The Water Cooler: debt double-talk; Bitner for Chair; Wonderland

In 2006 Senator Barack Obama voted against raising the federal debt ceiling saying we needed to “get serious about fiscal discipline.” At the time of his vote against increasing the debt limit George W. Bush was president. Obama and every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted against raising the debt ceiling and every Republican voted to increase it.

The Water Cooler is a snapshot of some of the things people are talking about in politics  

By Chris Ingram  

Washington double-talk about the debt  

In 2006 Senator Barack Obama voted against raising the federal debt ceiling saying we needed to “get serious  about fiscal discipline.” At the time of his vote against increasing the debt limit George W. Bush was president.  Obama and every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted against raising the debt ceiling and every Republican voted for increasing it.    


What Rush won't tell you: the GOP's double-talk is as bad as Obama's

  Today as president, Obama says those who oppose raising the debt ceiling are “irresponsible.” 

Remember just five years ago, he said: “Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that `the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.” 

Thanks Barack. What’s changed? Does the buck no longer stop here? Do we deserve worse now? Is it now okay to shift the burden of bad choices onto the backs of our kids? Just where is the leadership?  

So what is going on here?  

First you’ve got to recognize the suggestion that if we don’t raise the debt ceiling it will result in the U.S. government defaulting on its loans is a bunch of horse manure. All Congress and President Obama have to do is stop spending so much. The debt increases $4 billion a day but it’s a rare politician in Washington who has the guts to stand up and admit how to stop the hemorrhaging.  

Secondly, what the politicians don’t tell you is that raising the debt ceiling wouldn’t be necessary if Congress just got some sense of responsibility and cut spending. But Barack Obama and every member of Congress are politicians. They want to get reelected. Spending more is an easier path to reelection than making cuts.  

It’s really as simple as that. Problem is, when the Republicans are in control they don’t want to cut spending, and when  the Democrats control the reins of power neither do they.  

“But wait” you say, “the Republicans ran on a platform of spending cuts and reducing the debt.”  

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they do that every year. And then they come to Washington and they act like Democrats. Not only do they not cut spending, they spend more. That’s how politicians get reelected. The way it works is they take your money from you, skim some off the top for the Washington bureaucracy, and then send some back for pork projects, increased entitlement benefits, and creation of government programs mostly all alleged to “create jobs.”  

We the American public are fat dumb and happy with the new stuff Congress sent us and turn around reelect these clowns.  

If Obama, the Republicans, or congressional Democrats were serious about fiscal responsibility they wouldn’t be having the debate about raising the debt limit – which in the long-run only exacerbates the problem – they’d be discussing cutting Social Security benefits, reduced military spending, and repealing Obamacare, along with tax increases to pay for all the crap we’re currently borrowing money from China to provide ourselves with.  

But that would mean upsetting voters who want to have their cake and eat it too – so long as the next generation gets the bill.  

Bitner for Chairman  

In the hotly contested race for chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, Irreverent View endorses Dave Bitner. In a field of Junior-Varsity players, Bitner stands out as the lone star who should be on the Varsity team. He has the business background, legislative experience, grassroots respect, and sincere demeanor which will allow him to get things done.  

The Republican Party of Florida still has lots of internal work to be done. Reforms promised by Chairman Thrasher have yet to be made, and the party simply lacks the checks and balances or necessary transparency to give it the credibility is so desperately needs.  

The other remaining candidates all have serious flaws that would prevent them from earning the trust of the grassroots, donor community, and media (which will be paying a lot of attention to the RPOF leading up to the 2012 convention in Tampa).  

Republicans can’t afford to experiment with another relative unknown with a checkered past or persons better-suited to behind-the-scenes party building. The party needs the face of someone who can hit the ground running on day one and put the Republican Party of Florida back on a path of honesty, integrity and transparency. The only person in this race who can do that is Dave Bitner.  

(A not so irreverent) Review  

Last night my wife and I attended a wonderful performance of the new musical Wonderland in Tampa at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts. It was opening night of a two-week stint in Tampa prior to the show hitting Broadway. I’m not a huge fan of musicals, but this one was good. The music and choreography were fantastic, the scenes and costumes were vibrant and colorful, and the acting was was impressive and flawlessly delivered. Oh, and did I mention there was a little political humor thrown in? Someone referenced the “tea party” – to which Alice replied, “No. Not that tea party.”  

I highly recommend Wonderland to Bay-area residents. Kudos to the Straz Center for landing such a great show! Now if only Straz would open its tickets by-phone ticket office a little earlier (it currently doesn’t open until noon). Tickets can be ordered online 24 hrs. a day, but if you run into any problems, you’ll have to wait until noon to work them out.  

