Meet the acorn that gave us Squirrel Poop

Okay, I can’t resist just one comment. Peter is fond of calling and e-mailing me and making threats and making insuations about my clients and would-be clients, and questioning who my clients are. Okay Peter, you win. But I’ll take my meager client record over your criminal record ANY day.

Without any editorial commentary, meet Peter Schorsch, Squirrel Poop’s consultant…

Okay, I can’t resist just one comment. Peter is fond of calling and e-mailing me and posting to my blog making threats and making insuations about my clients and would-be clients, and questioning who my clients are. Okay Peter, you win. But I’ll take my meager client record over your criminal record ANY day.

Now go crawl back under your rock.

Chris Ingram

Meet Peter (news headlines, article briefs, and links to full article):

Trying to rebuild his reputation

SEPTEMBER 09, 2007

Off probation for grand theft, Peter Schorsch, 31, of St. Petersburg, has a new company called Rogue Political Consulting, and he hopes candidates throughout Pinellas will hire him to run their campaigns, starting with St. Petersburg’s municipal elections.
Full article:

Hey Mo! Wise guy ha? Knyuck! Knyuck! Knyuck!

Peter Schorsch aligns with Jamie Bennett mayoral campaign

ST. PETERSBURG– City Council member Jamie Bennett has a reputation for being Mr. Nice Guy, so his decision to turn his mayoral campaign over to some of Tampa Bay’s political bad boys has launched plenty of talk.
His campaign manager is Barry Edwards, who was convicted of stealing computer equipment from legislative offices. Barclay Harless, a former University of South Florida student body president who resigned after being investigated for on-campus drinking, also recently joined his staff.

And here’s the latest: Peter Schorsch, a former rising star whose short career as a campaign consultant ended when he was convicted of grand theft, has signed on as a volunteer.

Full article:

Life of a great political mind unravels

Peter Schorsch, once a sought after player in the Tampa Bay political scene now faces criminal charges, which follow a troubled, “irresponsible’ personal life.

By CARRIE JOHNSON Published December 3, 2005

ST. PETERSBURG – At 29, Peter Schorsch was already a major player in the Tampa Bay political scene.
University of South Florida political science professor Susan MacManus calls him one of the brightest students she’s ever had.

After working for a high-profile Republican consulting firm, Schorsch launched his own company, which drew clients throughout the region. His work won national awards. He created a blog that received more than 3,000 hits a day and was widely read in local political circles.
But behind the impressive resume was a young man with big problems.

Schorsch has been chased by creditors and the IRS. His car has been repossessed and he’s been evicted from an apartment. Police have busted him multiple times for driving with a suspended license.

For years, he was able to hide that side of his life. But no longer.

Full article:

Record cleared, consultant’s back

A campaign consultant once banned from working in politics returns with a clean slate.

By JOSE CARDENAS, Times Staff Writer
Published September 9, 2007

Once a rising star in Tampa Bay area politics, Peter Schorsch appeared to be finished as a campaign consultant this spring.

In March, Schorsch pleaded no contest to two counts of grand theft and one count of scheming to defraud two candidates and the Greater Tarpon Springs Democratic Club.

Sentenced to house arrest, probation, community service and restitution, Schorsch was banned from working in politics while on probation. Soon he was accused of violating that, too.

Full article:

And then there’s this gem of a quote from Schorsch: “The libelous, offensive comments that are posted by anonymous writers are so hurtful that I would be lying if I said they did not effect me,” Schorsch wrote. “There are also several p—– on there who do nothing but re-post my mugshot from when I am was in trouble. And there are the douchebags, like Jim Donelon, on there who do nothing but tear everyone down. And that’s his and their right, but I would never sit next to them at a bar. I would never have them over to my house. They’re losers. They’re dorks. I would beat the s— out of them, in a heartbeat, if there were no repercussions. I don’t want to be associated with anonymous dorks.”

Full article:



17 thoughts on “Meet the acorn that gave us Squirrel Poop”

  1. Wow, Chris, you couldn’t resist, could you?

    I am not going to get in the street with you. I have not made any — not one single — threat to you and I dare you to prove otherwise.

    And I really haven’t come to your blog (just read via Google Reader) to comment before.

