Sharon Day: this is not a cat fight

Sharon Day called me out on my assertion earlier today that her e-mail to the RPOF State Committee was in response to Deborah Cox-Roush’s announcing her intention to run for state party chair.

“And we don’t need kitty litter”

By Chris Ingram

Sharon Day called me out on my assertion earlier today that her e-mail to the RPOF State Committee was in response to Deborah Cox-Roush’s announcing her intention to run for state party chair. According to Day, her letter was not directed at Cox-Roush, but at all candidates running/considering to run for the seat Jim Greer made so famous.

That said, Day’s letter referenced the e-mail Cox-Roush sent last night and Day admitted Cox-Roush is the only person she is aware of who has so publicly stated their intentions. It’s hard to agree with Day that her letter wasn’t at least motivated by Cox-Roush’s announcement, but I agreed to publicly point out she doesn’t consider it that way.

Day also pointed out that it was unfair for me to have characterized this issue as a “cat fight” between two women. She noted if two men had the same dispute it wouldn’t have been referenced as such. Guilty. I’m sorry. My apologies to both Deborah and Sharon. As the father of three girls, I should reject such gender characterizations.

Sometimes it’s too easy (and thoughtless) to see such an unfairness at the time it’s being written.

A call for a comment from Cox-Roush was not returned as of reporting.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at:

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15 thoughts on “Sharon Day: this is not a cat fight”

  1. Shame on you Chris for such an insensitive comment! But, however, insensitive, gender biased, politically incorrect, it was a pretty accurate description.
    No doubt Day will announce her intentions. Can you say November 3rd? That with success in the elections behind the GOP in Florida, Day will want to help move us forward and put herself out their for the good of the party.
    Why not just have them all announce now and we’ll see who brings home more votes in their part of the state as a gauge of success.


  2. Chris,
    Thanks for adjusting your comment ie-release about the so called Cat Fight.I know both ladies and they have the best of intentions where the Republican Party is concerned.
    We are all calling on all parties interested in the Chairman’s position to hold off until after November 2nd so all our energy can and will stay focused on electing Republicans.
    There will be plenty of time for campaigning later. When asked,some have chosen to be open and honest with members as to their intentions but all have said that they will not campaign until after the 11/2/10 election day.
    Paul Senft
    National Committeeman,


  3. Now you’ve got thier attention! You crack me up man! Keep staying after all these guys., its good for America.
    One day, people will understand its just easier to admit they did a stupid thing and regret it and won’t do it again, and move on and hope people will too.
    Nobody is perfect, in fact, show me a perfect person and I’ll show you someone I’d never vote for!!

    Take care


  4. Deborah has every right to announce her intentions and if you recall in her annoncement email she indicated we all need to stay focused on the campaigns in November.. Jealousy is an evil thing…


  5. I’m glad you cleared that up. I know Sharon Day and DCR and this is certainly not a cat fight. Both are very honorable women who’s best intentions are for the Party.


  6. Everyone should wait until after the elections before announcing. When the Vice Chair travels the state is she promoting Republican candidates or is she promoting herself?

    By announcing, she is telling everyone she is only promoting herself. And by the way, she might not even be reelected Chairman of her county.


  7. And what exactly qualifies one to become the head of the state party? Furthermore, the people of Florida, don’t get to even pick the person!


  8. “We need to take the hill and win in November before we skirmish amongst ourselves in the trenches. It’s unprecedented to begin angling for Chair in the days leading up to such an important election.”


  9. I just can’t help mysef here. What it takes to be names Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida is to be elected by the collective vote of the State Committee men & women and chairmen of each of the 67 counties that have an REC. Having said that I remember so clearly the way we got stuck with our previous chairman.(like Valdemort the one who shall remain nameless) He had never served on REC, had to have his local SCman step down to gain admittance and then our the Rep.GOV brought enough elected officials to vote to shove him into office by 7 votes. In the 20 years I attended those 1/4ly meetings I NEVER saw once and never again that many elected officials vote in the State Party Election! I love grassroots!!!


  10. you republicans are so really predictable…..bite each other and then say the spit makes you all shine like new gold! The rep party looks like an ER room after a train wreck! Broken Bloody and every body need to poop to get their own BS out!
    I still can’t beleive the FTW that chris all cuddled up to our chair lady from Sarasota as he went after your own Rubio….we call that a furture democrat. Maybe chris just wants to be the ER doctor for the REP party under the new ObamaCare. I am sure the pay is good there with his new mistress bc on nine! Where do I get tickets for the train here in odessa?


  11. Chris,

    If you are to retain your cred as the “irreverent” one, please refrain from apologizing for calling a cat fight, a cat fight. I hated to see you cave to gender correctness. Your piece on these sparring Republican women would have been much less colorful had you not used the cat fight angle…and we have enough blah political writing.

    Keep your edge, man. Don’t let us chicks change you. (Even if you do have three daughters. If you are raising them right with tough hides and senses of humor, they won’t be offended by dear old dad or anyone else.)




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