Happy New Year!  

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at:  

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13 thoughts on “The Water Cooler: debt double-talk; Bitner for Chair; Wonderland”

  1. Admitting both parties are to blame and that spending cuts AND tax increase will have to be made to solve this problem is the only way to get the job done.


  2. I am hopeful that the invasion of the Tea Party will get us
    back on track.

    Ed ( above)……tax increases are the last thing we need. Maybe you meant to say tax cuts.


  3. I meant tax increases. There is no way we can get $14 TRILLION effin dollars out of debt by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse in government alone. I’m a Republican who loathes taxes, but it’s a cold hard reality we’re facing tax increases to pay for all the s*#t Congress has been sending our way for years. It is shameful the way we have avoided the reality of the situation. Its a simple matter of us (current generation) stepping up to the plate now, or leave all this debt and the cuts and tax increases solely to the next generation. We owe it to our kids to do the right thing.


  4. Any statement that Tax Increases are needed only means that you do not have Enough Spending Cuts.I know you cannot “cut” your way to prosperity on a family budget,at some point increased income is needed,but Tax Increases cut Income to the government. If the economy is not revived the old fashioned way with actual production,(Not phony $ Stimulus)nothing is going to work,including you.


  5. Your very best contribution yet.

    We Wepublicans are as bad as they are, maybe worse , because we talk a good game, and claim to be fiscally responsible.

    perhaps with the tea party watching it will be different this time.


  6. To even suggest tax increases is to miss the point entirely. Any time a politician talks tax hikes, there are 3 unspoken underlying assumptions – that government is underfunded, that every tax dollar is already spent wisely, and that the fault lies with the taxpayers. All 3 are false assumptions and absurd on their face. $3.5 Trillion PER YEAR is already too much and more money, power and government are obviously not the solution to anything; clearly billions, if not tens of billions, are wasted every year; and, our “leaders” created this mess, not us. Man up Congress – all of you literally begged us to send you there to make the tough decisions. Do it or step aside.


  7. I agree with you Chris. Bitner would be good for the GOP. Deborah has too much baggage and scandal in her past. Greuters reeks of Jim Greer. Tony and Sid don’t have any polish and would be terrible with all the media attention on our state next year. Bitner seems to be the only candidate who has it all.


  8. Hi Chris,

    There’s no bio on Dave Bitner, Wiki or otherwise. Is he pro-life. What did he lobby for?
    Most important – Is he in bed with Scott? For all of us who do not like Scott and certainly don’t trust him, what about the ideologies of Bitner and Scott? Who else is running for this position? Your opinion of them please?

    Right now it looks like Scott is on the right track and is starting off good. But again, like all the rest of his detracters, I’m waiting for the ax to fall.

    I know you will say some very nice things about Scott and insinuate we should eat crow, but what about Bitner? What kind of a man is he, his character?

    For years those in politics have been saying and trying to convince the rest of us that the character of a person has absolutely nothing to do with that person once he is in office.
    He then becomes isolated from and places himself above his own character, focusing only on his elected position.
    Time proves this false.



  9. Well, if the new Congress won’t follow through and seriously cut spending there is 2012! Politiciions must be like my Grandfathers mule, he had to be smacked between the ears with a good sound stick at least twice to do what he was told! Trust me it wasn’t cruel. When he died at a well advanced age he was found to have an abnormally thick skull. Again, just like many politicions!


  10. I have been a Republican or voted that way as long as I can remember but I have become increasingly disenchanted with party politics and duplicity. The Bush administration’s fiscal and globalist policy, while still espousing republican values, was hard to take. For all that, we got an economic collapse , huge debt, and Obama and his gang. I hope that the national ship can be righted and kept afloat but it may be too late.

    In the mean time I will lean to Tea party values , but I do not support all their candidates, some who are clearly unelectable and hardly qualified. I intend to disengage from the HCREC, , The NRC, and all other Republican organizations. I will remain a registered republican and vote for whoever I feel is the most credible and best candidate for the office.

    I remain skeptical but hopeful that we change and become what we say we are.

    I have yet to hear just how we are going to recover even a part of our manufacturing capability.

    How can we sustain any economy with out producing anything we need or use.? I have yet to hear any one answer that question.

    Shopping at Wal-Mart won’t sustain us very long.



  11. Dead on about Dave Bitner. He knows how thngs work in state politics and he does not aplogize for being pro-business (where the jobs are really created). Good luck to Dave – the party needs him.


  12. Lots of good dialogue here. Would any of you say that we have hit rock bottom yet?? I sure am anxious to start digging out and looking forward to better times.


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