Breaking news: Rivera under investigation — who is next?

The Miami Herald reports today that Congressman-elect David Rivera (R – Miami) is being investigated over $500,000 in questionable payments from a Dade County dog track to his mother.

What might gambling, mommas, and questionable ethics have in common? David Rivera and one senator-elect

By Chris Ingram

The Miami Herald reports today that Congressman-elect David Rivera (R – Miami) is being investigated over $500,000 in questionable payments from a Dade County dog track to his mother.

Rivera, who has questionable ethics, lacks integrity, and is an overall dirtbag who has proven himself a boldfaced liar in the past, of course denies any wrongdoing.

Yeah, sure. I imagine the dog track figured hiring some 70 year old lady who probably speaks ten words of English to be the track’s lobbyist was because she’s the best gal in the state for the job. And the fact that her little junior was a senior member of the Florida legislature and best pals with the Speaker of the House had nothing to do with it. That’s how Rivera’s story-line goes –more or less.

Caption: Rivera (right) with his former roommate and business partner.

According to the Herald report, the track’s attorney says Rivera approached the the track about the job and insisted the contract go through Rivera’s dear old mom’s company — not directly through him. Hmmm. I wonder why…

More than likely there is one certain U.S. Senator-elect who along with Rivera, is sweating this story out today. You know, the guy from the state that’s a peninsula. The guy who likes to play fast and loose with the facts and who charges flooring and all sorts of other incidentals on his RPOPF American Express card. He’s the Republican Party’s VP nominee in waiting — indicating just how thin the GOP’s bench is. The same guy who was Rivera’s partner in an investment property in Tallahassee which they failed to pay the mortgage on for several months.

Yeah, you know the guy. The corrupt one who has no shame, no sense of right and wrong, but who is the darling of the conservative movement because he talks like Reagan but acts more like Nixon.

Word on the street that guy is involved with Rivera’s alleged illegal lobbying for gambling interests issue. Those rumors have circulated for several months and are being looked into by at least one major newspaper in the state. Secret 527s and offshore bank accounts which the dirty-doers of Dade County apparently lived off of are part of the allegations.

It’s the October surprise I referenced back in October. Just a little late.

Won’t both of these disengenuous clowns look great in an orange jumpsuit?

We get what we deserve folks. Millions of Floridians with blinders on elected these two bozos expecting them (with all their baggage) to somehow save America from the path of destruction it is heading down. Somehow I think we’re all going to have a little buyer’s remorse before it’s all over and done with.

You can read the Miami Herald’s article about Rivera by clicking here.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at:

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5 thoughts on “Breaking news: Rivera under investigation — who is next?”

  1. Dr. Belinda Noah was the best candidate in the 2010 U. S. Senate race and she also supports term limits. Please support Belinda in the next election (as many others did in the recent election.


  2. Amazing how this conservative never sees a problem when democrats like Ron Klein ordered the taxpayer financed Palm Beach Health Care District to hire his law firm to lobby the Florida legislature when he was a Florida state senator.

    The problem is what we conservatives all complain about too much state regulation. If we get government out of regulating private businesses there is no reason whatsoever to pay anyone to lobby. Thats the problem why should any private business need to lobby government at all.


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