fact that he has no idea how the State of Florida government operates, and has no appreciation for the fact that it involves dealing with all these politicians he (and others loathe) and you have a prescription for an in- over-his-head, learning on the job, disaster. If you think Scott’s the answer, you’re delusional.


  14. Like others, I find myself in the position of having to choose between Alex Sink, a individual with whom I disagree with ideologically, or Rick Scott, who I don’t think meets the minimum ethical standards to be governor. I have decided that I’m not voting for Scott. I just haven’t decided whether I should vote for Sink or sit this one out entirely. Then again, maybe I’ll write-in Jeb Bush.


  15. Don’t let the fake “republicans” make you think they would have ever voted for any Republican. They work for Sink. If you vote for Crist, you also vote for Sink.

    Keep your eyes on the prize people. Huffington post knows this site, and is going to pepper the comments with shills working to grow government and “sink” us.

    Like I said before Medicare is a fraud to begin with, out of 2.5 BILLION in fraud, they will find much more they don’t prosecute. The investigations form a kangaroo court, and with that they can charge any institution with a criminal act. They never charged anyone, and the repayment of money was a fraction of what Columbia billed under Medicare.


  16. I think it’s very disingenious for Republicans to say, “I’ve supported the Republican Party all my life but I’m going to vote for Sink because my preferred GOP candidate did not win.”

    Grow up people! Sink is bad for Florida. She isn’t conservative, she will support Obama, she will try to stop a law suit against Obama Care, she will try to take redistricting out of the legislative process and give it to a bunch of smoke-filled room judges, and she will support the teachers union over the children in our school system…And, I’m just getting started.

    I know that losing is hard, but Rick Scott is not a crook and will make a good governor the same way the last businessman (who by the way everyone said was corrupt) was the best governor for this state ever – Jeb Bush.

    I think Scott has a tough decision for Lt. Gov., but I think a good choice would be for him to make an offer to John Thrasher, ask him to resign RPOF Chair and ask Paula Dockery to be interim RPOF chair.



  17. The republican “Establishment” didn’t want Marco Rubio either!! And some ELECTED Republicans are still supporting Charlie Crist (Mike Fasano)to name one.
    All these “elites” go to the SAME country clubs and don’t want “outsiders” involved in their party.(Bob Dole gave $1,000.00 to Crist)And the Bush Family is Progressive, like it or not, facts are uncomfortable.
    So either the republicans get their act together, Grow up, and represent the Constitution and the voters decisions, or become the Whig Party in the dustbin of history.2010-2012 is their last chance or we walk.


  18. In reading all these comments there is a common theme that says people are tired of “political insiders”. I know that is the theme out there these days but I just don’t buy it. Across the state and nation the “political insiders” won their primaries in overwhelming numbers. Even John McCain won. Rick Scott may very well be a good choice for Florida, we will see, but he did not win because he was a political outsider, he won because he spent 50 million dollars and was a political outsider. There is a huge difference. If they had even money; McCullum would have prevailed. Check the facts, people say they want incumbents out but then vote for the incumbent almost every time. In this case Scott was able to overwhelm with cash marketing; not simply voter sentiment.


  19. MiltonFriedman, your post is a little disingenuous. First, the article specifically states that the trustees were not even informed about the SEC investigation by those running the fund. Second, it was announced earlier this year that the SEC completed its’ fraud investigation and took no action. What’s your point?


  20. State Employee Pensions are bankrupting Florida,”Double Retirees” earn Retirement pay AND Salary,Obama&Crist bail out Teacher Unions while “education” results plummet*,(compare competence & knowledge of 1960 HS graduates to 2010 HS grads, not even close!)and County Property Taxes Keep GOING UP !!!! When do you own your home? NEVER !,as you have to keep paying and paying taxes or it is confiscated.

    “Posterity — you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.” –John Quincy Adams

    “I think, therefore I am not a Democrat. I fight; therefore I am not a Republican.” Unknown

    “When Injustice becomes Law, Resistance becomes Duty.” Thomas Jefferson


  21. I too will vote for Alex Sink now. I can not, in good faith, vote for someone who is a crook. And for those of you who said Scott was never charged and that he didn’t know what was going on with his own corporation, then I say he isn’t competent enough to be our governor. It is a difficult decision I am making but I will not reward corruption with my vote!


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