Scott may not be a Saint, but Sink is no Angel

The 2010 primary races are over in Florida, and the Republican primary nominee for Governor is Rick Scott. The race wasn’t even close, with Scott winning in 53 of 67 counties. A win this big for a virtual political outsider should send a strong message to those who control the Republican Party of Florida. Unfortunately, that message isn’t resonating with quite a few people.

Once again, voters will get to pick from the lesser of two evils. Which one is it?

By Scott Factor

The 2010 primary races are over in Florida, and the Republican primary nominee for Governor is Rick Scott. The race wasn’t even close, with Scott winning in 53 of 67 counties. A win this big for a virtual political outsider should send a strong message to those who control the Republican Party of Florida. Unfortunately, that message isn’t resonating with quite a few people.

For the record, I am not a Scott supporter. I have issues with a guy who wants a job so bad that he’s willing to spend $50 plus million on his own campaign for a job that pays a low six figure salary, a salary he has reportedly vowed not to accept should he win. It all just doesn’t make sense, and just reeks of the escapades of an egotist.

However, I believe that for any party to survive, it cannot make a habit of eating its own members. This view is shared by Republican Party leaders, who after showing strong support for McCollum, have since come out and issued strong statements supporting Scott. These leaders recognize the importance of unity within the party.

Although registered as a Republican, I consider myself an independent thinker and voter. The Republican Party of Florida has done much to anger me and a lot of other voters in the past few years, so I find it difficult to support the G.O.P. sometimes. I frequently must reexamine my core beliefs and talk myself into voting for the lesser of two evils – that lesser often being Republican.

In the case of Scott vs. Sink, I find that lesser to be Rick Scott. Unfortunately, anger is clouding the judgment of some very influential leaders, and there are rumblings of a mutiny in the Florida Republican Party as it relates to the governor’s race. There are many McCollum supporters who are angry enough to already be making noises about supporting the Democrat’s nominee, Alex Sink. To those who are thinking this, please stop and use some reason and logic for a moment.

While it’s true that Rick Scott was involved in the largest Medicare fraud case in history, to his credit he never denied his involvement and was never criminally charged. Since he has never been politically connected, he would have been one big fish for the United States Attorney to cook, clean, and fry without hesitation. However, he was never charged because there was no evidence of his direct involvement in any crime.

Alex Sink was never charged with a crime, either. However, that doesn’t make her actions morally superior to Rick Scott. If you’re wondering what I am talking about, follow along closely here.

Remember Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis? He was forced to resign due to some “oversights” involved with taking over Merrill Lynch, almost causing the bank to fail? You know, asking for government bailouts on one hand while holding the other out for large bonuses?  Guess who he mentored? Alex Sink, when she was President of the Florida division of Bank of America. She learned well.

She learned how to pad her pockets on the backs of hard working Floridians.  When she was in charge, Bank of America crafted a merger with what was then Barnett Bank. Her first move? Lay-off (fire) 6,000 people (Orlando Sentinel, 01/01/98).  Why on earth would she do that, you ask?  Well, when you do a lay-off, it causes the short term profits to rise and hence a rise in stock price.

It just so happens that Alex Sink owned stock and stock options…lots of them.  According to the Associated Press (2002), Alex Sink earned more than $2.8 million in stock options and compensation in 2001, shortly after the lay-offs. That was a bit lower than the $3.4 plus million she made in year 2000.

That Alex Sink, she’s something else…at least, that’s what Ken Lewis said of her, shortly before he was indicted in New York. Said Lewis, “She’s bright. She’s a good communicator. She’s a winner. She’s driven to do all she can to succeed.” (Orlando Sentinel, 02/05/10)  Including the firing of 6,000 people?

Rick Scott’s company over-billed Medicare. Medicare billing is so complicated, that many people have made entire careers out of manipulating the billing system for large companies and small, earning the respect of their peers for the profits they reap. When the government decided to make an example of someone, they went for the biggest fish. That fish was HCA, the company Rick Scott founded. 

However, Alex Sink fired people. Firing people is so difficult, some people have made a career out of it, as demonstrated in the George Clooney movie “Up In The Air.” Clooney played the part of a corporate downsizer, a hired gun if you will. His job was to fire people, one at a time. Alex Sink fired 6,000 at one time, and never blinked. No hired gun was necessary. After all, her stock options were at stake. 

