Sink to concede?

UPDATE: Sink conceded shortly after 10:30 a.m.

Press Conference set for this a.m.

By Chris Ingram

In what may be her concession speech to Rick Scott, Alex Sink has scheduled a press conference at 10:45 a.m. this morning.

Meanwhile Republican and Democrat Party leaders are dispatching attorneys to the slow reporting counties which include Broward, Dade, Duval, Hillsborough and Palm Beach.

Sink’s press conference can be seen live on Bay News 9 in Tampa, and on other local news stations across the state.

2 thoughts on “Sink to concede?”

  1. Why would she concede? All the votes haven’t been counted yet, and if it’s closer than .5% there will be a recount. She better NOT concede and hand my state over to that snake Scott until we know for sure!


  2. Snake? It was an Alex Sink ancester that took a bite of the apple in the first place. We have seen what the democrates do to our country when they rule. Like Obama said,”Get ovrt it,we won”.Dummy


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