Kathy Castor apologizes for poor communications

Earlier today, I wrote about Rep. Kathy Castor’s less-than-ideal correspondence to me with regard to a matter involving Tampa company Odyssey Marine Exploration which I had written her office about.

Congresswoman reaches out to express frustrations with her office’s response

By Chris Ingram

Earlier today, I wrote about Rep. Kathy Castor’s less-than-ideal correspondence to me with regard to a matter involving Tampa company Odyssey Marine Exploration which I had written her office about.

The column made its rounds and ended up in Rep. Castor’s e-mail in box.

Rep. Castor called me this evening and profusely apologized for the poor response. She indicated she had spoken with staffers and that such a response would not occur again. I pointed out to Rep. Castor that I am personally aware of at least one other constituent who also wrote her office about Odyssey and that they got the exact same response. Furthermore, I pointed out that several readers have commented that they too get vague/generic/non-answers in responses from her office when writing about their concerns.

Rep. Castor assured me she is concerned about this and that she would take steps to correct the problem. Rep. Castor sounded sincere and legitimately concerned about this matter, and I give her the benefit of the doubt that she was not aware of the pathetic responses someone in her office was sending out on her behalf.

I challenge Irreverent View readers from Rep. Castor’s district to keep me informed of the improvements in correspondence as a result of her newly-found knowledge of the problem.

As for the matter related to Odyssey Marine Exploration, Rep. Castor asked me “what can I do to help?” I replied that a dialogue with the company would be a good first step and she asked me to set up such a meeting.

I also offered to Rep. Castor that I would be willing to publish a column from her about both her position on Odyssey Marine and her constituent communications. She indicated she may take me up on the offer later in the week but that her congressional schedule would prevent her from writing anything at the moment. Fair enough.

Will keep you posted…

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at: Chris@IrreverentView.com.

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17 thoughts on “Kathy Castor apologizes for poor communications”

  1. You are the only one in tampa who can get a response for her highness! She is pathetic to say the least and quite simply doesnt have to time to deal with us “unwashed” tax payers! Lies lies lies and shameful would be the description but Ms Castor doesnt have any shame!


  2. At least you received a response. I wrote to her during the health care debate and am still waiting for a reply. Needless to say she has lost my vote.


  3. Good for Castor for trying to make things right with Odyssey. I’ve read about what is going on with them and the govt. and am disturbed by our government’s actions.

    As with others I have experienced a dismissive attitude from Castor’s office but am optimistic she is going to fix the problem now that she is aware of it.


  4. Chris – thanks for taking up the cause of Odyssey Marine. I visited them several years back and was both incredibly impressed, but also awed by the nature of the international challenges they face. Keep up the great work –


  5. Keep up the great work. Every little bit to make our leaders understand they are being watched by the voters is so very important. Hats off!!


  6. After the event where people with differing views were not allowed to attend she instituted telephone town hall meetings so that she did not have to face or even talk to anyone that did not agree with her point of view.


  7. As a precinct captain for Castor’s opponant in the last congressional race, I was appalled with her unwillingness to come out and discuss issues on any forum. She can’t and will not defend her positions or her party’s positions on any topic. Well she can’t hide now. I hope every voter tracks each and every vote she casts from now until 2012.


  8. The effort has to start NOW to unseat her in 2012. It’s sad that many of her constituents can’t see thru her. But,then again,that’s how we got Obama.


  9. I too have had a completly unacceptable response from Ms. Castor. In my book she has given me the impression she is a rude uncaring Obama puppet that is either very niave or just plain ignorant. In either case she proved to me that her constituants are simply a pain in the butt. I cannot get a message to her personally as she is well guarded by a staff of protectionists that have her out of touch with reality. What a shame and waste of what promised to be a good representitive. Maybe you can get this message to her since I can’t.

    R. Adams


  10. Representative Kathy Castor is poignant example of the failure of our elected officials to do their jobs. I wrote her six times within two months and did not receive any sort of reply. I sent here correspondence via e-mail, mail, and via an overnight delivery service (I received a proof of delivery—so at least I know her office signed for it!) I visited her office in person with my request and still no reply. I called her office multiple times and they did not even acknowledge that they had received any of my communications. I don’t know who she is “representing” but it surely isn’t her constituents.

    Contrast her failure with how Sam Gibbons use to represent his district. You didn’t have to write Sam Gibbons, you would call him with your problem, then his staff would call and write to you with his answer—usually a good solution! Sam had a wonderful staff of people who really cared about his constituents—regardless of their party affiliation—if they even had one.

    To sum it up, I believe the greatest public service that Kathy Castor could ever do is resign her office so that someone who really cares about the residents of the district she is supposed to represent will have someone competent to represent them.


  11. To be fair, I’ve snail-mailed and emailed my representatives for years and have always gotten canned responses. I believe our representatives receive a volume of correspondence and there are not enough hours in the day and enough staff to reply individually to each constituent’s need. I’ve found that a phone call can get results. For example a year or so ago I was trying to reach a person in a state agency who would not return my calls after the first conversation. Desperate, I phoned the office of a state (Democratic) representative, spoke succinctly with the office manager, hung up, and three minutes later got a call from the person who had been avoiding me; problem solved within 24 hours.


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