Squirrel Poop has been served…

Legal papers that is

By Chris Ingram

Tampa City Clowncil candidate Michael Ciftci (aka: Shifty & Squirrel Poop) was served with a lawsuit by me for defamation, libel, and slander. Ciftci was served the papers at the Tampa Tiger Bay Club where he was scheduled to speak at a candidate forum earlier today.

We look forward to our day in court.

11 thoughts on “Squirrel Poop has been served…”

  1. Good for you, Chris!!! Glad you took this whole thing seriously. I wish I would have been present at the meeting when Shifty got served. I bet it was beyond words. And I bet there was some serious squirrel poop, if you know what I mean.


  2. In response to Rick L.: Do you really think Ciftci will retract anything? Egomaniacs have a hard time saying I’m sorry or I was wrong.Even when facing legal action.This kid is done as far as I’m concerned and I’ve shared my opinion with plenty of friends and relatives in his district.


  3. Hey, he has fooled Steve Otto. I know Steve, and he is hard to fool, so Mr. Ciftci must be doing something right . . .at least some of the time . . .



  4. Mr.Brooker, the issue here is, as you unintentionally pointed out, Mr. Ciftci has “fooled” Mr. Otto. If fooling someone is doing something right, Mr. Ciftci should get highest honors.


  5. Dear IV,
    While it is true that Steve Otto is a gullible cuss, a closer reading of the column shows he did not endorse Ciftci or anyone else. What he was talking about was the passion the guy had that was missing in the others in general. All of the candidates, including Mr. Ciftci, have a closet full of issues that the grand majority of voters will not get to examine….steve otto


  6. Steve,

    I don’t believe anyone claimed you endorsed him. Where do you get that? It wasn’t even remotely suggested.

    One commenter suggested he “fooled you” -I would agree it appears he did. It is unfortunate you interpreted this clown’s little act the way you did and described him as the one you “liked the most,” commented on his “determination,” and “sincere emotion.”

    While not an endorsement per se, today Mr. Ciftci is trumpeting your comments as very favorable to him as he sent out an email with all your kind words.

    Your lackluster attempt to assess this candidate certainly gives your readers the impression you have done your homework. Knowing Mr. Ciftci as I do, I can attest you certainly have not.

    Chris Ingram


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