A nesting squirrel leaves a lot of…

…squirrel poop (St. Pete Times investigative report)

Tampa City Council candidate steered grant money to self, friends

By Jack Nicas, Times Staff Writer
In Print: Sunday, February 20, 2011

TAMPA — Michael Ciftci had a plan: build 50 green homes in Haiti, employing 75 Haitians and 75 Floridians.

It was a sustainable-energy, nation-building project — all for $100,000, he told state officials. In April, it slipped into the state budget and rode untouched to the governor’s signing.

A month later, plans changed.

Ciftci, now a candidate for the citywide District 3 Tampa City Council seat, rerouted nearly half the money to himself and three colleagues, state documents show. Another $39,000 went to green energy conferences they run.

Read the full St. Pete Times article by clicking here.

7 thoughts on “A nesting squirrel leaves a lot of…”

  1. And there is no “pork” in the state budget!
    Mr.Ciftci since you’re from Tampa you must have met Pam Bondi, I’ll forward your “accomplishment” to her for review.


  2. Mr. Ciftci should fit in well with the other crooks who call themselves politicians.
    The first problem is that ANYONE gave any money to Haiti. The second is that SHIFTY was going to administer money. Who slipped this into the state budget? Let’s follow the money and send them all to Orient Road for a clothes fitting.


  3. Why would the State of Florida be giving money to Haiti? I think Governor Scott should put a moratorium on this type of spending.
    What else has the State “given” away? I can’t even keep up with Hillsborough County no less the State!!!


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