Party candidates just double-talk, fool voters

If you have watched the debates for the U.S. Senate race, you may not be happy with the three media-made candidates in this race. The reason is simple. You watched three candidates rehash their commercials, using only attacks and well rehearsed lines. They did not talk to you about the true message of freedom and liberty that everyone is looking for. The United States Constitution was barely a footnote in the discussion.

U.S. Senate candidate Snitker looks for real solutions and avoids platitutes

By Alex Snitker

If you have watched the debates for the U.S. Senate race, you may not be happy with the three media-made candidates in this race. The reason is simple. You watched three candidates rehash their commercials, using only attacks and well rehearsed lines. They did not talk to you about the true message of freedom and liberty that everyone is looking for. The United States Constitution was barely a footnote in the discussion.

Before you go into the voting booth, let me tell you why you should vote for me, Alexander Snitker.

Photo: Snitker with his wife and young son.

Vote for Snitker because we must create the conditions for the free market to bloom. This will not be achieved by tinkering with percentages and margins within the current tax structure. We must abolish income-based taxation, replace it with consumption-based taxation. By instituting a plan such as the FairTax, we will ensure that no American pays taxes below the poverty line. The FairTax includes a prebate to all Americans that covers the amount of tax one will pay for the basic necessities of life. It removes the Washington’s ability to control our actions with carrot-and-stick taxation in the form of tax incentives and penalties. It gives all Americans the freedom to determine how much tax they pay, by deciding how they spend the money they earn. It stimulates the economy by letting Americans keep all of their paycheck, and brings back American jobs by eliminating many of the incentives for companies to look to overseas labor.

Vote for Snitker because we must end the Federal Reserve System and balance the federal budget. Only a full reversal of course will stop us from financial ruin. Simply slowing the growth of the federal government will only delay the impending economic ruin caused by our unsustainable national debt. Rubio, Crist and Meek will, at best, slow the exponential growth of the government. I plan to pass the Enumerated Powers act and to sunset every piece of federal legislation. This will force all existing laws go back through the House and Senate, and Congress will have to not only examine the cost, but define whether each law is Constitutional.

Vote for Snitker because our current foreign policy is counter-productive to our national defense goals, and has resulted in the demise of our civil liberties. We must elect officials who understand that the proper role of the federal government is to protect the life, liberty and property of its citizens. We cannot afford to give up liberty for a sense of security. We need to repeal the Orwellian PATRIOT Act. We must eliminate all government foreign aid. We must return to the Founders’ philosophy of “entangling alliances with none and free trade with all.”

Vote for Snitker because we must move to a monetary policy that is backed by intrinsic value. We start with a full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve, and enacting the Competing Currencies Act. The audit will let the American people pull back the curtain of the Fed, and see where our prosperity has gone. Competing currencies will give us the ability to pay our debts with gold and silver. Let’s give the Fed some competition. Isn’t that the American way?

Vote for Snitker because we have a population that has become addicted to entitlements. We must teach people how to live in a free society, and the responsibility that goes with it. This task will take generations, but it starts with giving people the ability to opt out of programs like Medicare and Social Security. It continues with incentivizing individuals and companies to assist the Americans who are dependent on government programs, by teaching them to be independent and productive. Free market companies can be compensated when these dependent Americans no longer need government entitlements. Put it in perspective of a child. Wouldn’t you rather pay for your child to go to college than to have them stay at home with you supporting them for the rest of your life?

I have just listed a few of the many reasons to vote for me on November second. We must vote principle above party going forward if we are to save our Republic. If you are holding your nose and voting for the lesser evil…you are making the wrong decision.

Alex Snitker is the Libertarian Party candidate for Florida’s open U.S. Senate seat.

3 thoughts on “Party candidates just double-talk, fool voters”

  1. America is going in the wrong direction because of people like Rubio and Crist who are just looking for a job. Snitker would be a true citizen legislator and not beholden to all the party bosses and special interest groups. I voted my conscience and voted for Snitker.


  2. For the most part, I like what Snitker has to say, but we hit the one sticking point that I seem to disagree with many people on, the (un)Fair Tax.
    This tax seeks to remove the underground economy by being consumption based. My problems with it are based on a number of points.

    1. The “prebate” that seeks to send money to people that would ostensibly offset their basic needs tax. With the unweildy structure already in place in the Federal Government, that we have to deal with in getting our tax rebates already, I don’t see any improvement here. Also, it doesn’t do anything to help with the underground economy because it seems to me that it will be based on previous tax returns, so people in the underground economy will be getting a prebate that they aren’t actually entitled to. Plus, are you going to tell me that I am going to get a check in the mail for $1200 to cover the tax you will be charging me on just my groceries for the year? How are you going to determine my other “basic needs” expenses and the corresponding tax “prebate”?

    2. Proponents of this tax keep saying that it won’t cost us more, because the price of everything will drop because of taxes that the manufacturers/suppliers won’t be paying on income. WHAT?? Who are you kidding? Does anyone really believe that the price of anything will drop by the 23% that this tax is proposed to be? Or do you believe that companies will use this as an opportunity to increase their profit margin?

    3. What about the existing state sales tax? Is that going away also? I doubt it.

    4. In my daily life, I do minor home repairs for senior citizens. You know, the people with a fixed income that the Obama admin has decided don’t need a cost of living increase for 2 years running. Have you priced such things as groceries lately? How about items from Home Depot or Lowe’s? Did you happen to notice if the prices have been going up or down? I’ll give you a hint, they haven’t gone down. Can you imagine how people that are already struggling with their bills will be affected when you add 23% to their cost of groceries, or the materials needed to fix a hole in the floor of their mobile homes? Where do you think they will cut corners, on food or their physical safety?

    The whole idea of this “Fair Tax” is a bigger boondoggle than just instituting a 10% flat tax, with no deductions beyond the personal deduction. Simplify the tax code by removing all the deductions that make people cheat on their taxes to lower their rate, and make it simple. You make $100,000 a year after personal deduction? Send us $10,000 and you get to keep $90,000. No need to pay an accountant to do your taxes, no need to wait for tax return checks, and the money you work for is yours, minus the small amount needed to operate the government. Oh, by the way, CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING!!!


  3. Another problem with the (un)Fair Tax is that you will be paying taxes on taxes!
    The people that are always a target of the tax people, smokers and alcohol consumers, will not only be paying this tax, but there are also federal and state exise taxes already included in the price of these items, plus there is the federal exise tax on automobiles. Can you imagine what will happen to the price of a new car if the “fair tax” is instituted? As it is, we are paying state sales tax on these federal and state taxes. No matter how many times this issue has been raised about this illegal practice, we still pay double taxes on these items.
    Then, there is the issue of the gasoline tax, and if a “fair tax” would be assesed on those purchases. As it is, federal gasoline taxes are some of the highest taxes we pay, and if you think the fed is willing to drop those taxes in favor of the “fair tax”, you are sadly mistaken.
    I can see no way that the prices of everything won’t skyrocket if this tax is instituted, and there is no way anyone can convince me that it will even out vs the income tax we pay now.


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