Reckless Rubio never met a perk he didn’t like

The Sarasota Herald Tribune has an in-depth article about Marco Rubio today.

It’s not a flattering article for sure, and Kool-aid drinking Rubio supporters will no doubt put their blinders on and ignore it or blame the “liberal media” for all of Marco’s problems.

What you see is not what you are going to get.

By Chris Ingram

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has an in-depth article about Marco Rubio today.

It’s not a flattering article for sure, and Kool-aid drinking Rubio supporters (one of which I used to be) will no doubt put their blinders on and ignore it or blame the “liberal media” for all of Marco’s problems.

Bottom line is this: Marco Rubio is not what he appears to be.

Special deals, bank foreclosures, questionable spending on other people’s credit cards…this is a man who has trouble knowing right from wrong — or at minimum never saw a special favor he said “no” to.

I’m still waiting for Rubio to come clean on his kitchen renovation paid for with an RPOF American Express card. Know this: there is a very good reason why Rubio and the Republican Party of Florida have failed to provide copies of actual card expenses from Rubio and other party bosses. People who have nothing to hide, don’t hide.

But alas, what should we expect? Afterall, Marco Rubio is just another career politician looking to line his own pocket.

To read the Herald-Tribune article click on the link below.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9.

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20 thoughts on “Reckless Rubio never met a perk he didn’t like”

  1. Rubio is not perfect. I wish Smith had staid in the race. With the anti establishment tide by primary time he might have had a chance.

    But now we have a choice, 2 Obama supporters Crist and Meek whoses future primary runs will be in the hands of public sector unions or Rubio whose future primary chances are in the hands of the Tea Party


  2. Rubio is not perfect. I wish Smith had stayed in the race. With the anti establishment tide by primary time he might have had a chance.

    But now we have a choice, 2 Obama supporters Crist and Meek whoses future primary runs will be in the hands of public sector unions or Rubio whose future primary chances are in the hands of the Tea Party


  3. Problem 1, my browser is set to ask before allowing cookies, the second I clicked on the link for the Herald Tribune article, a popup came up asking if I wanted to allow a cookie from the New York Times, which wasn’t an advertisement on the page. Leading me to believe they control the Tribune.

    Problem 2, the article is busy criticizing Rubio for financial problems that seem to directly relate to the housing mess. We all are having issues with declining home values, my home value has declined by over 40% in the last 3 years. Considering what our income was before the housing crisis, my wife and I have a financial picture that seems to mirror Rubio’s, in content not numbers, but since I’m not running for political office, no newspaper is writing articles about me.

    Problem 3, most of the charges in the article are heresay and inuendo, with no hard facts, backed by documentation, cited.

    Problem 4, even if the issues raised were proven, they pale in comparison to similar issues raised about Obama staffers. The whole article, IMHO, is merely a lightweight hatchet job, perpetrated by supporters of Kendrick Meek. It seems to me that it is an attempt by the “legitimate press” to slam Rubio, while allowing Meek to keep his hands clean during a political campaign.


  4. ok…ok…..I got it. Rubio is a thief. But, he is electable right? Isn’t that enough to give him a pass? Isn’t that the bottom line?
    We overlooked Scott’s baggage didn’t we?


  5. Thank you Chris for pointing out to everyone what should be “commonsense” why doesn’t Rubio and the repulican party disclose the actual AMEX bills because they have something to hide.

    I for one will not just vote because there is an R behind their names. I am so tired of everyone saying yes we know Scott is a thief, yes we know Rubio is a thief too, but we will hold our nose and vote for them. So just because they are a republican you think it is ok because they are electable. We should vote for them no matter how unethical they are. I guess what you are saying is we can keep the same old corrupt GOP in Tallahasee as long as we win even if it hurts floridains!

