La Gaceta calls Squirrel Poop’s message “meanest” of the season

La Gaceta wrote in part: “Michael Ciftci sent out the meanest press release so far this season. It was referencing the surprise entrance of Chris Hart to the race.” The column then directly quoted Squirrel Poop’s press release attacking Mr. Hart and ended with a line reading, “Our campaign will not be affected by Mr. Heart’s half-hearted late arrival…” La Gaceta concluded by saying, “Mr. Ciftci obviously is affected or he wouldn’t have sent the press release.

(Editor’s note: the mis-adventures of Squirrel Poop will continue through March 1st)

By Chris Ingram

La Gaceta chimes in on Squirrel Poop’s tactics

In a front page story, Tampa’s tri-lingual newspaper La Gaceta has chimed in on the campaign tactics of Tampa City Council district 3 candidate Michael Shifty (he’ll appear as Michael Ciftci on the ballot but is more accurately referred to here as Squirrel Poop).

La Gaceta wrote in part: “Michael Ciftci sent out the meanest press release so far this season. It was referencing the surprise entrance of Chris Hart to the race.”  The column then directly quoted Squirrel Poop’s press release attacking Mr. Hart that ended with a line reading, “Our campaign will not be affected by Mr. Heart’s half-hearted late arrival…” La Gaceta concluded by saying, “Mr. Ciftci obviously is affected or he wouldn’t have sent the press release.

You can read the full article by picking up this week’s edition on newsstands.

Misleading images adorn Squirrel Poop’s campaign site

Visitors to will find what can at best be described as a misleading photo of “the Poop family” (see actual photo below). Said photos are misleading because there is no Mrs. Poop or Poop, Junior. Now of course Mr. Poop – Squirrel Poop that is, doesn’t actually say the woman and the cute kid in the photo are his, but it is most certainly implied by the lack of indication as to who these people are. Most of those who view the photo and don’t know Squirell Poop is not married and that this child is not his would assume that the woman is his wife and that it is his kid. Like I said, they’re not.

Of course no one has ever accused Squirrel Poop or his consultant Peter Schorsch of being of high ethical values and integrity. I mean, what’s a misleading campaign photo or two when you’ve got a record for grand theft and scheming to defraud candidates as Mr. Schorsch does?

The photo can be seen on the campaing website by clicking here.

Put the criminal record aside, just what kind of guy is Peter Schorsch?

Dirtbag certainly comes to mind. Wanna-be thug is also an appropriate description.

Last week Peter Schorsch wrote the following comments on this site: “Pray you don’t see me in an alley with no witnesses. Pray for that.” And this one:  “Yes, I would definitely take a look at what has happened to any and everyone who has crossed me over the last three years. I would take a very close look.”

Loosely, these statements could be interpreted as threatening, though Schorsch (who is very familiar with the law) skirts around making a direct threat just enough to keep himself out of trouble.

That didn’t stop him last Friday night though when he called me and asked something to the effect of, “What would you do if you saw me standing outside your house with a shotgun?”


1248694Rest assured, this little piece of feces doesn’t scare me. But he should scare you the public. Why? Because he is out there working for candidates, special interest groups, and others who affect public policy. People like Peter Schorsch and the people who would hire him are ruining our community and our political system. Because people like Peter Schorsch don’t care about what they say, what they do, how illegal, or how unethical it is – so long there is a dollar in their pocket at the end of the day.

This man has no moral compass and that makes him dangerous. Facts don’t lie. He’s got a lengthy rap sheet to prove it.

Squirrel Poop factoid

Hillsborough County property tax records indicate Squirrel Poop does not own any real estate in the county. Of course we checked the name Michael Ciftci – not Squirrel Poop – though we were tempted to check both just for fun.

Squirrel Poop’s lack of property ownership is significant because a Tampa City Councilman votes on the city’s budget and property tax rates.

Do you really want some twenty-something clown who has never paid property taxes setting yours?

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at:

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14 thoughts on “La Gaceta calls Squirrel Poop’s message “meanest” of the season”

  1. WOW ! I was tempted to go anonymous on this one. That shot gun thing is scary…considering all that is going on in this crazy world.
    Mr. Schorsch, I know you’ll be reading this…..I have to ask. I live fairly close to Mr. Ingram. Should I be concerned about the safety of my family as well??


  2. And to think that local Republican leaders have contributed to this candidate – just because he is a Republican?
    Heaven help us.


  3. Hey, Chris–just a heads-up. That picture is of Squirrel Poop with his sister and step-brother. It does look like it’s supposed to be his wife and son though. How misleading. What is wrong with people???


  4. Would you write something interesting for gods sake. I am sick of reading about squirrel poop, tempted not to read anymore its boring me to death. Get the dirt on someone else now!


  5. Chris
    Many of our current Florida State Legislators do not own any property either. So this acutally may be a qualification that is a requirement to be involved in Florida politics. Reprentative Brad Steube (R-67) lived with his parents while campaiging. You either own nothing or own as much as you can like Senator Mike Bennett(R-Manatee), who even owns a skating rink, and make laws that affect your profits.


  6. Correction to my earlier post: That is a picture of Squirrel Poop, his sister and half-brother. Not his step-brother. My bad! Either way, it is obviously an attempt to make Squirrel Poop look like a family man with a wife and child–which is not the case.


  7. Where o where has that little LISA PALMER gone?

    Oh for the days of just being mad at the Democrats instead of all these people who are worthy republicans.

    Can’t we all just get along? Eddie showed us the way….cathy still won……….

    Now all we have is poop, acorns, and booze in tampa.

    Where is that devil when we need him?


  8. Chris:

    Check out the video below! Squirrel Poop is at it again! (He sounds like he’s running for Governor or something! Does he really think that a City Councilman has the kind of power to do the things he’s talking about all by himself??? Get real.) And I love the shot of him on the phone as he says something about being Tampa’s salesman. Puhleez. This guy needs to get a clue.


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