Ingram makes offer to Rubio

In an attempt to obfuscate the issue surrounding his improper use of RPOF credit cards for personal gain, Marco Rubio’s campaign has engaged in a smear tactic by suggesting my motivations in exposing him were motivated by selfish reasons. Specifically, they have falsely suggested I shared this information because the Rubio campaign did not hire me for political campaign consulting services.

Stop lying about my record, and I’ll stop telling the truth about yours

By Chris Ingram

In an attempt to obfuscate the issue surrounding his improper use of RPOF credit cards for personal gain, Marco Rubio’s campaign has engaged in a smear tactic by suggesting my motivations in exposing him were for selfish reasons. Specifically, they have falsely suggested I shared this information because the Rubio campaign did not hire me for political campaign consulting services.

Rubio knows this is a flat out lie. He and I never discussed my employment with the campaign. My offer for service was limited to an assessment of his campaign’s communications/press team and was offered “gratis.” While Rubio never took me up on the offer, we continued talking for several months thereafter.

In an effort to “clear the air” I offer to take a professionally administered lie detector test and will answer any questions Rubio would like to ask me about this matter. Rubio can submit as many questions as he would like. I will not request they be vetted or approved by me in any way. Furthermore, I authorize the results to be released to the media and anyone else who asks for them.

This offer is contingent upon one thing.

Rubio must answer one simple question while attached to a lie detector machine and the results must similarly be made public.

The question is: did you charge improvements for your kitchen floor renovation to your Republican Party of Florida American Express card?

How much you want to bet Mr. Rubio doesn’t take me up on the offer?

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9.

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18 thoughts on “Ingram makes offer to Rubio”

  1. If he can put Charlie Crist out of the political spectrum in Florida, I will drive to Miami and install the kitchen floor myself! We get it!!!


  2. I am tired of everyone saying negative things about everyone. I just want someone who I can trust….I know I need to move to fanatasy island because that place doesn’t exist – – especially here in Florida. I am so disappointed. The republican party did a TERRIBLE job this year in selecting their candidates for the senate and governor. I can’t trust the press because most are biased – can’t trust most tv because it is biased – TRUST….WHO???? However that being said – I will still vote and as a Floridian I will vote Republician because I still believe that is the lesser or all evils.


  3. Chris, I think it is clear that he put the charges for the flooring on his RPOF card. However, I believe he paid it back. I know my husband puts stuff on his company card that is personal and it is then deducted from his next paycheck. Kind of like an interest free loan, right? So,I’m not seeing what your HUGE problem is with that. Correct me if I’m wrong please.


  4. Chris, Fla. has way to much to lose by not voting for Rubio. Just think what a set back it would be if Charlie gets in.
    I really believe it would be in our best interest to move on from this issue and hope that Rubio lives up to his word.
    I bet most of your readers would agree.


  5. RytStuf,

    No clue where your hubby works, but that is a problem and his company’s board of directors and stockholders should take it to the CEO. That’s bad management. A company issued credit card is for company related expenses.

    People who donate money to a Party are not doing it so the people who work for the Party can increase their personal purchasing power. Those donors are the stockholders, if you will, and have a right to know the accounting of every penny that is spent and where it is spent. Transparency is the absolute price of public service. And using a card (regardless if you reimburse or not) that you wouldn’t have otherwise to use to buy something personal is wrong.


  6. “A company issued credit card is for company related expenses.” Actually, in a for-profit corporation, a company issued credit card is for whatever is not prohibited by law or company policy (i.e. you can’t buy hookers with it, or crack). But “Anon” – please don’t offer any more legal advice. If the company deducts it from a paycheck, they obviously have a policy whereby the expenses are reviewed and personal expenses are deducted.

    Anyway…Chris, let this go. It looks like sour grapes.


  7. Karen…in a perfect world you are right. Look at the mess our country is in right now. What do you suggest the voters do?
    Be honest…or should I say transparent.


  8. Big deal Chris. What about Gov Crist and company and their dealings – are you reporting on corruption within the Florida government or running against Rubio? Are you supporting Crist for senate? If so admit this is a Crist hit piece. I say again, we have two choices, vote for the Obama/Dem agenda to fundamentally change America (USSR revisited) by voting for Crist/Meeks or vote for Rubio and send someone to congress who will really represent us, the people. This is a year where the choices are pretty black and white.


  9. This an obvious Crist hit piece. If Chris wanted a conservative in office hit would quit typing this garbage. Sounds as though the kid is mad at his neighborhood friends and is taking his toys home to cry to mommy. I finally had enough with Irreverent View emails and asked to be removed. Lets just say the response I received was not very professional.


  10. Here is Eric’s (9:37) unsubscribe e-mail and my reply to him.

    From: Redacted
    Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 5:19 PM
    Subject: RE: Ingram makes offer to Rubio

    Please remove me from your list. I am a supporter of Rubio and if you are not supporting him you must me a Liberal or on the Charlie Christ side.

    To: Redacted
    Subject: RE: Ingram makes offer to Rubio
    Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 17:32:27 -0400

    Enjoy the Kool-aid!


  11. I like you and your honesty. You are right. And it’s worse. Marco Rubio is not a real Tea Partier. He’s a media invention paid for by the big-government Bushicrat political machine that continues to bedevil the GOP.




  13. Folks, you all need to be aware of company rules. My husband’s company, that he works for, which is a rather large company to speak of, actually has a line item on the expense report for personal expenses. So, NO it’s not illeagal nor unethical! But I really could care less what you all think. You don’t sign his pay checks!


  14. Chris is at it again, small extremitities excited to place big words against someone running for office who must be a bigger man than chris is. This is like the sharp for BOCC race where chris has to say his peice instead of building his family with his peice. I wish chris had some solutions. All he has is the same old stuff “I have a head ache” “I’m tired” “It doesn’t work” “where are the blue pills anyway” “We need to think this thru” “we need to wait till the weekend” “I have to get up early” “someone may hear us” Same old stuff same old lame excuses no vision to fix our country just spend spend spend….where did you put the AMEX?


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