Former Buc Clayton supports Buckhorn

Michael Clayton supports Bob Buckhorn for Tampa Mayor.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Wide Receiver Michael Clayton (who now plays for the NY Giants) expressed his support for Tampa Mayoral candidate Bob Buckhorn when the two met yesterday.

Photo caption: Michael Clayton meets with Bob Buckhorn.

In addition to being a professional athlete, Clayton is a small business entrepreneur with several business endeavors. Clayton said he likes Buckhorn’s positions on small business issues, less government regulation and red tape.

Though he currently plays for the NY Giants, Clayton and his family still call Tampa home.

4 thoughts on “Former Buc Clayton supports Buckhorn”

  1. All of those hits by fellow NFL players seems to have knocked sense into Michael Clayton. Buckhorn is the best choice for Mayor of Tampa. He has ideas in this race. Rose seems to be living in a world of duh!


  2. Wow. A football player whose name and record is forgettable supports Big Bob Buckhorn? Well, that does it for me! Count me in. Bob must be a winner too. Is the sarcasm palpable here?


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