Thank you Governor Scott

Scott rejects high-speed rail boondoggle

By Chris Ingram

Rick Scott has announced he has rejected the proposed high-speed rail train between Orlando and Tampa. The mostly federally funded project came with strings which left Florida taxpayers immediately on the hook for a portion of the proposal. Additionally, Floridians would have been liable for certain cost overruns and other under-performing  measures for the line.

As taxpayers, we all owe Rick Scott a collective “thank you” for killing this boondoggle. Leadership is about making tough decisions. It’s about recognizing the difference between politically popular “wants” and unpopular “needs.” Knowing the difference escapes most politicians — especially our current president.

For the record, what we (America) need is more politicians like Scott who won’t take more deficit-financed projects (in part by China and other non-allies of the U.S.) and who will stop the hemorrhaging that is the U.S. federal debt — currently $14+ trillion and counting.

If Obama, wants us to have a train, let him figure out how to pay for it NOW — as opposed to burdening our children with more debt.

Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at:

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20 thoughts on “Thank you Governor Scott”

  1. We have no bus system to feed the trains, urban sprawl that leaves no good rail head and the attractions in Orlando were not interested in attaching a spur to their own transit systems.

    It was a train from somewhere in Tampa to somewhere in Orlando.


  2. Thank You Governor! Local Politicos addicted to government spending will wail and gnash their teeth.Take note of them exposing their true “Progressive” selves,Dimicrat and Repub alike. Pam Iorio was the first to spout off on the tragedy of returning “Federal Money”. PS:as a note Fl was offered even more money because Indiana and Ohio had already sent “their” Fed-Obamamoney back to DC.Maybe Pam could move to ChiTown since she likes deficit spending and higher taxes.


  3. We could very easily add bus lanes on I-4 and carry everyone that wants to ride. Three or four non-stops and a few local stop lines would cost 1/100th of what the rail would have cost and they might even make some money instead of being subsidized. Thanks to Gov. Scott, now lets tell them to take ALL of the federal money back to Washington and the strings that come with it.


  4. Remarkably short sighted. Apparently the governor has not taken the time to look at the predicted population growth of the Tampa Bay and Orlando markets. I suppose this will kill light rail too. Smart, wait until we have widen the bridge,then what? This is a job killer, not just those working the line but all the business that crops up close to stations. I’m glad he wasn’t around before the interstate system. He is a perfect example of the lack of recruiting my party.


  5. I agree with Scott – taking money from Federal Govt when they don’t have it to give only makes everything worse, plus FL is on the hook for all of those little things that always seem to add up…..Yes we need jobs, etc – but not at the expense of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul…..We all need to live within our means!


  6. 1 The population density is not in Central Florida to warrant such an expensive move for taxpayers dollars to pay at this time.
    2 There is too many stops for this High Speed Rail to achieve maximum speed.
    3 Amtrak already runs rail to Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami. You and I have been subsiding that government entity for decades.
    4 The plans use 20th century tech-knowledge, If Central Florida is going to be a big test for the rest of the country I want the newest trains, rails and construction, so OUR Rail will last for our great grandchildren.
    5 None of the afore mentioned will be made in America and most of the worker to build this rail will not be from the area, 1099ers money that will leave the area.
    6 The federal Government is 9 TRILLION DOLLAR in debt, the State of Florida is looking at a 12 BILLION DOLLAR desifit.
    7 Instead of spending money on a train that is not needed at this time, I would rather spend money on the best reclaimed water in the country, 80% recycling from solid waste, making sure children, when graduating from high school are either college bound or have the skills for a well paying job and looking to better and cleaner source of fuels and energy right here in the State of Florida


  7. At last we have a governor who does the right thing, not the politically pandering thing to do. I don’t know if I can adjust gracefully to this new way of doing things.

    I’ll never understand why so many people think paying for projects with magically created, printing press money is either moral or wise. The government does what you or I would be arrested for, if we spent money we didn’t have.


  8. Chris,

    This is FABULOUS news!!
    I spoke out against the Federal Funding for High Speed Rail a few weeks ago on Florida This Week – and have gotten mixed comments from viewers.
    Thanks for getting this news out to us.

    On another note: I’ve been looking into understanding why Rubio is so against additional cities in Florida flying and trading with Cuba.
    I can’t find a lot written about his motivation – and want to understand his reasoning.
    He has filed an amendment to a bill that will keep Tampa from trading with Cuba by putting restrictions on airports.
    It seems that he is ok with Miami flying to Cuba.

