U.S. Senate wanna-be makes his momma proud

I thought Charlie Crist would forever epitomize the proverbial “empty suit.” He’s a not-so-bright man of little substance or accomplishment outside of being a career elected official. But Florida State Senate President Mike “Richie Rich” Haridopolos has now taken the thrown of an empty suit’s empty suit.

Probably not. But Mike Haridopolos wants to represent you anyway

By Chris Ingram

I thought Charlie Crist would forever epitomize the proverbial “empty suit.” He’s a not-so-bright man of little substance or accomplishment outside of being a career elected official. But Florida State Senate President Mike “Richie Rich” Haridopolos has now taken the crown for being an empty suit’s empty suit.

Click on Twinkie-dopolos to enlarge.

He has been found guilty of repeatedly filing incomplete financial disclosure forms (which he received no penalty for doing). He’s been on the public dole his entire life. And earlier this week, the Associated Press reported he got a cushy book deal from some podunk community college he used to work for. Said deal paid this little Twinkie $150,000 to write an extensive book about Florida politics, legislative history, etc. It ended up being nothing more than a lousy campaign manual. Despite not fulfilling the contract terms, Hair-ridiculous took the money anyway. About the only thing this guy has done well, is marry well. His wife is a doctor and she’s easy on the eyes.

Every voter in this state should be outraged. And the boy wonder should not only give the $150 grand back to the state, he should resign his position as State Senator, abandon his U.S. Senate campaign, and quit his cozy university “teaching” job where he is no doubt corrupting the minds of our future political leaders.

Ever wonder why America is headed down the toilet? Look no further than Mike Haridopolos. He’s got his hand in teaching our youth, running our state, and seeking higher elective office – all the while lacking ethics, good judgment, and the ability to make his momma proud.

Photo: Twinkie-dopolos, AKA Richie-Rich look-a-like

As for his writing skills, the Florida Democratic Party said one would learn more watching School House Rock than reading Haridopolos’ book. No doubt. For their part, Republicans should be angrier about this bozo than Democrats – because he’s one of us. I don’t know about you, my fellow GOPers, but this guy does not represent me.

Leave the lack of ethics, graft, and other shenanigans with the Kennedy’s.

If you’re not mad as hell at Mike Haridopolos for all his antics, you don’t have a pulse. I for one will vote for Bill Nelson if Mike Haridopolos is the Republican Party’s U.S. Senate nominee in November 2012. Bill Nelson may be a lot of things, but he’s not dishonest and he isn’t ripping off the taxpayers for his own personal gain.

Caption: The real Richie Rich (pictured) hates Twinkies.

Here’s the press release from the Fla. Dems:

Florida Democrats Call On Haridopolos To Return Taxpayers’ $152,000 From Sweetheart Book Deal


For Immediate Release: March 3, 2011
Contact: Eric Jotkoff, (850) 222-3411

Florida Democrats Call On Haridopolos To Return Taxpayers’ $152,000 From Sweetheart Book Deal

The Florida Democratic Party today called on Senate President Mike Haridopolos to return the $152,000 he bilked from Florida’s taxpayers through his sweetheart book deal, reacting to the Associated Press reporting that, “The book also doesn’t come close to meeting the original contract’s call for a publishable, textbook-quality look at the development of the Florida Legislature, state constitution, the governor’s office and judiciary from pre-statehood until present.”

The book, which was finished in 2007, was finally made available yesterday through Amazon.com by Brevard Community College after controversy erupted on the issue. Florida Democratic Party Communications Director Eric Jotkoff said:

“After reading Mike Haridopolos’ book from cover to cover, I am honestly less informed about the legislative process than when I started.

“Haridopolos’ book contains no sources or citations and reads more like a 5th grader’s report on what he did last campaign cycle rather than the textbook-quality, academic work his contract called for him to write.

“The fact that Haridopolos was paid $152,000 for writing that computers are important to run computer software,1 wooden nickels are a waste of money,2 and his praise of a candidate going ‘door to door on rollerblades’ as a photo op,3 should be viewed as the definitive example of Republican waste, fraud, and abuse in government.

“Because Florida’s college students seeking to learn how a bill becomes a law would be better served watching the School House Rock video rather than reading Haridopolos’ explanation, Haridopolos should be ashamed of himself for continuing to defend his book.

“Since this was a clearly a sweetheart deal to pay off a powerful politician, Haridopolos needs to not only apologize for his misconduct, he needs to pay back the $152,000 he bilked from Florida’s taxpayers.”


