3 thoughts on “Obama Fairy – a Jake Fuller cartoon”

  1. It kills me. It took 8 years for our country to get on a path to hell. And somehow people think it should take two years to clean up this mess we are in. Wow what dilusional minds. Amerians are just about last in everything in comparison to other well-educated nations. We are Americans and should be second to none. Both parties in Congress are not only fighting each other but are fighting among themselves. Bills cannot get passed until both parties start thinking of the American people and not themselves. Give Obama a break. We had a Hollywood actor in the White House who said Ketchup was a vegetable and then a man that was seletected and not elected run our country into the ground 2 terms. We are the stupid ones. We are so used to unintelligent Presidents that when a smart one comes along we become afraid of change. Love You All…Peace.


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