    I searched your website to get see what your perspective is on the situation and couldn’t find anything.
    Am I off on thinking this would be a good thing and for feeling that Rubio is protecting Miami’s status and that he is not concerned about ALL of Florida.
    If I’m not mistaken — he is supposed to be representing all of us – right?!!!??
    What is his motivation?
    If Miami can fly/trade there – why not others?
    The argument about this would be the US supporting a repressive government doesn’t make sense to me either based on other countries we trade with.
    Is there a good reason why he should restrict this that I’m not seeing?

    Thanks again for keeping your readers in the loop.



  9. Lakeland City Council member says they have already spent $300 million in preparation. Where did Lakeland come up with $300 million? That’s the question of the day.
    Good on the Governor. If rail was profitable all the big companies would be doing it. Maybe Borders might have an interest in expanding!


  10. Chris:

    I LOVE this Governor.
    We live with TriRail down here and the taxpayer subsidy is $120. per round trip 24/7.
    It would make more sense for the construction workers to get paid to stay home so we wouldn’t be stuck with the expensive boondoggle forever after.



  11. joe: point by point 1) being a coservative means conserving your assets, if you can make a deal for something you know your going to need, in 2011 dollars as opposed to 2020 dollars, do it. 2) thats just wrong this train will reach high speed 3) that’s where there is too many stops 4) OH BS then we shouldn’t do anything beacause the technology will get better.5) Total BS there will be plenty of jobs for locals, plenty, it will be big 6) thats deficit 7) Oh that makes sense, your plan is more cars and no clean trains.


  12. Are we seeing a Florida version of NJ Governor Chris Christe? Hope so! After four long years, we now have a Governor who acts on his conviction and does what is right because it is right and not a Governor who only acts on something because it is what’s best for his political career and not the State of Florida! Way to go Governor Scott!

    As for Senator Bill Nelson’s comment, “If Florida would’ve had a governor who rejected President Eisenhower’s idea we wouldn’t have an interstate system.” Not only is this a moronic statement by an aging liberal politician, it is proof positive that we need a Senator in Washington who understands the fiscal crisis which is upon us (and which he helped cause) and that we can’t keep doing business as usual.

    The national interstate system has a national defense component as well as and economic component in connecting major population centers around the state and nation. Whereas, the Florida High Speed Rail project, which will connect only the cities of Tampa and Orlando, is noting more than an attempt by the Obama Administration at spreading around borrowed money to be used by big labor to build the project that is backed by special interest and few will use in an attempt to help Obama get re-elected in 2012!

    Governor Scott, what are you plans for 2012?


  13. Today’s Tampa area “Fish Wrappers” really were creative with their headlines — “Derailed” — a double hit. Anyhow, the coverage on the rail decision was so slanted it made me think that we were in the old Soviet Union. They surely did not look at this column to see what a number of us think about the decision. Again, nowhere did I see what that train ticket was going to cost. Parking $20, roundtrip from Tampa $50-$60? Family of four to Orlando at $220 or more. I think we’ll drive and have flexibilty.
    Great decision Governor.


  14. #13 Kevin Obviously can’t read the post just above #12.
    Also Gov. Scott laid out the economic reasons for turning down the “government money”,but alas crack addicts addicted to “government money” have no reasoning abilities, just lust for mo money.
    Our Great Senator Imperious Billy Nelson says to hell with the majority Florida opinion against the obamatrain and he’s going to get it forced on us anyway! Bob Porkhorn wants the obamatrain too! This issue exposes the Progressive Leftists,keep your eyes open.


  15. Thank god (if obama still allows that)for Scott who thinks with his head instead of with his heart or my money. One pol says the contractor will be responsible for over runs and budget short falls. He has been drinking niave martinis and never heard of bankruptcy. Incidently the train doesn’t go ‘nowhere’. It would have gone to Queen pam’s riverwalk. Wow.


  16. Decisions, decisions…

    1. Average car ride to Orlando (in traffic): 1 1/2 – 2 hours & <5 gallons of gas in my SUV (which holds all my kids, 1st wife, and lots of stuff).

    2. High speed train: 1. Drive to station & park. 2. Buy ticket 3. Go through security (get fondled, perhaps). 4 Wait for train. 5. Ride train to Orlando with stops in between (50 minutes, minimum). 6. Exit train and get cab or other transportation to final destination. F-U-N spells Fun!

    Hmmm, . . . . I'll take the car, thanks.


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