Chris Ingram is the president and founder of 411 Communications a corporate and political communications firm, and publisher of Irreverent View. Ingram is a frequent pundit on Fox News and CNN, and has written opinion columns for the Washington Times, UPI, and National Review online. He is the Republican political analyst for Bay News 9, the only 24 hour all news channel in Florida’s largest media market. The opinions expressed here are those of author and do not represent the views of Bay News 9. E-mail him at: Chris@IrreverentView.com.

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15 thoughts on “U.S. Senate wanna-be makes his momma proud”

  1. This book deal is bad news. What was he thinking. Another corrupt back room book writing deal that is nothing more than a political payback.

    He should be ashamed.

    Maybe they should tell him that he has to teach a class based on the book. That is class I would like to go to. JK


  2. “The late-Dr. Thomas Gamble, then-president, considered it wise to keep a political expert and politician on faculty, so he offered Haridopolos a four-year contract to research and write a textbook on politics for students.”

    That was from Florida Today back in ’08. This whole thing was the college’s idea, not Mike’s. He was a faculty member anyway, so it wasn’t like he was getting paid extra. And nice job carrying water for FDP here, Mr. Right Wing consultant-man.


  3. What is “sad” is that there are so many partisans like the posting from sad who are apologists for people like the twinkie. So what if Gamble got him the job. The FACTS show Haridopolos ripped off the state. No iffs ands or buts.


  4. Dead-on, as usual.

    As a one-time RPOF employee and long-time Republican/conservative activist, I’ll be the first to say I continue to be disappointed with the crop of “leaders” we have. And, quite honestly, we have ourselves to blame. We’re told what we want to hear and fall for it hook, line, and sinker. And then we feign anger/surprise when something blows up, and, even worse, come to their defense.


  5. Other Haridopolos “scandal” articles.




    And since my family is in St. Cloud, I seem to remember a controversy when he ran for House about giving students grades to work on his campaign as well as an issue about his resident actually being outside his district. But that was so long ago there’s nothing online about it.


  6. Oh, you want me to read on? Sure, I will. From that same article:

    “Someone owes you an explanation.

    That’s why I’ve been examining Haridopolos’ personnel files from Cocoa and Gainesville. I reviewed his applications, resumes and contracts. I picked over his time logs. His student evaluations. His memos back and forth with administrators (you’d freak if I went through your file this way). On Friday, I inspected and read the mysterious book, delivered last year.

    And I’m still looking — for a breach of contract, policy violation or even something unfair.”



  7. Sorry I should have also said, He will NOT run for the US Senate, he is using that to get the $$$$. Mike will run for the US House, but until they carve one out he can not raise money for a seat that’s not there. But he can raise money to run for a US Senate seat than transfer the cash to another account


  8. Say what you wish about Senator Haridopolos.
    I don’t agree, the only thing right about this post
    Is that Doctor Stephanie Haridopolos is easy on
    the eyes. I know Mike Haridopolos, I watch him in the
    in the area he lives, and works. Mike has risen to
    level of proven leader. The Senate President
    is not elected on his smile, or hair, they are elected
    on leadership abilities. Mike has proven himself, working hard,
    raising money for local charities, working diligently to
    Improve our community. Doctor Stephanie donating
    Her services to help people. Mike Haridopolos has depth, and substance.


  9. Jason,

    Blah, blah, blah. A lot of people do good deeds to make themselves look good. Doing good deed (like charitable work) does not make you good. It only makes you appear good in the minds of people who lack the ability to look deeper.

    You say he has substance. Well, he’s also got $150 grand of taxpayer money that neither you, nor I, nor anyone else would have if it weren’t for his position of elected office. And let’s not forget about his failure to repeatedly disclose his sources of outside income. The guy is a clown and he’s ripping off the taxpayers of this state. He should be ashamed of himself and so should you for supporting him. Heneeds to go.

    Chris Ingram


  10. Damn it! Mike “Squirrel Poop” Ciftci is getting ideas after his $8,000 per Haitian light bulb fraud to the Florida taxpayers.


  11. Chris, we are so fortunate to have you point out the Good people from those who simply appear “Good.” Where did you go to school to learn all that? Does this mean that the people who do bad things are not really bad but only appear bad because they do bad things? I’m confused.


  12. Jan,

    Pull your head out of whatever hole it is stuck in and lose the snarky attitude. If you think Mike Haridopolos is a “good guy” and the best we should expect in a public servant, well, then I guess we (or at least you) deserve what we get.

    With ignorant voters like yourself, it’s no wonder America is headed down the toilet.

    Chris Ingram


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