    But that is beside the point. Let’s just say this, you’re not even worth responding to. And for me to say that is really something. I receive fifty times the traffic your site does. And Ive worked for more than one client over the last two years. Show me one example of who you worked for, other than Trey?

    Seriously, you’re just not cool enough to respond to. You’re less than Michael Pinson. You’re inconsequential. 35 candidates running in Tampa and you don’t represent any of them.

    Take care Chris.


  2. Reply to Peter:


    I pity you because you have so much potential to be something far greater than what you are.

    While I never got close to you outside of a distant peer-to-peer relationship, I was warned to stay away from you altogether. I am a slow learner, but I saw so much in you I couldn’t ignore you all together. Shame on me.

    Your pattern of behavior though has proven to be the true indicator of who you are through this matter with Squirrel Poop.

    You and I are two totally different people and what is important to us and our measures of success and personal satisfaction clearly are not the same. I don’t get mine from how many web hits I receive, how much money I make, or how many clients I have.

    What is important to me is known by my family, my friends, and in a sense by my readers. In short, if I have to explain it to you, you don’t know me at all.

    I don’t think you’re inconsequential Peter, I just think you’re just not to be trusted (as your lengthy criminal record proves).

    It’s sad to see so much talent squandered.

    You’ll be in my prayers.

    Chris Ingram


  3. No, we did not have a distant peer-to-peer relationship, we had a keep your friend close and your enemies closer kind of relationship.

    I, too, was warned to stay away from you, of the few people who actually work in politics and know who you are. That’s right, you’re the guy who helped Katherine Harris. I think you worked with Trey Rustmann.

    It’s easy to not worry about how hits you receive when you have none, about how much money you make when you sponge off of your wife or how many clients you have (Zero.)

    Chris, you won’t be in my prayers. I don’t say such ridiculous things like that. You’re so trite.

    I guess that’s the biggest joke of it. You think you matter because you’re on BayNews 9? You’re not even funny or interesting or accomplished. You’re just sad.

    Pray you don’t see me in an alley with no witnesses. Pray for that.


  4. Peter Schorsch says he “snorts too much” ?

    WOW. I’m disappointed in Ciftci. Rule #1 of political consulting – DON’T BECOME THE STORY.


  5. I don’t know this particular squirrel you are referring to, but I am still chuckling over the thought of hiring a firm called “Rogue” Political Consulting. With everything happening with the Republican party in this state, the last thing I would think our candidates need is a “Rogue” with a “Record” calling all of the campaign shots. Interesting…

    Hopefully you guys can kiss and make up and restore peace in the blogosphere once more.


  6. The links above show allegations that Mr. Schorsch’s favorite band is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. As a music freak I try to know a lot but had not heard of the band. A quick investigation shows they are relatively new and an ensemble group, not unlike Broken Social Scene, although the Zeros are neither Canadian nor weird. Auditing some of the Zeros music, they remind me of the ’70s band America (“Horse With No Name”), or early Eagles (“Take It Easy”) but on ‘ludes. I report objectively and without judgment. This is important for us to know.


  7. Westside rules, no east side rules. TuPac fo shiz, no, Biggie all dat. In the end, they both lost and the record companies cleaned up. Don’t know why that came to mind.


  8. Chris, Your penchant for name calling and other ad homonym attacks on your competitors and political opponents degrades your credibility. Experience matters. And a criminal track record matters. But shortcomings in either department don’t justify the degree of callous arrogance that you display daily. Humility increases the credibility of even the most talented men, as the Christian faith should have taught you long ago.


  9. CChris ignore the lasst comment (2:03). Your straightforward approach to people like Ciftci and Schorsch is spot on. The fact that you called Ciftci squirrel poop is also spot on for any of us who know him. And your pointing out what a scoundrel Schorschi is is nothing but the truth. Keep up the good work.


  10. Chris:

    Check out the video below! Squirrel Poop is at it again! (He sounds like he’s running for Governor or something! Does he really think that a City Councilman has the kind of power to do the things he’s talking about all by himself??? Get real.) And I love the shot of him on the phone as he says something about being Tampa’s salesman. Puhleez. This guy needs to get a clue.


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