Is that who you really want as your governor?

A Floridian, Scott Factor is a graduate of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla. and earned his M.B.A. at St. Leo University. He writes conservative rants focusing on the national political landscape. E-mail him at:

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9 thoughts on “Scott may not be a Saint, but Sink is no Angel”

  1. Your connection of Alex Sink to Ken Lewis is specious at best.

    A mentor can be someone who takes a direct, personal interest in your career, they can be someone whose career you follow in the public media, or they can be someone you emulate.

    Given you have no personal direct knowledge of their relationship or how deep it was and for you to characterize it as a mentor-mentee relationship, regardless of how they caharaacterized it is false and misleading and only serves as a pathetic attempt at rallying vacillating republicans to the party flag.

    Why don’t you admit you’re a republican through and through and tear down the facade that you’re an indepenent thinker and voter?


  2. As for Rick Scott, further inquiry is needed. The question that has never been answered is Why was Rick Scott never charged with a crime regarding his company’s Medicare fraud? It is not an answer to just dismiss it as a result of the complications of Medicare billing. Many others comply with Medicare. Scott’s company actively and systematically defrauded Medicare, which is to say ne defrauded us taxpayers. Did Scott gain immunity by turning “state’s evidence”? We don’t know whether he did or did not.

    Alex Sink did nothing wrong by laying off people after the merger. Reducing cost of operations is one of the target benefits of a merger, and one of the ways that is done is by eliminating redundant employee positions. It is an inconvenient fact of business life. And Alex Sink was long gone from Bank of America when it bought Merrill Lynch.


  3. Don’t you get it!!! It is all about the message Scott is saying. It resinates with a lot of people and is something that is needed in ALL of government.


  4. I voted for Scott because I was tired of a career politician;and as an addendum, has acted very childish following his defeat. I was prepared to vote for McCollum if he had won the primary as almost any Republican is better than a Dimicrat. I held my nose and voted for McCain after swearing during the presidential primary I would never vote for that RINO, and cursing Charlie Crist for his last minute slimy endorsement.If you hate Scott, who is the opposite of a RINO,maybe you are still supporting Crist, or you think Sink would do anything but raise taxes,encourage unionization,support Obama in 2012, and increase government intrusion in your life.
    “I think, therefore I am not a dimicrat. I fight,therefore I am not a republican.” I am a Constitutional Conservative, and Scott could be Florida’s Chris Christie. Isn’t that a chance worth taking? With Sink You KNOW what you’ll get!


  5. A vote for Alex Sink is a vote for Obama. Rick Scott is a successful business man and I think that is the CHANGE Florida needs. Much of the Medicare Fraud was from companies he bought – before he bought them. If he had participated – he would have been charged. McCollum is an embarrassment to the Republicans. If he really cares about Florida – he will unite behind his party and quit acting like a big baby. He lost – so get over it and move on. We don’t have much time and the result of a split party will be bad for Florida. All Republicans need to unite behind Rick Scott. The alternative is Sink. Then who are you really punishing? Scott or the people of Florida?


  6. I have not decided which way I am voting as of yet, I like the fact that Rick Scott is an outsider (or so I think he is but really who is at that level as an executive) anyway I worked for Bank of America at the time Alex Sink was an executive and can not think of one bad thing to say. As far as the letting go of positions, it was consolidation of duplication of the two banks. All those associates received very handsome severance packages in addition the bank usually will look to relocate and move as many as possible within the bank, yet it still show a loss of jobs (i have seem this done in my 20+ years with the bank and it was no different when Alex as here). Oh by the way as employees we all has stock options that were worth $$.


  7. I’ll vote for Rick as well. We need more people like him to defraud the government. He has such an honest face so another vote for him. And since he says he is not a career politician so another vote will go to him. I hope when he becomes governor and when I defraud the government I know he will back me up.


  8. Didn’t Alex Sink get fired herself? She sure deserved to be after what she did to Barnett and all the Barnett customers. I’ll vote for SATAN before I’ll vote for that witch


  9. Scott has already stated he would down size government, cut taxes and change current employees retirement. So that means layoffs and less money for these employees. So I guess that’s ok for government employees but not for private sector ones to be layed off.

    My question would be would Rick Scott as Governor or an instructed Florida Attorney General go after companies for Medicare and Medicaid fraud?


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