    Go figure…


  6. Once a voter decides on a candidate they can do just about anything they want for most of our population is afraid to admit they made a mistake.
    Chris and early supporter of Rubio did just that. Now if a few more people can do the same then maybe we can put this youngster out to pasture while their is still time.
    How can fans of his say it is okay to spend and steal from the party.
    I used to contribute to Florida’s GOP, but not anymore because of its support of Rubio the Crook,


  7. I love how everyone is ready to hang Rubio for charges made, but unproven. Doesn’t he have a right to the presumption of innocence, or is that just for Democrats (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, et-al)?
    Scott, on the other hand, is a proven crook, but Chris slammed McCollum in favor of Scott.
    Now, I admit, I don’t know Chris beyond what he writes here, but I am also pragmatic in that I don’t take someone’s word for fact just because it is in print.
    I know the “Lesser of two evils” is not the best way to vote, but if these guys were perfect, they wouldn’t be in politics.
    Show me the perfect candidate and I will vote for him/her, but until that happens, I will vote against the socialist and the flip-flopper, until someone better comes along. Remember, the last perfect person was born over 2000 years ago to a virgin and a carpenter.
    Not voting isn’t an option unless you are one of those “I didn’t vote for him” types, who just wants to say they were right. Voting for an unknown/unheard of candidate is just as bad. We all need to find the best person for the job and start supporting them and getting the word out now, for the 2012 election, because it’s too late this time around.
    The Tea Party got lots of candidates recognized, without spending tons of ad money. It can be done, and must be done. We can ill afford to sit idly by and let anyone tell us who to vote for, we need to get organized now and do something about it!


  8. ALEXANDER SNITKER, Libertarian candidate is your choice. Citizen candidate, U.S. Marine veteran, knows what it is like to work a real job and pay real bills (without taking any special interest money to do it). He is fed up with the BS and wants to do something about it!

    DO NOT HOLD YOUR NOSE WHEN YOU VOTE IN THIS ELECTION when you have an honest choice. Hold all elected officials and candidates accountable. Otherwise, things will remain the same.


  9. if you’re disenchanted w/ the 2-parties; have a disdain for career politicians that are tainted by political scandal – and that touches rubio, crist and meek, then the logical alternative is Alexander Snitker. a true citizen legislator. something washington dc desperately needs.


  10. What a joke! Rubio was given a Corporate card from the party and he was allowed to use it for personal expenses as long as he reported it and paid it in which he did. The party investigation found no wrong doing on Mr.Rubio’s part. All this is about is the Crist and the Snitker campaigns are trying to hurt Rubio’s chances of winning because they know he is ahead. Desperate people do desperate things!


  11. Terrific, how much importance or effect can ONE Libertarian have in the Senate? He is USELESS in the Senate. Those who think Snitker could get ANYWHERE with the Democrat/Socialist Senate are NUTS. A vote for Snitker is a vote for continued Democrat/Socialist control!!! And a vote for Crist means the same thing. 57 Democrats, 2 Independents and 47 Republicans in the Senate….. And one tiny little Libertarian will have POWER to change things? I got some swamp land I want to sell you.


  12. At this point in time you have two choices: vote for Obama via either Crist or Meeks or vote for someone who knows what the people want and is willing to carry that position to dc. Vote for Crist/Meeks and watch this country go down the drain. Simple as that.


  13. One cannot read this article and believe that Marco Rubio is a “fiscal conservative.” Give me a break (or should I say give Marco another “consulting job” as a political favor??) How can you believe his B.S.?


  14. Agree with anonymous. It appears Mr. Rubio has a penchant for the high-life. He seems to be a lot like Msrs. Greer and Crist. I won’t vote for Rubio even though I am a conservative because he is no different than the rest of these politicians.


  15. I’ve heard much concern about spitting the vote and keeping the “D”‘s in power.
    One Libertarian Alex Snitker in the U.S. Senate may seem insignificant to some, but an honest citizen statesman in the US Senate is what the people hunger for.
    Never underestimate the power of ideas backed by the will of the people.
    Have faith. Do what’s right and you’ll be alright.
    Vote for Alex Snitker


  16. A politician doing something underhanded & dishonest? No? Never happen, time to stop drinking the Kool-aid. Since before Rome politics has been DIRTY! It does NOT attract the best people, so you pick the thief that will hurt you the least. That’s Rubio ALL day long. Like me want to send Meeks or Crist up to Washington to sit in Obama’s lap. NO THANKS!


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